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King of the Hill 145

Shoot the German flag with the cannon at Vimy's ridge

King of the Hill 145+1.6
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  • x I LAZ I xx I LAZ I x516,920
    26 Jun 2014 26 Jun 2014 15 Jul 2014
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    You can load the chapter and level from the main menu if you missed it. I did after I finished the game.

    Load up Chapter 4 - Vimy Ridge.

    Right near the start, after you fire the first rocket at a pillbox, you'll follow the commander through gunfire from two pillboxes and an airplane. Then you'll come another rocket, this one you have to adjust to match two German artillery units shooting at you and your men. This is where the German flag is; between the two artillery positions.

    The left position is at 60
    The flag is at 35
    The right position is at 10

    You should see the flag being taken out from the position you actually fire the rocket from, and it should pop within five seconds of it being shot.

    Easy 55G!

    Edit: If you're having trouble getting the achievement to pop:

    "I've tried it now 10-15 times and nothing.
    Then I just closed the game completely and restarted it, tired it again and blop; first attempt." - II W I K U II

    (I'd like more feedback on this to see if it was just a lucky one-off, or if it does seem a viable solution for people it isn't popping for)
  • crowbo 360crowbo 360600,060
    02 Jul 2014 02 Jul 2014
    48 1 0
    This achievement can be completed either during the campaign or afterwards by replaying chapters....

    Chapter 4 - Wooden Crosses.
    Level - Vimy's Ridge.

    Below is my video from the start of the level up to and including when the King of the Hill achievement can be unlocked.

    Engage with large wheel/valve by pressing A and rotate by using the left thumbstick - a small image will appear on screen showing the co-ordinates that you are aiming at.

    Bunker one - 60.
    Bunker two - 10.
    German flag - 35 (you MUST destroy this to unlock achievement).

    Once destroyed achievement should pop straight away.
  • L0k0hL0k0h359,288
    26 Jun 2014 05 Jul 2014
    17 1 3
    For this in the mission Vimy Crest of chapter 4, you must shoot the German flag with the canyon. For this select cordinate 35 to destroy it and get it.
    You can watch how to do it in the video.
  • ParagonJerradParagonJerrad228,864
    26 Jun 2014 08 Aug 2014
    9 1 0
    This is a pretty easy achievement and Laz's solution above is great. For some reason though if you want a video walkthrough of the achievement, here you go! Get that easy 55g
  • Alexjb17Alexjb1779,377
    07 Jun 2018 10 Jun 2018
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    Valiant Hearts: The Great War (Xbox One) – Achievement – King of The Hill

    Shoot the German flag with the cannon at Vimy's ridge (Secret Achievement)

    This is obtainable on Chapter 4 on the 'Vimy's Ridge' level. You will come to a point where you can adjust the direction of an artillery cannon. You are meant to change the aim to '10' to destroy one bunker and '60' to destroy the second bunker to progress with the level, however if you adjust the aim to '35' and pull the lever to fire, you will destroy a German flag, thus giving you the achievement.

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