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Mountain king achievement in Le Tour de France 2014

Mountain king

Score over 300 points in the overall climber standings

Mountain king0
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How to unlock the Mountain king achievement

  • ComesBrothersComesBrothers
    03 Aug 2014 04 Aug 2014 13 Mar 2018
    I would suggest rider/cyclist: NIBALI. So pick Astana team.

    You can do this in the short version of TOUR DE FRANCE MODE, but you will have to add some races to it. Of course you will have to add all mountain races, the red races. Red is mountain race.
    Important is that you win these races because you get double points for finishing a mountain race.

    So here are the races/ Etappes I did:

    Etappe: 8, (9), 10, (11), 13, 14, 16, 17, 18.
    Etappe 9 and 11 are not necessarily, but if you have trouble with this game,(just in case) add them for sure and try to get as many points for the mountains.

    Etappe 8 = 8 points
    (Etappe 9 = 29 points)
    Etappe 10 = 53 points
    (Etappe 11 = 8 points)
    Etappe 13 = 60 points
    Etappe 14 = 55 points
    Etappe 16 = 34 points
    Etappe 17 = 45 points
    Etappe 18 = 77 points

    Also one important note, don't delete the races that are already in the short version of TDF mode ( Tour de France mode), if you do, it will give you the message are you sure? So don't do it, just add extra races to it, that's okay.

    For others: TDF mode short version is only 7 races, and it is different for every team. They all have 7 races, but for each team it is 7 different races, most of them are always the same. So all you have to do with the ASTANA team is pick the team, play short version, but with the mountain races added to the short version. So after all you don't have to do the 21 races,

    (this only works for the 21 bouquets achievement)
    Le Tour de France 201421 bouquetsThe 21 bouquets achievement in Le Tour de France 2014 worth 105 pointsWin each stage at least once
    there you can pick/choose races you want to do (for example you pick only the races you still need to win, so you just pick 3 or 5 races; the ones you still need to win, or choose 1 race at a time), and can ignore the message that the races wont affect your goals).

    In the races you cannot skip the race, as you are able to do in other races to get the more easy achievements. There you can skip races, but for these achievements you cannot skip, but you are able to use a lot of auto mode, pressing B (red button) so you get in auto mode. You can smoke a cigarette or do some other stuff, important is to keep an eye out on escapees.
    You have to watch every time for escaping riders, as soon as a rider tries to escape you just change to higher gear and get the PELOTON (all the other riders) drive faster and the escapees have no change.
    REMEMBER YOU DON'T DO THIS WITH NIBALI / YOU DON'T USE NIBALI, but with another team member/rider. You don't play with Nibali, you only play with NIBALI every time before the checkpoints/intermediates, then you change/ switch to Nibali to get first place at the intermediate and then change/switch back to one of the other team members. The team members are slaves for Nibali, so use them as servants (slaves), you have to ride in front of the PELOTON every time with one of your servants (slaves), so if one servant gets tired, use another rider/servant. And if you get close to the intermediates (so about 3 km or 2 km before a mountain intermediate), then you switch and use Nibali to get first place.

    So this is what you do every race.

    Note: I saw a youtube video of somebody doing it with A. Valverde, but this was in PRO TEAM MODE.

    I tried with Valverde in TDF mode, but no chance, his stamina was too empty at the finish of the race and had lot of trouble to win the races, some time no chance... (I won all the intermediates with Valverde but then in the end his stamina was to weak to win the race.... So really pick Nibali, he is so good, if he gets tired and you take it a little easy his recovery is so good, that with Nibali you have enough energy to win the end of the race too!
    So Nibali is the best choice!

    Also always create save points!!! The game even helps you remind every time 10km, 5km, and 3km, it always reminds you to save.

    I always create a save point at the start of a race, and use the other free save slots while in game. If you really mess up, you can always try again at the begin.
    So I retried many times at the end of the race, I created a save slot, like 5km or 3km before the finish.
    Sometimes you win really easy, it just depends on the moment you start sprinting. So if it doesn't work, you retry, and do again. Sometimes it goes in one go, but I had some moments where I maybe restarted it 15 to 20 times. But that was because my rider was too tired, and I knew okay, this save point is hard, but I knew that in one moment I'll get the win. So for example: you just finish second, retry, next time you just finish 3rd, next again second, you just have to keep on trying, over and over again, until that time, you make just the right sprint and you nail first place.

    It is like in real, but here you have a save point and can try the last few km again, and again :)
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    M4ST3RCH13VThanks for the tip! 👍🏻

    I did it with Chris Froome of Team SKY. He's a very strong climber with fast acceleration and he has a very large stamina reserve. I did the full tour and managed to get the award on the very last mountain climb which scored me 50 PTS.
    Posted by M4ST3RCH13V on 05 Jul 22 at 07:06
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