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Use Thunder Blast to earn 35 multi kills.

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  • Decoy1982Decoy1982222,248
    17 Mar 2015 17 Mar 2015 17 Mar 2015
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    This achievement can be had utilizing the same method NE0182 mentioned in the "Scrapped" achievement.

    - Load up a Private Escalation game.
    - Select "Obsidian" for a map
    - Make sure your character has the "Thunder Blast" ability assigned

    There is a small section where Melee enemies are unable to reach you. You can still be hit by gunfire, and projectiles; however you should be able to die, and rinse and repeat to build kills toward this achievement. You do not have to complete the wave in order for kills to register. It should be noted that this achievement is for number of multi kills - each individual enemy killed does not count towards this number. So if you kill 5 enemies at once, that is 1 multi kill, which is the same as if you were to kill 2 enemies at once, registering for 1 multi kill. So you need to kill 35 "groups" of enemies, not 35 enemies total.

    Watch the video below to see the correct spot:

  • FlthyFirestartrFlthyFirestartr349,018
    14 Nov 2019 17 Nov 2019
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    Since it takes awhile for the ability to recharge, a better way to do this is in the Campaign.

    Load up Jetfire's mission and move through the level until you sneak up on Starscream, you'll get a checkpoint once he leaves. Once you have control, immediately transform and head towards the middle section. You should see 2 rocket troopers in the center that will start heading towards your left. Aim your movement above the boxes that are piled next to the left pillar to make the 2 enemies target you & stay put. Once you're close enough, return to robot form and Thunder Blast the 2, then reset to checkpoint. Keep doing this until finished.
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