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What Could Go Wrong?

As Optimus, complete the rescue of Cliffjumper without using the turret.

What Could Go Wrong?+1.9
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  • MushaConvoyMushaConvoy706,884
    21 Oct 2014 21 Oct 2014
    14 2 6
    I tried for an hour using the shield method and was getting nowhere. Jazz would die and I would get more and more frustrated. I searched around, others mention health, others say the Techvolt and SURPRISE, you can't change weapons. This was when I happened to stumble on a nugget of information which saved my controller. Here it is....

    Difficulty - easy (you probably have it on this already)
    Weapons - whatever you like (not like you can change it)
    Tech - whatever you like (on attempting this I didnt even use any)
    Strategy - shoot the damn turrets before any enemies even come out.

    Thats it. They don't show up as targets (ie, red crosshair) but shoot them anyway. They're the 2 things in the roof with the coloured tip. Shoot the tip a few times, it'll explode. Thats it. On Easy, the other enemies don't do enough damage to Jazz unless you sit there and let him die. Just take out the Decepticons as quick as you can with your weapon and you'll be fine. I didn't use a single shield.

    Im sure the other strategies are sensible and work too, but this one turned a frustrating challenge into a breeze for me.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,311,147
    25 Jul 2014 25 Jul 2014
    12 1 1
    Personally I preferred to use shield barrier. The problem with using the tech heals is that if you fail and have to restart the checkpoint, they are GONE, meaning you have to replay the level in its entirity (and also meaning you might not have 3 of them next time you get to the end of the level).

    I placed one shield down right behind Jazz just before the turrets came out, another just after I destroyed the two turrets, and a 3rd when the largest group of enemies came after the turrets were down. The enemies rarely rush into the barriers, and they will protect Jazz enough to keep him alive.

    Also, the shield barriers don't disappear from your inventory if you fail and restart the checkpoint.

    I also used the Path Blaster, not the techvolt, because if you headshot enemies it's usually a 1-2 hit kill meaning I was killing faster than I did with the techvolt. This is personal preference though.

    Lastly, make sure you set the difficulty to Easy (goes without saying) to make this as easy as possible.
  • WORLDEATERWORLDEATER349,680 349,680 GamerScore
    26 Jun 2014 26 Jun 2014
    7 3 2
    This fight is in Chapter 7 when you play as Optimus Prime.

    You will want to have equipped the E.D.K. Techvolt and 3 tech heals on the D-Pad. Once you clear the initial enemies you start the survival section by going to the turret but don't use it. Once started the enemies will spawn from only 2 areas. At the half way point you will want to switch weapons to take down the turrets over head since the techvolt doesn't do much damage to it. After that pop the tech heals close to Jazz and take down enemies as fast as you can.
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