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Heavyweight in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

Heavyweight59 (20)

Earn a Bronze Medal in all Infierno challenges

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Kooky Cow 32
Achievement won on 03 Jul 14
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Guacamelee's Infierno provides players with 17 Challenges to complete. Each challenge (with some exceptions, in which case I will write N/A for Not Applicable) have set requirements to earn Gold, Silver or Bronze medals. These can be in the form of "obtain a (x)-hit combo", "beat in under (x) time" etc.

In order to complete all of these challenges, players must have all special powers unlocked. In order to unlock the 'Pollo Bomb' ability, players must get 10 silver medals in Infierno. Once this has been achieved, they can find the statue containing the power in the silver elevator at the bottom floor of Infierno. This power is required to clear a block in order to reach challenges 13-17.

**I have included my video guides at the bottom if you wish to view them.**

Special Moves/ Power Attacks:
Rooster Uppercut - Up and B
Olmec's Headbutt - B
Frog Slam - Down and B
Dashing Derpderp - Across and B
Goat Climb - (on a wall) Up and Y
Goat Fly - (on a wall) Across and Y
Become a chicken - Left Bumper
Pollo Bomb - (whilst a chicken) B
Intenso - Push in both thumbsticks.
Dimension Swap - Right Trigger.

Other Moves - These can be purchased from any shop under the Abilities section:
Suplex - Y and push the Left Thumbstick away from the way you are facing.
Das Boot! - Y and push the Left Thumbstick the direction you are facing.
Piledriver - Y and Down on the Left Thumbstick.

Shielded Enemies:
Shielded enemies are colour coded to what attack you need to use to break their shield.
Red needs Rooster Uppercut.
Green needs Frog Slam.
Blue needs Dashing Derpderp.
Yellow needs Olmec's Headbutt.
White needs multiple hits in quick succession - XXX.

Overall tips:
- A Suplex will stun all enemies in the arena and knock away any projectiles. You are also immune to attack whilst in the motion of a Suplex, Piledriver or Das Boot!.
- You can use your shield to avoid most enemy attacks and projectiles. Left Trigger or pushing the Right Thumbstick will use your shield.
- Intenso will briefly stun all enemies, knock away any projectiles, make you able to kill shielded enemies without using the colour coded attack and overall increase your damage.

Challenge 1: Race to the goal as quickly as you can!
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 00:20
Gold: 00:12

Tips - Double jump will help you up the stairs quicker.
- Goat Climb and Goat Fly are a must for this challenge.
- Roll through red spikes with Left Trigger (or the Right Thumbstick)
- At the very top, use goat fly to cross the line quicker.

Challenge 2: Defeat all of the enemies and get the highest combo.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 100
Gold: 200

Tips - Only use X on the green enemies where possible, as it will get you the most hits.
- This challenge is about hits, not kills.
- Get as close to enemies as possible to hit the ones behind, as well as the one closest to you.
- On the red enemies, dash through two, then use Y and push the Thumbstick in the opposite direction to the way you are facing to perform a Suplex. This will stun all enemies in the arena and knock away the red bones.
- Once the yellow enemy spawns, use either Suplex or Das Boot! (kick) on the remaining red enemy to stun him.
- Always throw the yellow enemy whenever you can to stop him getting away from you and/or attacking you.
- Use Dash if enemies look like they are about to hit you. It will stop their attack and knock them down, giving you time to recover.

Challenge 3: Use the environment to defeat these invincible enemies.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 1:30.00
Gold: 1:00.00

Tips - Jump up to the lever on your left as soon as you start and use it with Y.
- Jump down to the first enemies, always keeping them between you and the spikes on the wall.
- Dash is your best friend, Use it to push enemies closer to the spikes.
- When you can, use Das Boot! (kick) to kick enemies into the spikes. Any enemies they hit on their way will also be knocked backwards, possibly also into the spikes.
- Jump and use Uppercut on the dragons to knock them onto the ground. Hit them until you can use Y, then kick them into the spikes.
- ALWAYS be aware of the spikes disappearing and be ready to quickly go and hit the lever again.

Challenge 4: Use carefully timed dodges to get through the thorns.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 00:35
Gold: 00:25

Tips - Use Left Trigger (or push across on the Right Thumbstick) to roll through the red spikes.
- Try to judge the distance of your rolls so that you don't come out of a roll as you are touching spikes.
- On the second level down, the spikes will move at different speeds. Try to roll through two of them as they are close together.
- On the bottom level, you can use Left Trigger while in the air to go bring up your shield to pass through the spikes. Again, try to go through two at a time.
- You should easily be able to hit 1-2 spikes accidentally and still finish in enough time.

Challenge 5: Survive the waves of enemies as long as you can. If too many enemies pile up on the bridge, it will collapse.
Bronze: N/A
Silver: 1:10
Gold: 1:45

Tips - Use Frog Slam on the flower enemies. Then use Y to Suplex them if possible.
- Use Suplex whenever possible! I cannot stress how valuable it is! (ESPECIALLY with the Armadillo's. It will prevent them from going into their red power attack and stop it if they are already doing it!
- The enemies with white shields need to be hit multiple times in quick succession to break their shields.
- Use Intenso on tougher enemies to kill them quicker.

Challenge 6: Defeat the enemies without dodging.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 70 Hits
Gold: 120 Hits

Tips - Hit green and red enemies with X. You will get 6 hits per enemy. Don't waste power attacks on them. You're going for hits, not kills.
- Make sure to avoid the red bones thrown at you. They will end your combo if they hit you.
- Use Suplex on the Armadillo's whenever possible. It will prevent them from entering their red power attack, and stop it if they are already doing it. They won't actually hit you when not doing this power attack, making them easy targets to keep hitting and suplexing. I find an XXY combo works best, as the first two hits usually do enough damage to use Y.
- Dash a yellow enemy as soon as they spawn. Get a few hits if you can, then go for the red enemies. The red enemies are easier to kill and avoid getting hit by.
- Hopefully you will have the required Hits once you kill the red guys, if not try to use a power attack or Intenso on the yellow guys to get a few more hits in.

Challenge 7: Jump between the moving platforms and get to the end as fast as possible.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 0:35.00
Gold: 0:27.00

Tips - Jump onto the first platform, then take them two at a time.
- At the end of the first row of platforms, try to jump to the top platform to make the jump up quicker.
- Jump up between the moving platforms. Use Uppercut to get a bit of extra height if needed.
- Skip the top platform and use a combination of double jump, Uppercut and Dash to get across to the left.
- Jump on the first two platforms, skip the third, then double jump and Dash across the finish line.

Challenge 8: Defeat the enemies without the use of your special moves.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 60 Hits
Gold: 120 Hits

Tips - Don't worry too much about the flowers at the start, just get them out of the way. Suplex is your best bet as it brings the flowers out of the ground for a short time.
- Kill the green enemies with X attacks.
- Use XXY (Suplex) on the Armadillo's to kill them and keep them stunned.
- Always go for the Armadillo's before the green enemies.
- Jump up and use the XXY (Suplex) combo on the dragons to stun and damage them. - - Whilst in the motion of a Suplex, you cannot be hit by the dragons' fireballs.
- Again, XXY (Suplex) the Windmills (big enemies with multiple swords)

Challenge 9: Use your special moves to avoid the hazards and get to the finish.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 0:20.0
Gold: 0:15.0

Tips - Double jump through the first gap, then Uppercut, then Dash to try and land down the hole.
- Run across, double jump to the platform and use your shield (Left Trigger or Right on the Right Thumbstick) to roll through the spikes. Jump right at the end of the platform then jump again in the air to make the platform.
- Again, double jump, Uppercut and Dash to try and make the gap, then run to the end.
- Just keep practicing and keep trying and eventually you will get it.

Challenge 10: Defeat the enemies without the use of throws.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 80 Hits
Gold: 130 Hits

Tips - Hold left as soon as you enter the arena and start attacking the Armadillo as soon as he spawns. This will actually prevent the other one from attacking you.
- This works with all Armadillo's. If they are too far away, they will not attack you, making things much easier.
- Use shield rolls if the Armadillo's do enter their red power attack mode. Also to dodge dragon fireballs.
- Dash is a good way to push enemies and get them further away from other enemies. e.g if you dash two guys that spawn on the left, you will push them far enough that you have time to kill them before the guys on the right spawn.
- Quickly switch dimensions to attack the Lightning Skeleton that spawns. Try to get as many hits on him as you can before the other one spawns and you should reach the required amount.
- You can shield roll through the Lightning Skeletons' attacks. I didn't realise this when I played, but it has been confirmed by PointySpred and Puckjunkie.

Challenge 11: Use your special moves to navigate the portal room.
Bronze: N/A
Silver: N/A
Gold: Finish

Tips - Jump into the first portal, fall then jump again into the next one, trying not to go too far forwards or you will hit the spikes as soon as you come out of the next portal. Drop, then Dash into the next portal. Uppercut into the next one, use your shield as you fall through the spikes, then turn into a chicken and try to keep yourself centered in order to fall through the small hole. Then simply run across the finish line.

Challenge 12: Find a way to progress past the moving obstacles.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 1:00.00
Gold: 0:30.00

Tips - Jump up, run all the way across till you hit the block. Drop down (Down and A) then Dash, then Uppercut.
- Run to the end and drop down. Wait for the block to push you back, then run. If you try going under it straight away, another one will come down before you make it to the end.
- Again, when you hit the block drop down, Dash and Uppercut. Run to the end and drop down again.
- Run all the way to the block. Drop down, then *jump*. Then Dash, then Uppercut. You must do it in this order, or you wont make it all the way under the block.
- Run to the finish.

Challenge 13: Defeat these ultra-powerful enemies. One hit and you're dead.
Bronze: N/A
Silver: N/A
Gold: Finish

Tips - Switch dimensions straight away, as the first enemy to spawn is in the other dimension. They will spawn to the left, so run left as soon as you can and start attacking them.
- If enemies in different dimensions are close to each other, you can actually Dash through some, switch dimensions and Dash through the others before they have time to hit you. You can keep doing this back and forth till all the ones in at least one dimension are dead.
- With the Alux (Little guys with maces) hit one as soon as they spawn, then suplex it. As the others spawn, use intenso so that you don't have to worry about their shields.
- As soon as the little guys are dead, run to the right of the arena and switch to the yellowy dimension. Attack the big guy with power attacks as soon as he spawns. Still being in intenso helps a lot here.
- The last few enemies shouldn't be a problem. Just remember to use dash to get away from enemies or knock enemies to somewhere where you can hit them safely.

Challenge 14: Use the Goat Run and Goat Fly to get to the end of the course.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 1:30.00
Gold: 1:00.00

Tips - Run to the left as soon as you start and jump up on the wall. Use Goat Fly. Use your shield as you reach the spikes and land on the pole. Goat Run up it and move across to the next pole. Slide down to the bottom of it and jump onto the back side of the first pole. Double jump across to the last pole, then quickly double jump onto the back of the second pole. Goat Fly all the way to the right.
- Jump onto the wall above the green stuff. Goat Run up the wall. Goat Fly to the left, using your shield to go through the spikes.
Goat run up the wall and Goat fly across to the right, again using your shield for the spikes.
- Now slide down the wall a little bit so you don't hit your head, then jump across to the left. Use your shield for the spikes then jump again to reach the wall.
- Double jump up to the wall on the right, then Goat Run up it.
- Run to the left and Shield roll through the spikes. Goat Run up it.
- Slide down a bit again, then jump and use your shield.
- Goat Run to the top and jump to the wall on the right. If you need to, slide down the wall a bit so you have room to Goat Fly to the left.
- Goat Run, Goat Fly, Goat Run, Goat fly, then double jump to the right and again to the left (this is quicker than using more Goat Runs/Flys)
- Goat run up and move across the line.

Challenge 15: Use punches, special moves and throws to get the chicken to the exit. Dimension swap will help you control its path.
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 4:00.00
Gold: 2:00.00

Tips - Switch dimensions as soon as you start. This will remove a wall blocking you and make the chicken drop. Throw it to the right with Y. You can aim the chicken with the left thumbstick.
- Throw the chicken over the spiky wall, then change dimensions to remove the wall.
- Now here's where Dimension Swapping comes into it. The chicken only moves in one dimension. In the other dimension, it will freeze in place (even in the air) and turn white.
- Throw the chicken straight up. When it reaches its max height, switch dimensions. Now climb the platforms until you reach the frozen chicken.
- In a quick motion, jump, switch dimensions and press Y. This will grab the chicken out of the air. Throw it either higher up, or over the wall if you can. Head to where it lands.
- Throw it out to the right. When it is over the first platform, switch dimensions and jump onto the platform. Jump, Switch dimensions and Y and Throw it across to the right again.
- Throw it up again and jump up to the higher platform. Switch dimensions and grab it, then throw it up and to the left, trying to land it on a platform.
- Keep dimension swapping to throw the chicken, freeze it, climb up to it and repeat.
- To reach the very top platform, you will need to double jump and uppercut.
- Throw the chicken across to the left, jump across to it and throw it into the red saw blades to finish the level.

Challenge 16: Stay ahead of the deadly saws and climb to safety.
Bronze: N/A
Silver: N/A
Gold: Finish

Tips - Run to the wall and Goat Run up it. Jump to the left and Shield roll through the red spikes.
- Climb up until you can Goat Fly between the red spikes.
- Climb up again and run across to the third square platform. Jump onto the side of it, then jump to the left, switch worlds and land on the side of the middle square. Repeat back and forth to the top right (or middle depending on how high you are jumping), then double jump and Uppercut to reach the platform.
- Time your jumps up between the moving platforms.
- Turn into a chicken and make your way up the maze using Pollo Bomb on the purple blocks.
- **I found that if you blew up the purple blocks, failed and restarted, the next time you reached them, they would not be there, meaning you can make your way through this part quicker.
- Jump down, switch back to human form and attack the enemy. Using Intenso and then attacking with an Uppercut, followed by Olmec's Headbutt, followed by Dash is enough to kill this enemy. Then Goat Run up the wall and Goat Fly to the left to cross the finish.

Challenge 17: Final Challenge. Fight through a maze of arenas. Find the exit as quickly as possible!
Bronze: Finish
Silver: 3:30.00
Gold: 2:30.00

Tips - Directions to go: Up, Up, Left, Up, Right, Right, Right, Up, Right.
Room 1 - Attack the enemy on the left as he spawns, then Suplex him to stun the others. Finish them off.
Room 2 - Uppercut, Headbutt, then XXX combo works pretty well. If you keep hitting X, you will do an XXX combo, drop a little bit, then start another, meaning you can hover in the air and keep hitting the enemy.
Room 3 - Try to jump up and dash the enemy that spawns to the left. Use Dash and Suplex to kill these enemies.
- To get up to the next room, you will need to double jump and Uppercut.
Room 4 - Run to the right as soon as you can. Use Uppercut, Headbutt, Dash. Keep using power attacks till the enemy is dead.
Room 5 - Use Intenso so you don't have to worry about the shields. Cancel it as soon as the enemies are dead so you can use it again in the next room.
Room 6 - Focus on the Armadillo's first. Use XXY to keep them stunned. Once they are dead, use Intenso again if you have it to quickly finish off the big enemy.
Cancel your Intenso again and hopefully you'll still be able to use it in the next room.
Room 7 - Use Intenso so you don't have to worry about the shields (Yellow enemies with shields are the worst!) and kill them with power attacks/ Suplex.
Room 8 - Use power attacks as much as possible on these enemies. It stuns them.
Once they are dead, run to the right and across the finish.
**Apparently you can use Intenso for this entire challenge to make it much easier. Killing enemies will recharge your Intenso each room meaning you can continue to use it. Credit to Full Sillouette for the find.

Hopefully this guide helps. Please leave constructive feedback, as well as any other tips and tricks you know of that I have missed. I will make sure to credit anyone who does.

Good luck!
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