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Finish the game without hiding under a bed or in a locker

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Achievement Guide for CLAUSTROPHOBE

  • x DelusionS vx DelusionS v172,494 172,494 GamerScore
    23 Jun 2014 24 Jun 2014
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    Really easy way complete the game go to chapter on the main menu go to last chapter on normal took me 10 minutes hope this method helps ;)
  • xTGExTGE304,980
    21 Jun 2014 21 Jun 2014 21 Jun 2014
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    So you have a big guy who seems obsessed with you and pigs smashing down doors trying to kill you and a lockers you can hide in, in the same room... What do you do? Well for this achievement you have no other choice but to run straight at the big guy and hope he doesn't kill you.

    That's right for this achievement you are not allowed to enter any lockers or hide under anybeds which is really easy if you have an understanding of the game and the way the enemy's move but if you want to try get this out of the way quickly and on your first playthrough then what your going to want to do is play a game of cat and mouse with some of inmates. Due to the fact you can't hide in/under these 2 objects that doesn't mean that you can't use dark rooms, corners, doors, vents, ect. To escape your pursuers. Using doors is a BIG help in cases like Trager & Chris (Scary Fat Man) as they have to bash it down which gives you about 5 seconds breathing time so if you devise a plan and run them around and keep them locked behind a door or multiple doors, it may give you a much needed boost to find a way to get you to the next objective.

    Also 2 quick notes you should know:
    - 1st, collectables are worthless picking up in this run as you need to hide in a locker for a note on Chris and under a bed for Trager.
    - 2nd, you must NOT hide in the locker once Chris starts smashing down the door after the priest turns off the power, so if you stay to the back and then try run around him then down to the stairs by the elevator and through the crack you can avoid him and will only have been hit once when he sees you.

    If you down voted please leve a reason to why as it helps me improve my guides, thankyou and goodluck!
  • ThomazThomaz#9895488,156
    19 Jun 2014 19 Jun 2014 20 Jun 2014
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    This achievement isn't very hard, i did it on normal on my first playthrough, it's problably better to do it on normal because sometimes you will have nowhere to hide and you will have to run past the psychos.

    Another thing you need to keep an eye for is to not press X ( Or the button to interact) i.e. trying to get a battery and go under a bed.
  • EmendioEmendio72,891
    17 Jun 2019 18 Jun 2019 18 Jun 2019
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    One really easy way to get this achievement is to perform the clip glitch to skip from the very beginning to the beginning of underground lab. The video I used to learn the trick is linked, just get over his voice and it is actually extremely easy.

    EDIT: In the video he does not make it very clear, but to get into the correct position for the clip so you do not just fall down, you want to rub up against the bit of glass until you are pushed into the air. Then look down and move to the left until your full left hand is in line with the scaffolding, that is an easy indicator taht you can now move forwards and along the edge.
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