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Jimmy Lightning Master Pack

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Jump That Shark!

Complete all Jimmy's Jammin' Jaunt trials

Jump That Shark!0
13 November 2019 - 1 guide

Achievement Guide for Jump That Shark!

  • branstoneboybranstoneboy313,771
    03 Sep 2015 03 Sep 2015
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    This trials pack is one easier ones of the lot but they're still a bit tricky. In total I completed them all in less than 30 minutes, and most of that was on Trial 8 Ball Drought. By now I'm sure you know most little tricks and skills to these anyway so I won't go into great detail but here's a run down of all 10 trials.

    Trail 1 - Multi Many Multi
    The objective here is to clear the screen. This is as easy as it gets, hit any of the greens on top and you should do it first try. If not try again, there's no skill needed here whatsoever.

    Trial 2 - The Madness
    The objective here is to get a Multiball Madness Style Shot, this is a shot where the Multiball power hits 50 pegs at once. In this trial you need to bounce your shot off the angled flat peg in the middle so it hits the green peg from underneath. This way the Multiball power splits to both sides and hits every single peg the the same shot. If you haven't hit everything in one shot then restart because you need to clear the screen for this to work.

    Trial 3 - Tubular Orange
    The objective here is to clear all orange pegs. This is relatively easy, there's no special trick to doing this. One thing I would suggest is trying to leave the curls completely untouched and clear a path to them because you can Slide Shot and take them out completely that way.

    Trial 4 - Big Shot
    This is the easiest shot by far, just hit the inside of the swirl as far right as possible and it should give you a Slide Shot most of the way to the centre. If there's an inconvenient green peg which breaks your score then restart and do the same again.

    Trial 5 - Frenzy for Freedom!
    Here you have to get 2 or more balls in the bucket and this is completely luck based, just fire and hope for the best. Because the balls bounce around inside the walls so much before dropping you don't have to worry about timing here, in fact I was more successful waiting for the bucket to move away from the centre before firing.

    Trial 6 - Blind Gopher
    The objective here is to hit all orange pegs but without an aimer. This is mostly a game of luck and past experience. What I found to be a good starting move was hitting the spinning pegs on the left first as it would then trickle down into the curve and get a Slide Shot.

    Trial 7 - Totally Cubular
    Here you will need 750,000 points. This can be done in many different ways but I found it easiest to hit right at the top gap of the cube as the ball doesn't actually bounce through but gets stuck then falls and hits a ton of green pegs going down. You get a few shots from this so if you don't get the points in your first shot then fire again in the middle since there should be a ton left still.

    Trial 8 - Ball Drought
    This is without a doubt the hardest trial on this DLC, finish the first level with just 3 balls and no extras. I tried many methods here but luck plays a huge part. Your first shot is the most important, with this you want to clear half the screen at least and ideally that includes the entire top row of flat pegs. This should also involve both green pegs being hit. After your first shot you should be left with no more than 5 orange pegs, if so I highly recommend restarting because the last 2 shots are going to be used for picking them off at tricky angles so the less you have to hit, the better. And if those remaining pegs are too far apart or behind too much cover then again consider restarting.

    Trial 9 - The Lowest
    This is your standard maximum score trial where you have to clear all orange pegs but can't exceed 200,000 points. Simple hints are: avoid purple pegs, don't hit blue pegs unless you have to and avoid style shots. Another big hint would be take out any necessary blues first. They're worth 10 points to begin with but after hitting orange pegs the score multiplies and they're worth 20, 30 or 50. The green pegs here can cause a lot of unwanted damage but if they're surrounded by red or in an area away from other pegs then no harm done (just don't put more than 1 in the bucket). What you should be aiming for is one orange peg left and a score of less than 188,000. If that's the case then fire all remaining balls away until you have just one left and use that one ball to hit the red, nothing else, and try to get it to rebound to either of the bottom corners were the 10,000 buckets are. This way the most you can get it 11,000 in your last shot.

    Trial 10 - Orange Sunset
    The final trial has you clear all the orange pegs but for the first and only time they let you use any character. This map isn't extremely hard and you could probably do it with anyone (except Windy) but I would recommend Gnorman. My method with him involved hitting a green peg straight away then firing a shot that looked like it would rebound off as many flat pegs as possible, do the same again then pick off straggling orange pegs.

    That's everything, I hope I helped somewhat. Let me know if you have any feedback i.e. praise or possible improvements. Thanks for reading!
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