Shadow Episode: Mastered achievement in Sonic The Hedgehog

Shadow Episode: Mastered

Clear all unlocked Shadow ACT Missions with Rank S.

Shadow Episode: Mastered+1.2
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How to unlock the Shadow Episode: Mastered achievement

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    You need an S ranking on every act in the Shadow episode--normal, hard, and boss battles included. In the ACT levels, getting 50000 points or above gets you the S. In a boss battle, you only need 30000-10000 of which are awarded for defeating the boss.

    As a general rule, you don't need too large of a time bonus, usually only around 15000, just complete the level without dying and killing basically everything along the way, especially the enemies worth 1000 points a piece. Go for enemy combos as well. Rings aren't as important as in the Sonic stages, you can typically S a stage without any ring bonus at all.

    Level-by-level extra help:
    White Acropolis
    -Destroy the searchlights as Rouge by tossing bombs at them--1000 points a piece.
    -On normal difficulty, right before you take the warp into the base in the first part as Shadow, there's a huge group of the small robots--kill the red one for up to 7100 bonus points.
    Kingdom Valley
    -Hit all the rainbow rings
    -Try to kill all the huge 1000 point enemies as rouge, there are a lot of them and you can get up to around 16000 before Shadow's hovercraft part
    -This one is a little tight, so try and get a descent time bonus
    Crisis City
    -Don't bother with the buggy and just kill all the Giants and Grabboid monsters for 1000 and 300 points a piece while running along.
    -1 rainbow ring at the end of the second area's rail portion. There is also a 4600 rainbow ring combo on normal difficulty only in the final third of the level right after you pass a buggy(in the "End of the World" level, this part is the second half of Tails' portion)--hard to miss.
    -Plenty of enemies on hard difficulty.
    Flame Core
    -Don't die.
    -Hit the rainbow ring near the start.
    -You can kill basically everything in the Rouge portion and get a free 8000-9000 points for doing so.
    -Plenty of Giants and grabboids to kill--you should be able to get around 22000 before entering the volcano.
    -Don't die
    Radical train
    -Time Bonus Necessary. You should aim for a time bonus of around 30000 or more--mine was 37000 and I limped by.
    -Hold onto rings if you can--less stressful that way because you can afford a smaller time bonus.
    -Only kill big enemies or enemies in your way--remember to keep time.
    Aquatic base
    -Super easy, just kill everything in your way and you'll get it no problem.
    -When possible, activate the blue magnetic pillars to kill enemies for huge bonuses
    Wave Ocean
    -Also Super easy, you can get over 10000 points from the glider section alone, then kill everything in your path.
    Dusty Desert
    -Get through the hovercraft part as fast as possible.
    -Kill everything in your path except for the big "sand-waves rooms", where you should only go for the ones in your way and the giants.
    -Aim for a time bonus of around 19000 or so and you will make it if you have killed a lot of badnicks.
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    DOBOYX2Good tips. :)
    Posted by DOBOYX2 on 24 Jun 11 at 19:20
    MondoBondough the train seems impossible to blow up the first time and then after I die, it's destroyed in 2 seconds >.<
    Posted by MondoBondo on 10 Jul 11 at 13:26
    SmokingBmbr465Yeah as I recall I had difficulty with he train too--I think the first few times I tried the level I would be great until I got there then I would screw up.

    I think that level may have been the only level I completed with a death--that is, as I recall (if I am remembering correctly) I failed the train part then S-ed it on a later life. In order to do this you need an incredible time bonus as well as plenty of rings at the end.

    I wouldn't go so far as to say the train is glitchy, but it DOES seem to explode randomly at times. Good luck!

    And thanks DOBOYX2 :)
    Posted by SmokingBmbr465 on 10 Jul 11 at 17:45
    MondoBondook thanks for the info, I'll try to rush it next time
    Posted by MondoBondo on 10 Jul 11 at 22:59
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