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Eye Poker

Destroy all the Evil Eyes before time runs out!

01 Jun 2014 until 31 Jan 2015

Eye Poker
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    16 Jun 2014 29 Jun 2014
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    If you're here I'm assuming you're either looking for a guide to find all the eyes which you can find here:
    Max: The Curse of BrotherhoodKingdom of the BlindThe Kingdom of the Blind achievement in Max: The Curse of Brotherhood worth 151 pointsDestroy all of Mustacho's Evil Eyes.
    or you found a similar problem to me which is that you've already collected every eye and now there are none in the game so you can't earn the challenge. As far as I know it is impossible to earn the challenge at the moment if you already collected all the eyes prior to these new challenges being added unless you delete your save game and restart. If you don't feel like waiting then that should work but I haven't tried it so do so at your own risk. Other than that there isn't much you can do so I sent an email to the developers and will update this if I get a response. I hope as was able to help in someway and will hopefully return later with good news.

    Edit: I just came back to tell everyone that I haven't gotten a response yet and it's been so long that I probably won't get one. I would like to thank the people in the comments for trying out some of the solutions and if you would like this challenge you can head down there and see what people have done.
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