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Shock and Awe achievement in Warface

Shock and Awe

Kill a Heavy Gunner using Defibrilators in any Co-op mission

Shock and Awe0
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How to unlock the Shock and Awe achievement

  • itz waz meitz waz me
    25 Jun 2014 04 Jul 2014 25 Apr 2015
    Servers are now close and this achievement is now Discontinued.

    EDIT: Servers are closing February 1st!

    This achievement is a lot easier than you might think.

    The easiest/fastest way is probably to start a quick regular co-op mission.

    at some point in the level you should encounter a Heavy gunner. (*please note: the levels change daily)
    he is like a mini boss, you won't miss him, he can be hard to kill and he will also have a big chain-gun.

    You must be a medic, thats the only class that has an defibrillator. You have to chose it in the lobby before the game starts. simply use the bumpers to chose your class.

    don't be in a hurry. You only need to get the killing hit with the defibrillators. You or any other team mate can shoot down his health until he will be one hit kill.

    The defibrillators are a pretty good weapon to kill the heavy gunner with, for you that have already encountered him before know that you can only damage him by shooting at his core on his back.
    The defibrillators will deal damage to the gunner anywhere so you don't need to hit his back with them, but you should still go for his back it will give you slightly more damage than on the rest of the body.

    to access your defibrillators press your left bumper twice (*Please note: this might depend on your button layout, when you press it the first time you should pick up your medkit and the second time the defib unit.

    You only wan't to attack him when he is not shooting you, either when he is reloading or shooting/looking towards one of your team mates (*note he can turn around very quickly, so be careful)
    keep in mind to heal yourself when you don't have full health

    be aware of your surroundings, on some missions there will be other foot soldiers (such as assault, CQB sniper etc) helping the heavy gunner, so kill those first.

    You should be close to the gunner so get some solid cover and wait until he reloads and then run out and shock him once and then hide again, repeat.

    don't forget about your team (heal them, revive them if you need to) , they will be important. it is very hard to kill a gunner by yourself.

    If your whole team other than you manage to die your best bet is to stay close to the gunner behind solid cover from all sides and close escape routes and just let him waste his ammo shooting at your cover until he reloads and then you run and shock him once with your defib unit and go back to cover.
    If he gets close to you you should re-locate to a safer position.

    if you die under the fight with the gunner and no one is going to revive you, you might consider using a revive token, you acquire one token each day you get into the game, so save some of those just in case.

    If you need any help or you have an extra hard time getting it, ask me in either the comment, PM or over xbox live. i can help you out. playing with people that know that you wan't the achievement will make it significantly easier.

    So just ask me if you want and i should help you in a short time, mic is not needed.
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    skipper1723This achievement is almost impossible to do, do you think you could help me? My gamer tag is the same as my username and I should be free everyday lol
    Posted by skipper1723 on 28 Jul 14 at 23:06
    itz waz meAlright sure no problem, i will message you when i have time (i am busy currently so it can take a few days),
    what server are you playing on?
    Posted by itz waz me on 29 Jul 14 at 08:55
    skipper1723I'm using the Europe server
    Posted by skipper1723 on 29 Jul 14 at 09:51
    itz waz mealright, should be no problems with that.
    Posted by itz waz me on 29 Jul 14 at 19:27
    sonicfreak1986Can anyone provide a list of missions the heavy gunner is found in? I'd appreciate it a lot.
    Posted by sonicfreak1986 on 12 Sep 14 at 05:55
    itz waz meThe Heavy gunners appear on all missions other than the tutorial.

    so the easiest would be: Regular difficulty CO-OP mission
    Posted by itz waz me on 12 Sep 14 at 06:16
    charmed1977Can anyne help me get this acheivement xxx ;D
    Posted by charmed1977 on 08 Nov 14 at 08:24
    itz waz mesure thing, i will message you soon.
    Posted by itz waz me on 08 Nov 14 at 08:38
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