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Location Scout achievement in Every Street United

Location Scout

Complete a Scene Search

Location Scout0
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How to unlock the Location Scout achievement

  • Vermin360Vermin360
    15 Jun 2014 15 Jun 2014 03 Aug 2014
    Once you have watched an episode, you will be able to play a Scene Search game that goes along with the episode. The objective is to move your cursor over the short looping video image to find and "click" on each of the objects listed at the bottom of the screen within a time limit.

    For instance, the Episode One Scene Search has you looking for the following items:
    - Sergio (the boy who is currently controlling the ball)
    - Skateboard (to the far left beyond the group of boys)
    - Backpack (to the right beyond the group of boys)
    - Brazil flag (in shadow beneath an archway near the right side of the boys)
    - Soccer ball (drawing on pillar toward left side of image)

    Episode Two Scene Search has you looking for the following items:
    - Trash Can (bottom centre in front of the yellow building)
    - Argentina Sign (on the red area at the front of yellow building, second sign above the door)
    - Sun Emblem (to the left side of the screen, on the leftmost umbrella)
    - Light in Tree (just left of the building, at the top of the screen)
    - Woman and Child (walking down the road on the right side of the screen)

    Episode Three Scene Search has you looking for the following items:
    - Bird (upper left corner of the screen, flying by)
    - Tires (lowermost left corner of the screen)
    - USA Graffiti (near the bottom of the rightmost telephone pole)
    - Purple Garbage Bin (just behind the player, right of the red fence)
    - Electrical Panel (near the top of the leftmost telephone pole, just right of the game's timer)

    Episode Four Scene Search has you looking for the following items:
    - Bus (Moving back and forth in the middle of the screen)
    - Korean Flag (on a pole to the middle of the left side of the screen)
    - Traffic Cone (along the edge of the dirt road, just below the Korean Flag you found above)
    - Statue (it's a lion, roughly between the Korean Flag and the Traffic Cone and just above the crowd of pedestrians dressed in red)
    - U-Turn Sign (it's blue with white lettering, atop the roof on the low wall to the right of the screen - look between the first two round lights along the lower roofline)

    Episode Five Scene Search has you looking for the following items:
    - Palm Tree (left side of the screen, about half-way down from the top)
    - Streetlight (above the playground equipment, partially obscured by tree branches)
    - Spain Flag (on the building wall, left of the boy but just before the large angled tree - if you're unfamiliar with it, it has a predominantly yellow field with red edges along top and bottom)
    - Blue Spring Horse (look in the gap beneath the slide, just above the green turf)
    - Ladder (right of the playground equipment, leaning against the tree)

    Episode Six Scene Search has you looking for the following items:
    - Skylight Video (center of the screen, on the roof just above the "r" in Amsterdam)
    - Soccer Ball (not the one he's playing with, but the symbol on the first "m" in Amsterdam)
    - Nabil Graffiti (the face portrait on the "d" in Amsterdam)
    - Leg Swinger (the woman in the white coat sitting on the first "a" in Amsterdam)
    - Motorcycle (right next to the "m" at the end of the Amsterdam sign)

    Episode Seven Scene Search has you looking for the following items:
    - 2010 (just below centre screen, in white text on the red paint at the foot of the wall)
    - Street Light (top right corner, protruding down from the top of the screen)
    - Yellow Building (right side of the screen, right at the middle edge)
    - Diamond Tiles (near the base of the stairs, on the red planter just to the right side)
    - Brazil Flag (along the white "stepped" wall behind where you found the diamond tiles, but closer to the top of the steps)

    Episode Eight Scene Search has you looking for the following items:
    - Most Valuable Player (the one playing with the ball)
    - Seung Min (standing against the wall next to the South Korean flag)
    - Orange Hats (just above the wall near both the English and Spanish flags)
    - Cameraman (peering over the wall near the middle of the screen)
    - McDonald's (the sign midway down on the left edge of the screen)

    Once you have highlighted and selected all five items, the game will end and the Achievement will unlock. (Thanks to Kerman7 for confirming my earlier gaffe and helping sort out the confusion.)
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    imaidiot19I can't get the soccer ball to work. Anyone else having issues with this?
    Posted by imaidiot19 on 16 Jun 14 at 01:58
    Vermin360I remember having a hell of a time on that too. Try something else (I don't remember it working, but it could have been a mistake on my part given the frustration I was having with the ball) - try selecting the big picture of the soccer ball on the wall in the upper left part of the screen. I don't remember that working, but I could be mistaken.
    Posted by Vermin360 on 16 Jun 14 at 11:17
    Kerman7This is hilarious. Gamertag of first commenter is just too appropriate :) (to clarify, just joking about that, not meant litteraly). And I reckon the lower rate of success is probably due to people trying to follow the guide.
    There is a small mistake and as the author said, probably due to his own frustration. Do not try to get the moving ball, even if it was that it'd be a nightmare with the delayed trigger. What you are looking for is the drawing of a ball on a concrete pillar above.
    Posted by Kerman7 on 16 Jun 14 at 23:57
    Vermin360Thanks, corrected above. Sorry for any confusion.
    Posted by Vermin360 on 17 Jun 14 at 03:54
    imaidiot19Thanks for updating. Didn't even see the soccer ball on the wall since everything is so small in the game.
    Posted by imaidiot19 on 19 Jun 14 at 14:46
    Abel BejaranoCan you do a guide for the other Scene Search screen mini game?
    Posted by Abel Bejarano on 30 Jun 14 at 03:48
    Vermin360Ask and you shall receive. Added guides for episodes two and three which are now both available.
    Posted by Vermin360 on 01 Jul 14 at 03:43
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