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No One Gets Outta Here Alive!

Destroy everything outside the Gates of Kaon.

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    The first 4 objects are before you become and are highlighted in red. when the level starts you need to destroy the three giant turret robots. The three robots are easiest destroyed using any scoped weapon.

    The first robot is facing away from you and to the left of that robot is a cluster of pipes. a single bullet from a scoped weapon with burst the pipe and instantly kill the turret.

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    Leaving the start room after killing the turret, the second pipe is almost immediately on your right. Three autobots come charging out after you take out the turret. I prefer to wait until one of the three are standing next to the pipe. Single shot and the pipe is destroyed and so is the autobot.

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    Once you kill the two remaining autobots, stand near the cover they were using, if facing the giant doors they were guarding the next is to your left. You will see a large gate you won't be able to get passed but a round from a scoped weapon will burst the cluster of pipes and eliminate the second turret robot.

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    Facing away from the giant doors (that are still currently closed) there s a bridge to the right. Follow the bridge into the connected room and out onto the next bridge. Jump off the second bridge to the right side, standing near the blocks you can use to get out of the hole. With the blocks to your left, you'll see the feet of another turret robot and under the main body you can see the fourth target, a cluster of pipes. Again, a single shot will destroy both the pipes and the robot. If you are careful with your shots you will also net the challenge for not being detected at this point. Keep in mind the image is of a different path that will alert the turret to your presence and negate the challenge.

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    Once the turrets are destroyed you will need to protect your AI partner and once done the giant door will open.

    Progress through the level as normal until you
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    The video below is not mine, I found on youtube to better demonstrate the locations of the items you need to destroy. Remember that there are some spoilers in the video.

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