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They'll all be remembered

Find every single historical item

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How to unlock the They'll all be remembered achievement

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    Chapter 1: Dark Clouds


    1.) German Helmet: Found after 'defeating' the second training dummy during basic training. It will be on the ground nearby the remains of the dummy.

    2.) Tinder Lighter: Before raising the flag at the end of basic training, look on the ground to the right of the flag pole.

    3.) Stationmaster's Whistle: During the train section where you need to fend off some soldiers pushing around another soldier, run to the right to grab a wine bottle, then go back left and chuck it at the bell above the conductor

    4.) Letter from a French Soldier: As you progress to the right of the same area, you'll find a soldier standing to the left of the French flag on the bottom. Examine this soldier.

    5.) Metal nib: When you climb on top of the train, go to the right first to find it on the edge of the train car.

    Marne Battle

    1.) French Identification Tag: Go a bit to the right and you'll see an overturned wooden cart. Examine behind this cart to find it.

    2.) Gold button from a French Uniform: You'll come to an area where you need to toss a grenade to destroy some rubble blocking a cart. Examine around the rubble before tossing the grenade.

    3.) HQ Map: You'll come to an area where you'll climb down a ladder on a bridge and see some dynamite placed. Avoid the machine gunner at the beginning of the bridge by waiting
    until he reloads to climb the ladder. Then grab a brick, toss it at the wall behind the next
    soldier. Knock out this soldier and then climb down the nearby ladder. Examine behind the
    tall grass to find this.

    4.) German Cartridges: After blowing up the bridge and before lowering the rope ladder, examine around to the left of the water to find this item.

    5.) Embroidery: You'll come across a building where you need to knock some soldiers out. There's a rope ladder near the first one. Use a wine bottle behind some rubble on the
    right to lower the ladder, then toss another one to distract the soldier. Knock him out and
    break the rubble on the right of this level to find this item.

    6.) Letter from a German Soldier: Once you reach the roof on this building, you'll have to knock out two soldiers. Knock out the one on the right first and then go to the edge of the roof on the right to find this.


    1.) Photo frame: Once the level starts, go all the way to the left and put water into the
    dog's dish by turning the wheel behind the soldier to your right. In order to make him move,
    talk to the soldier guarding the entrance and then turn the wheel. Enter this area and go all
    the way to the left to find this item.

    2.) Valiant Stories Contest Memorabilia: You'll eventually start digging into trenches. When you dig into your first one, climb the ladder down to the bottom and dig to the left to find this.

    3.) Crucifix: As you make your way through the trenches, you'll see the Crucifix on the right side of some dirt that has some shells inside of it. Exit the trench like normal and proceed to the right until your dog starts digging at the ground. Have him dig up a bone, take it, and go back left and chuck it at the rope ladder. Climb up and dig out the Crucifix.

    4.) Compass: Upon reaching the next trench, you'll come across a circular area you can dig in that has shells in them. Carefully dig up and to the right to get to the Compass safely.

    5.) French Coins: As you proceed you'll eventually start playing as Freddie. Proceed until you reach the entrance to the next trench. Right outside the entrance are the French Coins.

    6.) Khukuri Knife: You'll have to solve a dynamite puzzle in a trench by tossing certain dynamite to the soldier on the scaffolding. Once you set all the dynamite and blow up the ceiling, go up the ramp it forms and you'll see the Khukuri laying on the ground in the building you emerge in.


    1.) Canadian Identification Tag: You'll come across an area in which you need to dig downwards and you'll come across a box type puzzle. Get the box to your level and climb across to the left side to get this item.

    2.) Urine Soaked Cloth: After getting to the bottom floor on the box puzzle, you'll be greeted with another puzzle that involves turning valves to make the gas flow stop. On the far right of this area is this item.

    3.) Letter from a Canadian Soldier: After you turn off the gas and climb back up to the surface, instead of going to the right with everyone else, go left first and up a hill to find this.

    4.) Gas Canister Deployment Strategy: As you proceed, bombs will start dropping on you and you'll run into another trench. The item is at the entrance of this trench.

    5.) Belgian Shako: When you come across a puzzle that involves a basket, keep going right and your dog will start digging at the ground. Command him to dig to uncover this item.

    6.) Pocket Watch: Once you drop Freddie underground with you, run to the right and cut the barb wire. Gas will start leaking behind you so quickly grab this item right after cutting the barb wire before it catches up to you.


    1.) Periscope: You'll come across an area in which you have to hide behind wooden boards as German soldiers run left and right. As they run to the right, go left and you'll reach a dead end. Have your dog go under the barricade here and fetch the item on the other side.

    2.) Infantryman's Mask: You'll reach a part in which you need to have your dog get a pair of wire cutters for you. Once you get them and cut down the barbed wire in your way, climb down the ladder and dig to your left to find this hidden in a corner.

    3.) Vial of Nevrostenine: You'll need to have your dog distract a soldier so you can knock him out. Once you do, enter the trenches and go all the way to the right into the bunker to find some crates stacked on top of each other. Smack them and the item will drop down.

    4.) Letter from a German Soldier: You'll need to use a minecart to sneak past a machine gunner in a nearby tower. Upon doing so you'll have to dig into another trench. Enter the door down here and look on your right near some barrels to find this item.

    5.) Tin of Sardines: In this same trench there's a guard on the far right guarding a door. Distract him with a wine bottle and knock him out. Enter the door and look on your right to find this.

    6.) British Coins: Once your dog is down in the trenches with you, go all the way to the left to find a locked door and you'll see the keys on the other side of the barricade. The British Coins are also over on that side so have your dog fetch them for you.


    1.) Safety Razor: Go to the right to find a building and a small puzzle. Upon completing the puzzle, get to the top floor of this building and examine the cupboard.

    2.) Overalls: In this same building, enter the doorways so you wind up in the basement and look on the left side to find them.

    3.) Advertising Brochure: As you run back into the street and head left, your dog will start digging behind the car in the street. The item is in this dig spot.

    4.) War Godmother Certificate: You'll need to use a pair of clippers to bring down a wooden beam to rescue a man in a burning building. When you do, have your dog go across this wooden beam to retrieve this item.

    5.) Early Gas Mask: When you're back in the left building after cutting down the wooden beam, go all the way to the right in this building and examine the cupboard here to find this item.

    6.) Active Service Pay Book: After saving the men in the city, you'll be able to push that giant stone block that's covering a hole to drop down in. Once you're in this hole, go all the way to the right past the ladder to find this item.

    Chapter 2: Broken Earth


    1.) Inkwell: You start in Anna's apartment. Open the cupboard to find it.

    2.) Broken Watch Strap: You'll have to grab some coal and hit a bird with it for it to drop a key. Before doing so, look at the far end of the screen to find some birds huddled around an object on the building across from you. Chuck a piece of coal over there and it will fall into the street. Pick it up by the sewer grate when you go down into the streets.

    3.) Letter from a Belgian Civilian: After getting the key from the bird, unlock the door and look on the dresser to the left of the doorway you came out of.

    4.) Newspapers: Run all the way to the right in the street to find the Newspapers hiding under a fold out sign, next to a car that's on a jack.


    1.) Shrapnel Shell Remnants: You'll have to heal a man that was stuck under a horse. Upon doing so you'll enter the next area. In this area go all the way to the left to find this.

    2.) Nurse's Manual: As you run to the right, you'll find a water tower and the medical tent. To the left of these you'll find an opening in the gates. Go through this opening and go the left to find this. The horse's head may obstruct your view but just examine the area and you'll find it.

    3.) Tallow Socks: Go back and enter the medical tent now and examine the locker on left side of the tent.

    4.) Mess Tin with Holes: Exit the medical tent and go right to find a medical truck. This item is underneath the front wheel.

    5.) Letter from a Prussian Soldier: You'll come across a bridge as you continue to the right. Climb the ladder down and go left to find this.

    6.) Lice Comb: Climb back up the bridge and go all the way to the right to find this.


    1.) Letter from a Scottish Soldier: As you venture to the right, you'll find a building with red bricks. Enter this building and go left and head outside to find this.

    2.) Wooden Top: You'll notice a tree to the right of the item you just picked up. Climb up this tree, break the window and help the woman inside. You'll automatically obtain this.

    3.) Broken Walking Stick: Once you knock the cog off the roof of the church with the church bell, go down and follow the path to find a lever to turn off some gas. Climb the ladder here and help the man to automatically obtain this.

    4.) Bedpan: As you continue your way through the streets, you'll find another building. Go through the doorways leading upstairs until the walls are red. There's a cupboard in this room containing the item.

    5.) Stereoscopic Camera: While you're still up here, go right and you'll find a painting on the wall. Hit it and grab the keys here. Go all the way downstairs and go right, pushing the drawer so you can climb to the ledge and climb outside. Go right and unlock the gate and hit the painting in here to obtain this item.

    6.) Chemical Formula: When you head underground and have to unlock a door with a combination of 468, it will be in the locker a little bit further to the left.

    Crash Site

    1.) Virgin Mary Statuette and Case: You'll have to sneak past some guards at the beginning of the act. You'll find this between some bushes.

    2.) Letter from a Soldier: You'll come across a cabin with a missing lever. It will be just to the right in this area.

    3.) Broken Pistol: Once you open the cabin door, enter the door and go to the right to find it by some trees.

    4.) Dart: Eventually you'll have to rescue Karl by solving a puzzle by making a bomb shell explode. When you see the bomb shell dangling, run to the opposite side to find this item.

    5.) Shell Mechanism: You'll take control of Freddie and Emile. As you progress through the level, you'll come across tunnels in which Walt can crawl through. Have him crawl through the first one and go left to find this item.

    6.) Sterilising Solution: You'll have to solve a puzzle to close a gate and drain some water. When you solve it, continue to the right and have Walt crawl through the hole and go left to find this.


    1.) Tobacco Case: Once the act starts, go all the way to the left to find this time.

    2.) Card Game: One of the items that you have to find is a dirty sock to advance. You have to climb a ladder to retrieve it once you exit the trench you start in. It will be behind some rocks on your left.

    3.) Brazier: You'll eventually take control of Freddie. You'll run away from some Mortar attacks. You'll find this in the first tunnel as you escape.

    4.) Officer's Whistle: Eventually you'll ride a lift and reunite with all your soldiers as Freddie. When you do, go left to find this. It will be behind a wooden beam.

    5.) Letter from a Tunisian Soldier: As you progress with Freddie, eventually the floor will give way underneath you. Go left into the nearby tunnel to find this.

    6.) Coloured Pennant: Once you exit the trenches and enter a building, climb down the ladder and it will be located on a table.

    Douaumont Fort

    1.) Trench Shovel: At the start of the level, you'll be running to the right and you'll see some skulls and crossbones signs. After the fourth one, start digging downward and once you hit the bottom, dig to the left.

    2.) Concert Programme: As you dig downwards as you progress through the level, you need to distract a soldier with Walt. Once you do, dig down further and dig to the bottom left to find this.

    3.) Empty Wooden Chest: Not too far from item #2, climb up the ladders to find this item in a lockey.

    4.) German Ring: When you control Freddie, proceed and you'll have to smack a soldier to knock him out. When you do, enter the door behind him and climb the ladder and look in the locker.

    5.) Gas Stove: Exit the room where you found item #4 and enter the next room on your right, knock out the soldier and examine the locker.

    6.) Blueprint: You'll eventually take control of Emile again and will have to follow the same path Freddie did. Go to where you found item #4, the German Ring, and dig to the right to find another bunker. Enter the door here and look to your left.

    Chapter 3: The Poppy Fields

    Prison Camp

    1.) Notebook: At the start of the level, head left and you'll find a gap next to the medical building. Now go left and you'll find this.

    2.) German Identification Tag: Enter the building with the water drops on it. You'll have to solve a puzzle to fix the showers. Go to the right wheel and turn it to the right to make this item drop down.

    3.) Letter from a Hungarian Prisoner: Enter the sleeping quarters (the red building) and examine to the bed on the left when you enter.

    4.) Handkerchief: When you bring the first aid kit to the soldier in the laundry room, this item will be on the left side of the room. (Thank you, WilliWaller, for this correction.)

    5.) Biscuit Box: When you bring the cook the necessary item wants, examine the nearby table to find this item.


    1.) Flashlights: At the beginning of the level, you'll need to head to the right and pull the scientist out of some rubble. Examine the rubble to find this item.

    2.) Broken German Bayonet: Once power is restored, enter the door near the tank and climb the ladder and examine the locker.

    3.) Dead Rat: After driving the tank to the left, you'll eventually get out of the tank. Backtrack to the right and you'll find it in a locker.

    4.) German Coins: You'll come across a room with the tank in the middle of it and a right directional arrow above it. Climb the ladder in this room and enter the door and check to the right when you enter it.

    Vauquois' Mines

    1.) Listening Device: Once you use dynamite to lower the mine cart, proceed and go past the door with the SOS coming from behind it and instead let Walt dig into the ground nearby for this item.

    2.) Telephone Cable: You'll come across a puzzle in which you need to bring dynamite to the left side of the screen in a basket to blow up some dirt and bombshells. Before doing so, light the dynamite and move the basket to the right to blow up the dirt over there first and have Walt collect it.

    3.) General HQ News Bulletin: You'll have to use a detonator to blow up some dynamite as you progress through the level. Upon doing so, go past the nearby door and have your dog dig into the ground.

    4.) Throat Lozenges: You'll eventually need to start digging downward to continue. Before you hit the bottom, you'll see a small slope above the bottom. Dig over there to find this item.

    5.) British ID Tag 1915: You'll have to re-enter the mines later in the level. Climb down the first two ladders you come across and go all the way to the right and have Walt dig up the item.

    6.) Trench Lantern: Once you lift the mine cart, go left and past the mine cart to find this item.

    Reims Forest

    1.) Tent Canvas: As you proceed, you'll eventually reach a spotlight tower. Go across the bridge nearby (by going up) and go left to find this.

    2.) Army Intel Correspondence: You'll find a building in which you need to turn a wheel to open the door. Before doing so you need to climb a nearby tree and punch some apples to the ground to distract the soldiers. When you open this door, enter it and examine the locker on the right.

    3.) Goat hide: After cutting some barb wire, you'll eventually come to a bridge. Climb down the ladder and go left.

    4.) British Magazine: You'll come to a part where you'll have to use a scarecrow to move across a field. You'll find this item during this sequence.

    5.) Braces: As you get near the end of the level, the French soldiers will start using flares to try to find out. As you get near the end of this sequence, you'll find this item underneath a tree.

    The Somme (NOTE: You may need to have all your soldiers alive at the end of the first tank sequence in order to get the first two items but I have not been able to confirm this yet)

    UPDATE: It has been confirmed that you need all five soldiers alive at the end of the first part of the level in order to receive the first two collectibles of this level. Simply talk to your soldiers and two of them will drop the first two collectibles in the locations listed. Thank you to Ripley95 and SENTINAL 107 for confirming this!)

    1.) Valiant Stories Contest Memorabilia: After your tank catches on fire, you'll find this right near the front tracks.

    2.) ANZAC ID Disc: Move a wee bit to the right to find a ladder going down. The second item is nearby.

    3.) Telegram from New Zealand: As you climb down the ladder mention in item #2, you'll have to snuff out a fuse. Once you do, go left to find this item.


    1.) Phonograph: Once you rescue the little girl from the dogs at the beginning, you'll be able to enter house. When some soldiers start knocking on the door, go to the right to find this.

    2.) Sack of Bran: When you enter the police station, you'll have to find a police costume. When you do, find the attic and go left.

    3.) French Emergency Banknote: While you're still in the police station, make your way to the prison cells and head to the far right.

    4.) French Gendarme's Cap: Head back outside and look for where the French soldiers are celebrating outside. Enter this area and go left and have Walt dig up the item.

    5.) Postcard: You'll need to change into a French soldier outfit. When you do so, head to the top of the area with a wine bottle and knock on the door on the top floor. Give him the wine bottle and send Walt in. Now go through the door and out to the balcony to find this item.

    Chapter 4: Wooden Crosses

    Occupied Casern

    1.) German ID Tag 1916: When you have to change back into your German gear, look behind some bags just to the right of the outfit.

    2.) Broken French Bayonet: As you explore around and need to find a backpack and weapon, you'll come across a locked door. Use the combination 8-1-5 and look around in the area past the door for this.

    3.) The "Gazette des Ardennes": Head out into the streets and go left to find some apples. Pick one up and keep going left and give it to the soldier in front of the horse.

    4.) Hip Flask: You'll come to a puzzle in which you'll see a gas mask above you that's for Walt. Look to the right and on the ground to find this.

    5.) Heavy German Helmet: Once you obtain your gas mask, climb the ladder to the surface and look around the machine gun for this item.

    Vimy Ridge

    1.) Brodie Helmet: Go past the shell launcher that you can move and into the next trench area. You'll find this nearby an empty shelter.

    2.) Canadian Coins: You'll eventually have to run from some heavy fire and you'll find a large cannon. Climb down the ladder and look for this item on a table.

    3.) Crest Model: You'll eventually chase some soldiers out of a building and claim it as your own. Climb the ladder in this building and it will be underneath the map.

    The Farm

    1.) Ration Ticket: As you enter the first house, you'll have limited vision due to the gas. You'll need to lower the basket outside and have your dog climb in it and raise the basket with the lever. Your dog will jump through the window. Now go to the right and you'll see a huge crate you can climb. Have your dog activate the nearby lever and the crate will raise into the air. Go right and climb down the ladders to find this item.

    2.) Oil Lamps: As you approach a barn, go through it and head to the other side for a small scene. Afterward grab a brick and go back to the other side of the barn and chuck your brick through the window. You'll now need to connect the basket to the hook and have your dog climb in. Get your dog to the left side of the area and have him pick up the item.

    3.) Coffee Beans: In the same area have Walt go through the nearby hole and head into the next room. Have Walt pull the lever and you'll find this item on some sacks.

    4.) Pipe: As you proceed you'll come across a burning building that seems like a dead end. Try to climb the ladder back out and the ladder will break off. This item will be in the nearby fireplace when the ladder breaks.

    Chemin des Dames

    1.) It's a Long Way to Tipperary Lyrics: When the act begins, go all the way to the left to find this item.

    2.) Letter from a Russian Officer: As you you proceed, you'll need to push a cart to the right. Once you push it all the way to the right, you'll find this item on the ground.

    3.) Russian ID Tag: You'll have to dodge several machine gunners as you proceed. Eventually you'll run into some machine gunners that will gun down some wooden fences. As you run along this area you'll find this item on the ground.

    4.) "Le Singe" Tin Opener: You'll have to start digging downwards after breaking a barricade. As you go down, dig your way to the left as you dig down to find this.

    5.) Soldier's Ring: As you make your way along the level, eventually you'll be in a small tunnel and the roof will crumble above you and Mortars will drop from the sky. As you run in this area you'll find this on a nearby slope.

    6.) Papakha: You'll have to push a cart to protect yourself from machine gun fire and then you'll find a cart in which you can enter and pull a lever to make it roll downhill. As it rolls downhill, after you get past the first machine gunner, stop the cart and you'll find this item behind the fence you stop behind.

    Saint Mihiel

    1.) Bar of Soap: When you bring Karl to the hospital, exit out of the hospital to the right and it will be behind some bushes.

    2.) Glass Syringe: Re-enter the hospital and go upstairs. Check the cupboard on the left.

    3.) X-Ray Equipment: From item #2, go to the right and you'll find another cupboard along the way.

    4.) Dentist's Basin: Stay in the hospital but make your way toward the basement. Once you reach the basement, examine the locker to the left to find it.

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