Healing Hero achievement in Valiant Hearts: The Great War

Healing Hero

Save Karl for the third time without making any mistakes

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How to unlock the Healing Hero achievement

  • PhantomSirenPhantomSiren2,145,022
    26 Jun 2014 26 Jun 2014 07 Oct 2015
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    Most of the sequences are easy and you will get them in one go. The only one that gave me problems was the final line of the third sequence with Karl in the hospital. I would always screw up on it. So I wrote down the final line of the third sequence (Added the other 2 sequences). You can always pause at any time to make sure you know the next button presses. Take advantage of it.

    1) AXXY----AXXY----AXXY----AXX--Y+B


    3) AXX---YBB---AXX---YBB---AXX---YBB---AXX---YBB---AAAAAA---XXX--X+A

    ** Update **

    Players recommend MUTING the crying child to help yourself better focus.

    *** Update ***

    One player recommends: You have to do the first QTE sequence (the one on the farm) perfectly. For the other two, especially the last one, if you mess up, let Karl die. It lets you go back to the checkpoint before you started the sequence.

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    AK47 LipscombeI was having issues with this for a while, then i decided to use a wired controller instead of wireless and got it first attempt 🙂
    Posted by AK47 Lipscombe on 27 May at 06:33
    Muddy GrundyMuted that stupid kid and did it with ease!
    Posted by Muddy Grundy on 06 Jul at 23:33
    My RingtonesThe final YBB sequence is where this achievement becomes a test of absolute endurance due to the fact that the frames on the game drop from the speed increase making the first b in that almost never register correctly. Took me 45 minutes of hitting it over and over again to get it correctly.
    Posted by My Ringtones on 05 Sep at 16:25
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  • L0k0hL0k0h396,811
    01 Jul 2014 05 Jul 2014
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    For this in the mission Saint-Mihel of the chapter 4 you must save him all 3 times with no mistake. The 1st and the 2nd must be non-stop. The 3rd one if you fail just let him die and do it again from the checkpoint.
    You can watch how to do it in the video.
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    Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me! (again)
    Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 13 Oct 15 at 04:44
    oOo Gandalf oOoPerfect, thanks.
    Posted by oOo Gandalf oOo on 14 Dec 16 at 09:47
  • A BatwomanA Batwoman854,792
    06 Aug 2014 06 Aug 2014 07 Feb 2017
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    This can only be done in Chapter 4 - "Saint Mihiel"

    All three final attempts must be done perfectly, though they can be done out of sequence. It only says the third time because this is literally the third time she has saved his life.

    ALL THREE FINAL SEQUENCES. DOES NOT HAVE TO BE ALL AT ONCE. You can do the third perfectly, then go back and do the first two, for example.

    First off anyone playing on an HD 42" TV or higher like me probably isn't very easy because everything is faster and your eyes can't adjust to the screen. So what I suggest is to play on a smaller TV or Computer screen though you'll have to start over but just go through it play the level again and come back to this point you don't need to do the first two parts again perfectly, it saves it from before if you did it perfectly. This should make it slightly smaller you'll have to get use to the new screen for awhile.

    If you don't have a smaller TV than just keep trying it on your normal TV. The snap feature worked best for this part but Xbox updated to no more snap.

    Mute the sound. Make sure noise isn't affecting you. Close your door if you have to or go in a quite room. (Pause your game if needed to know whats next. Keep practicing the buttons for your memory to get use to the sequences.

    If you miss or hit the button at the wrong time just mash buttons together that will kill/bleed out Karl so you don't have to redo the whole mission just the sequence again.

    This is for the last part of the phase at the end after the med pack, this has to be done flawlessly as well as the others before this part:

    Sequence 1 - A X X Y....A X X Y....A X X Y....A X X Y+B

    Sequence 2 - A A A A A A A....X X X X X X...A A A A A A

    Sequence 3 - A X X...Y B B...A X X...Y B B...A X X...Y B B...A X X...Y B B...A A A A A A...X X X...A+X
    (Repeating sequence gradually gets faster and the final A's and X's slow the pace back down, kinda tricky there)

    Just be patience don't stress about this achievement if you have to come back later for it or get a good nights rest. I know it's a pain I play on expert guitar on Guitar Hero and it's not very easy but doing it more and more makes you better to where you can do it. Don't give up!


    Congratz to people that beat this, is one tough cookie.
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    Dan vasNormandyThumbs up from me.
    Posted by Dan vasNormandy on 13 Oct 15 at 04:45
    EfinijonOne thing I did that may help some is a simple pause for a breather and to look at the next aequence. The first two sequences I could do fine but the third kept killing me so I broke it into sections, paused so I could get my bearings and rhythm back.
    Sad part is that the first time I tried the pausing technique it worked perfectly.Wish I would have done it sooner!
    Posted by Efinijon on 19 Oct 15 at 17:01
    TheBoxyBearI failed during the third sequence so I let Karl die and it sort of put me back in the middle of it so I wasn't able to give it another shot. After restarting the level and completing the first sequence near the fire perfectly, it popped even though I'm 100% I didn't make any mistake the last time.
    Posted by TheBoxyBear on 30 May 19 at 01:17
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