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  • The NerevarineThe Nerevarine438,485
    21 Jan 2008 15 Nov 2008
    40 1 18
    Practice sticking and get familiar with 1/32 notes... Missing snare, crash and bass hits is bad news, but you can get by if you miss a few yellows and blues... knowing this, during faster sections play a slower tempo version of the beat but be sure to hit the snare and crash in time. The game can be fairly forgiving, and for those who really have to work at playing fast giving your right arm a break once every few measures can help you get past some tougher songs.

    Skipping overdrive fills is also a cheap way of avoiding tough fills, but can mess with your timing.

    The sock-mod (look it up on YouTube, basically elastic-bands and socks wrapped around your drum pads) will help you get your rolls tighter, since the Rock Band drums are so-so, and will likely improve your scores a touch. Viewing other player's sticking patterns in YouTube videos for trouble songs will also help more than you might realize.

    Above all, knowing the song by heart will help you a lot. You don't need to know the drum part, but being familiar with it will make things a lot smoother.

    And when all else fails: practice, practice, practice!

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    a rabid fuzzleRun to the Hills: I play real drums and RttH is brutal with rock band 1 stock drums. I did end up beating it with like 85% hit after like 6 fails, I even have my audio/video calibration set to near perfect. The key is to be able to roll the whole time. It doesn't matter if you get 'off beat' like the game will measure, after then next fill you'll be right back on. Try playing it on hard to get some of the triplets down to nail the cymbal crashes and to help fill your overdrive on expert.

    Foreplay: The intro is the hardest part of the song. The pedal is easiest to hit too early as you're hitting red, red, green(or blue) in 1/32 time. Make sure you can just get the timing of the red, green, blue and pedal section of the intro down. There are 2 sections of overdrive that you can pick up to help you if you're struggling. At worst practice 1/2 the intro about 10-15 times and you should squeeze on by with a 77% or so.
    Posted by a rabid fuzzle on 10 Nov 10 at 19:51
    A 0 UB3RLOZ3Rdoes hyper speed cheat disable achievements
    Posted by A 0 UB3RLOZ3R on 13 Jun 12 at 18:22
    rastabikermansuper easy acheivement. didnt fail one song. if your strugglin, dont activate star power, especially on run to the hills. that is wat i did. foreplay gave me no problems. if your half decent at drums, this is very easy.
    Posted by rastabikerman on 01 Aug 12 at 14:37
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  • austex360austex360186,941
    13 Oct 2009 14 Jul 2010
    12 2 0
    A tip to getting through longer, painful songs, is never, ever use your overdrive. This will allow you to get drum fills often. this will:
    1) give you a small rest
    2) allow you to skip a few notes
    3) you will have overdrive ready whenever you're in trouble

    With songs like Run To The Hills, I used the drum fills as an opportunity to pause it and give my arms a rest, then went back to mashing the red note for another few mintues.

    As a tip for "Dont Fear the Reaper", I played it probably 6-7 times, failing at the fast red notes and everything after that. To overcome this, I just made more and more runs at it until I went into those hard parts with full overdrive and a full crowd bar.
  • Knuckx117Knuckx11718,935
    10 Jul 2008 07 Oct 2009
    12 6 2
    One of the songs that will probably get alot of people new to Expert Drums is Run to the Hills. Constant stream of snares, coupled with the fact that the RB1 kit isn't as good as it should be can make this achievement hard to get. If you have the RB2 kit, use that. It makes life alot easier. Otherwise, just keep playing it and you'll eventually build up enough endurance to pass the song.
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    SteSteSte91Ha, did this on a GH drum kit which made things awkward as your playing the opposite on the kit than whats played on the song, if you get me. Like your playing the hi hat on the snare and the snare on the hi hat, yeah pretty awkward. I must say this requires alot of stamina. i mean i had to stop half way through. but i think the intro to foreplay is alot harder than this, because this is just a simple fast beat. Might take practise. but i thought i'd never pass foreplay and i eventually got use to the beat by listening to the track alot.
    Posted by SteSteSte91 on 10 Jan 10 at 02:05
    OdadjianActualGood advice, it's true that Run to the Hills will ruin a LOT of people. A couple of years ago when I got this cheevo Run to the Hills was the last song I had to beat. But I have to nitpick juuuuust slightly. It's not a constant stream of snares. It's a constant stream of reds, and usually the red is the snare, but in songs like RTTH the red is a stream of hihats. =D
    Posted by OdadjianActual on 27 Apr 12 at 15:20
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