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Cooking up a Storm achievement in Warface

Cooking up a Storm

Win 10 Storm matches

Cooking up a Storm0
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How to unlock the Cooking up a Storm achievement

  • WyyvernWyyvern
    24 Jun 2014 19 Jun 2014 27 Jun 2014
    Due to Crytek's lack of common sense, any Storm matches you won pre-update will not count towards this achievement.

    There are three ways you can bag this achievement:

    1) Do it "legit" in public matches. Could take some time, as there is the possibility you might lose.

    2) Boost it with a partner. Set up a private match and get your partner to leave when the game starts. This will end the game and it will count as a win for you. This is - by far - the quickest method.

    3) Doing it by yourself in a private match. Follow these instructions.

    Firstly, from the main menu, select "Play", "Versus", a random server and then "Create Game". Set the game mode to "Storm" and pick a random map. Go to "Game Settings" and change the "Auto Team Balancing" to off. Set the game to "private" so no one can join. Make sure before you start the game to switch teams to Blackwood!

    Once you spawn, make your way to the command post (marked on the map and the HUD) to capture it. Once the bar fills (it takes 60 seconds) make your way to the next one to capture it, and then the next one.

    After capturing the third command post the sides will switch and you will have to wait five minutes for the game to end. Make sure you do not stay still as you will be kicked for inactivity. I rubberbanded the right stick on my controller so I span round for the rest of the match.

    Repeat this the required amount of times to get the achievement. Progress can be checked on the "Challenges" part of the "Profile" section, that can be accessed through the main menu (press the right bumper three times to get to the "Achievements" bit).

    Feel free to comment if you'd like to make an addition to my solution. All ideas are welcome.
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    WyyvernHow about when the teams switch once you've captured the objectives? Won't you have to wait then?
    Posted by Wyyvern on 19 Jun 14 at 23:47
    Sev1511Segendary is right and the wait time is only 5 minutes when you switch sides in the game. So instead of waiting the full 15 you only wait 5 which makes it to by a hell of a lot faster.
    Posted by Sev1511 on 20 Jun 14 at 18:02
    WyyvernOh, ok. I'll try it out and update the solution.
    Posted by Wyyvern on 20 Jun 14 at 18:18
    JoonasI already had the Typhoon mark before the update, but had to win another 10 matches for the achievement to unlock.
    Posted by Joonas on 24 Jun 14 at 15:14
    WyyvernI know, I was just about to update the solution. Pathetic...
    Posted by Wyyvern on 24 Jun 14 at 15:15
    TREFFNIXidiotic solution! ok spitfire got no experience lowlevel of the game.

    chievo runner goes blackwood, 1 other warface.
    after all going to ready, start the storm match, and all chievo collectors idling, and the warface team go back to room. thats all not more
    fastest way, not required 2 minutes matches!
    its a 10 minutes chievo ;-)
    Posted by TREFFNIX on 24 Jun 14 at 22:31
    WyyvernTREFFNIX - You're calling me an idiot? The stuff you said is method #2 in this solution. Sigh. At least you succeeded in getting yourself reported for thumbing down my solutions with multiple accounts and sending me an abusive PM. Also, for your information, I'm rank 21 with 61hrs playtime. I'm hardly inexperienced.
    Posted by Wyyvern on 25 Jun 14 at 16:06
    HeLlRaIsEr441"idiotic solution! ok spitfire got no experience lowlevel of the game." lmao. and then he gives one of the three solutions you gave.. Which are the only three solutions. I am confused why you have any dislikes here, and I am sorry for TREFFNIX being a towel. I am really pissed about this achievement though. I had 51 pre update, and just got 5.. Anyone wanna help me get the other 5? I could help y'all. If you need the 10, or whatever. I just wanna move on to getting my 20th badge. My last badge I am going for is getting silenced kills, so it would be best to do co-op to get more kills, right? But no. My ass is stuck playing storm. ;/
    Posted by HeLlRaIsEr441 on 27 Jun 14 at 10:41
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