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  • White ShadowsWhite Shadows125,496
    11 Jul 2008 31 Oct 2008 31 Oct 2008
    37 0 16
    This will take much dedicated practice but it is very doable. By far the hardest song will be Green Grass and High Tides.

    Take this song into practice and concentrate on the solos. The toughest part is the "Snake notes." There is a trick to making this much easier. Save energy for the first snake notes and before the next set of snake notes there will be an opportunity for more energy. Simply playing this will will not give you the required energy needed to deploy your energy. In the energy notes there is a note to hold and you must wammy this hard to get an extra boost of energy from it. (I had a friend on the wammy bar so I could concentrate on the notes.) This will be enough to finish the final solo and give you an achievement.

    Good Luck
  • LepraSaunLepraSaun229,503
    10 Jun 2009 22 Jul 2009 09 Apr 2017
    13 2 4
    USE THE ROCKBAND GUITAR FOR GGAHT because you can tap the solo's making the snake section much easier.

    My technique for that section is to use my left index finger to hold green, my right middle finger to tap the red and my left ring finger to tap the yellow. Same thing for the next snake section, just move your fingers down one on the frets.
  • 8 1 1
    Okay, I'm surprised nobody mentioned this tip, but when playing GGaHT make sure to only focus on the descending or ascending order during the hard part in the solo, but that isn't the hardest part (not for me), the hardest part is at the end when there are ascending O-B-Y's (might be wrong) right before the fill-in. Make sure to save your overdrive for the second "snake" part in the solo, and for those ascending O-B-Y's as well. Good luck!
  • TransparentDimeTransparentDime502,142
    11 Jan 2011 13 Jan 2011 23 Jan 2011
    5 3 0
    One thing that helped me beat Green Grass And High Tides so I wasnt playing just GGaHT over and over was.... if you have a real guitar practice the button combinations on the strings with the corresponding finger to color parallels meaning.. fingers 12344.. colors GRYBO.. I would transit and start by practicing 123212321232123 over and over again then switch to 23432343234.. then back to 12321232123... to etc.. You can also add these combinations for more advanced practice... 1343134134.. to... 124212421... (helps w/ Free Bird) You can do this on any string, strum, no strum or both can be practiced with any combination. If it doesnt sound right move to a different string/fret. Make sure you practice hitting the notes accurately before focusing on hitting the notes faster. Speed will come through time with good practice. Its a win win as it also helps you learn/practice basic motions of scales and will help with the transition to Pro Guitar. Always combine this practice method with switching back and forth to Rock Band (GGaHT, I also played Franklin's Tower) and real guitar. This will get your fingers moving much better and take away some of the grind time on the ONE song!

    Also, for the first two sets of snakes focus primarily on the descending notes (321.. BRG 321.. BRG) always strumming the Blue/3. When you go back to the 3 you will sometimes naturally hit the 2 if you begin to roll it properly. Using this practice method I personally got to the point where I could almost do all snakes without any star power. For some reason the last snake was the easiest for me so I have no advice except for let your fingers roll freely! I personally went to master GGaHT first in the last tier simply because if you get GGaHT everything else is a breeze. Repetition is Key, Dont Give Up!
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