Card 29 COSTA RICA achievement in Brazil Now


Answer a question during a live match. You'll win a card if most of the world agrees with you!

10 Jun 2014 until 14 Jul 2014

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How to unlock the Card 29 COSTA RICA challenge

  • adiash73adiash73839,140
    16 Jun 2014 14 Jun 2014 15 Jun 2014
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    Here's how to access the poll's and complete the challenges in Brazil Now

    1. Snap the Brazil Now App
    This needs to be done while a game is actually playing, but you can be watching TV, a Film, on Skype or playing a game, just make sure it's snapped.
    (You may want to open it up to 15 minutes before the game starts as I've had a polls come up as early as that, before the game started)

    Edit 1
    Please see the following comments regarding this as it appears some people are having issues getting polls to appear if they do not have a cable box connected.
    So please clarify for me, do you have to have a cable box connected? I've allowed just the app snapped along with another app like Univision and I have had absolutely NO polls in the past 2 games I tried it on. Everyone I know said you need a cable box connected to the console for the polls to trigger.
    On another solution the following was posted
    xPut Name Herex
    You also might need to have the TV app as the main app. If you don't have a cable box, you can hook up your Xbox 360 to trick it
    (My set up is with a cable box connected so missed that element when writing version 1 of this solution)

    2. Go into the Tournament Info option

    3. Go into the Fixtures & Results option

    4. Use the RB button to switch pages on the matches schedule
    Find the current day & then the game that is playing / about to start, (it will have "LIVE" text displayed)

    5. Use A to select the Live game and you will go into the in-game stats screen

    It's at this screen that the poll's appear.

    When the poll comes up, you won’t miss it, there is a bleep and the poll fills the entire snap section, you then vote using X or Y

    The polls themselves come up randomly, there are generally 1 or 2 before the game, then during the game after key incident's, like goals, penalty decisions, etc. There are also 1 or 2 at half time and the same at the end of the match.

    During 2 full games I've had just over 30 polls appear, sometimes there would be nothing for 5 or more minutes, then several in 5 minutes, it all depends what's happening in the game.

    To unlock the challenges you need to agree with the majority, sometimes it's clear cut, sometimes less so, by all means state your opinion, but if you want to unlock them quickly, consider what the majority will say, I mention that as I ended up voting with the minority during my first few tries.

    Duplicate Cards
    I've gotten some cards and achievs not unlocking, I don't now if this is a glitch or you get repeated cards sometimes
    The answer is yes, you will get duplicate cards come up.
    In one game I had 6 or more duplicates in a row, I even had the same card I'd already unlocked twice in succession.

    At the time of writing this edit, personally I’ve been in the majority 98 times, collected 68 cards from 116 polls, the top card earners are currently 80 cards from 140 times in the majority and around 165 polls completed.

    So, the more cards you have, the harder it becomes to earn new ones, which is something to bear in mind if you are coming to this later in the tournament
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  • SashamorningSashamorning1,935,888
    30 Jun 2014 25 Jun 2014
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    I guess I'm not seeing this the way others are. Here's how I'm getting cards (in my first game playing):

    1) Load up Brazil Now. I'm not even watching Univision... I'm playing a game.
    2) Go up to Follow Match. DO NOT CHANGE MATCHES AFTER VOTING!! Twice I switched matches and never saw my result (and no cards)!
    3) Wait for the polls. They come up randomly.

    I do not have my cable box hooked up to my One.
    I do not have my 360 hooked up to my One.
    I have my One connected through an ethernet cable through my router. That's the only input into my One. (Nope, not even my Kinect.)

    That's exactly how I have my setup. Hopefully you can get it as well. toast
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