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Collect all documents and complete all recordings

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Achievement Guide for PULITZER

  • xTGExTGE304,975
    21 Jun 2014 21 Jun 2014 23 Jun 2014
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    This is an easy achievement and recomend going do on your first try as this achievement can NOT be earned at the same time as the CLAUSTROPHOBE achievement due to the fact you must hide in a locker right at the start of the game and your not allowed to hide in lockers or anywhere so pick an achievement you wish to go for and save the next one for your second playthrough as 3 are recommended for this game.
    Documents are Blue flashing folders which will be found all over the asylum which tells us it's story and the things that are going on there.
    Notes on the otherhand are the thorts of our protagonist miles upshur and are found by having your camera out and recording specific things during your playthrough from writing on the wall, conversations inmates have or just things that would make you throw up in real life.

    These must ALL be found in a single playthrough as choosing chapter select will reset the achievements progess.

    Below are videos that will help you for each section of the game with all note and document locations, all credit goes to PowerPYX on these great guides.
  • Scuderia NLScuderia NL451,272
    24 Jun 2014 25 Jun 2014
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    This is not a guide but a WARNING. You can lose all progress on your collectibles.
    The chance that you'll lose your collectibles is very small but it can happen.

    I got every collectible except for the last one. When I got the last note the achievement didn't unlock, when I checked my collectibles I only got the last collectible.
    Restarting the game didn't work. I made some manuel save points along the way and on the last manual save point every collectible so far collected was back.

    Just keep an eye out on your progress and make manual save points just to be sure.
  • eeysieeysi552,983
    21 Mar 2017 21 Mar 2017 21 Mar 2017
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