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Rayman Raving Rabbids

Rayman Raving Rabbids

RAYMAN LOVES MOVIES achievement in Rayman Raving Rabbids


Unlock all the 9 bonus movies in score mode.

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How to unlock the RAYMAN LOVES MOVIES achievement

  • KMetalmindKMetalmind193,970
    11 Dec 2008 12 Dec 2008
    28 0 26
    You must get 165.000 points in Score Mode, out of the 173.000 possible. That means perfecting most minigames and getting a really good score on every possible challenge. Here are some tips for some minigames:

    Bunnies Don’t Know What to Do with Cows: You have to spin as fast as you can, until you get your rocket nearly full. Then, you have to press A right when the cow is on your front AND there is enough fire coming from the rocket (it seems random). If you get both at once, a gold cup will show.

    Bunnies are Slow to React (2 and 3): Use the shortcuts. There are green doors on them, but you can break them if the ball is moving at enough speed.

    Bunnies Don’t Like Bats: Go directly to your first target without using turbos, and look if you can find any other pig in the distance, it´ll be easier if you know where they are before moving. Once you get the first one, use a turbo to return, and another one to get to the next pig, and repeat. Don´t waste any time and try to spot all the pigs as fast as possible.

    Bunnies Have No Memory (both of them): These are easy 1000. Plug a second controller, and play Score Mode at two players. Move both hands at the same rabbit, and just press A with player 1 until it says it´s player 2 turn. Press A some times until it says it´s player 1 turn. Repeat a lot of times, until you think you have pressed A with any of them more than 400 times, and make the other player lose. A lot easier than doing it alone.

    Bunnies are Heartless with Pigs (both): This is totally random, and 1000 points requirement means you have to get to the pig´s mother just walking forward. Keep retrying until you get luck. Really annoying being in some challenges.

    Bunnies Like Surprises: Get him to touch every cactus in the platform, without touching anything else. That way, you will get a multiplier of x2, x4, x8, x16, x32, x64, x128 and even x256. You will lose it if you touch any other thing, so be patient.

    Bunnies Can’t Slide (both): Plug three more controllers, and try to get to the center with a small arrow pointing at the center. 2nd one is easier, because you only need to do it one time. 1st one is really hard, because you have to get to the center three times in a row, you must score behind 0,50 mts.

    Bunnies Have a Great Ear for Music: This is not random, it keeps repeating the same sequence. It just starts on a random one, and then it´s the turn of the next rabbit in this sequence:

    ROW 1: 7th 12th 9th
    _ _ _

    ROW 2: 11th 5th 10th 1st
    _ _ _ _

    ROW 3: 8th 2nd 3rd 4th 6th
    _ _ _ _ _

    Bunnies Can’t Play Soccer: Press LT and RT as fast as possible until it says "press A", but don´t press it until your foot is really close to the bunny. If you do it right, you will get a x2 multiplier. Control him to the goal post, make a goal, and you´ll earn a x4 one. Repeat.

    Bunnies Don’t Sleep Well: Memorize the ghost movement. Keep retrying until you get 1000 points, because it´s harder if you play just here and there.

    Bunnies Only Fly Downwards (both): Press right analog for all the minigame, and practice at full speed. You can stop a bit to pass through some rings, but try doing it at full speed.

    Bunnies Don' t Play Basketball: Aim always for the 500 one, spinning always the less possible. Just throw the cow as good as possible, you can fail even three-four shots and get 1000 points.

    Try to get good at minigames before trying to perfect challenges, because you have to get perfect many minigames in a row. Think that you should be less than 1000 points away from perfect at every challenge, because you can only be 8.000 points away from the maximum.

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    Just a friendly tip, I just unlocked this when I got the 10k challenge to 8200/10000, anyway, my achievement never unlocked and I was livid for a short while. If your achievement doesn't unlock, dashboard, boot your game and play a single minigame and it will unlock.
    Posted on 17 Dec 14 at 08:43
    Thanks, my friend helped me the first time, but now I am doing it myself
    Posted on 13 Feb 15 at 17:21
    DarkJason5413Woo took a few weeks but I got it gotta say appreciate some of the tips helped when it came to pinch points, seriously came down to 6 points before I got it. 😅
    Posted by DarkJason5413 on 25 May 17 at 05:32
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  • GMHOTGMHOT216,699
    25 Apr 2013 25 Apr 2013
    6 1 6
    Alright, KMetalmind's guide truly helped me out, but I feel like there are lots of things to add. First of all, this was MUCH easier than I thought it would be. I only spent about 20 hours in score mode, MAXIMUM. I did develop a few techniques in a couple of minigames which could help you get those last points you need to hit 165k, and I also got some additional tips for you.

    Let's start with Bunny Hunter Mode. There are 10 levels, and five different modes to play them in where you can earn a maximum of 1000 points each. So we've got 50.000 right there, and it's actually very easy to max most of them, except for the timed ones.
    The first mode you should start with is the single player score mode. You start with five "shots" (plungers, haha). The key to scoring big is to hit rabbits with all of these shots. DO NOT RELOAD UNTIL YOU ARE OUT OF PLUNGERS. If you hit a rabbit with your first one, you'll get 100 points. The second one grants you 200 , and finally the fifth one 500. This only goes for the plungers in the same "clip", so don't spam the reload button. This will break your combo, even if you don't miss. The coding actually is so stupid that if you fire a shot and reload before the plunger hits, you will only get 100 points since the game will think that the plunger is the first one of the set. Other than that, you only need to learn where the rabbits spawn and play until you get 1000 points. Some rabbits, like the sleeping ones, the Superman rabbit and the ones with bandages around their head will grant you more points than normal. If you hit the big rabbits with headshots or hit bunnies who are really far away, you will get additional points as well. Try to stay at maximum health, since the hearts give you points when you're done.

    You can play the multiplayer score mode alone. Just plug in a second controller and kill all the rabbits yourself. There are more of them in multiplayer. I got 1000 on every level in this mode on my first try this way.

    This is not as easy when it comes to the multiplayer time attack. You'll probably only get 800-950 alone, so make sure that a friend helps you out.

    The singleplayer time attack is also hard, but it's not impossible to get 1000 on the levels. 800-950 is fairly easy to get. Make sure to destroy the saucers before the Splinter Cell-rabbits jumps out . Try to hit the missiles as early as possible. Shoot the bells and music players to make the rabbits run into plain sight, dancing. This will also save you some time.

    Finally you've got the Survival mode. It's just like score mode, but you only got one heart. Be careful and play like normal and you'll make it.
    This mode is by far the easiest, but also the most time consuming. Good luck!

    Moving on to the dance mode. This is quite easy if you're good at Guitar Hero or playing music in general. Of course, some songs are truly hard, and you need to fully concentrate, but you should be able to get 1000 in the majority of the levels. If the rabbits seem to be moving in strange patterns at times, try to listen to all instruments in the song, since they are always following the beat of one of them. (They are often following the singer). If you learn the songs by heart it will be easier. You will need to get perfects on all bunnies (white light) in order to score 1000.

    Finally, the minigames.
    I will only write about games KMetalmind hasn't written about.

    Bunnies are bad at peek-a-boo

    When the big guy forces you to press the A, B, X and Y buttons I always pause the game just as soon I know the button is going to appear. This way you can unpause the game and immediately click the right button, thus subtracting the reaction time. This might save you a couple of seconds.

    Bunnies rarely leave their burrows

    As soon things get real (when there are bunnies in every hole), just move your thumb in a circular way, this way passing every hole in a relaxed AND fast, controlled manner. On the level with the pigs, simply don't smash the pigs as you pass over them.

    Bunnies are oversensitive

    I do not have a turbo controller, but I do have two index fingers. Alternating between them is faster than spamming the button with one finger.

    Bunnies are ticklish

    Grab a piece of paper. Draw the symbols as they appear on the screen. Every time a new "choreography" appears, pause the game and plan exactly how you will move so you don't have to stop to think in real time.

    Bunnies have a poor grasp of anatomy

    If you want a truly good score (950+), pause the game just before everything turns black, and use some Blu-tack or whatever and stick it to your screen on different important spots so that you know exactly how to place the body parts. Make sure you don't move the control stick after the time runs out, since this will for some reason give you 0 points for that particular body part. It's kinda tedious to reposition the Blu-tack...

    The challenge mode isn't that hard! The ONLY one I got a final score less than 1000 points from the maximum on my first try was the one called "Rayman". This one has some hard ones in it, and also a luck based one. If you're struggling, just keep at it. You WILL make it.

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    GMHOTThat depends on how much I would've played. Maybe 3000 without too much hassle...that's just an estimation though.
    Posted by GMHOT on 08 May 13 at 20:06
    bittapudgeThumbs up! also (someone should verify this) but im pretty sure xbox360s cant use turbo controllers. i know they used to but i think there was an update
    Posted by bittapudge on 17 Jun 13 at 15:44
    GMHOTThank you!

    Ah! They wouldn't have been very useful anyway.
    Posted by GMHOT on 18 Jun 13 at 20:45
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