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That was hardmode?

Defeat the game on Hard mode

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  • PhantomSirenPhantomSiren1,828,147
    07 Jul 2014 07 Jul 2014 07 Jul 2014
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    If you are going to be playing on Hard for your second playthrough I strongly recommend using the "Alebrije" costume. The reason is because you do massive damage to enemies killing them much quicker especially bosses. Health regen costumes don't help you in the long run. All they do are prolong fights and leave more room for you to error/screw up. The quicker enemies die the quicker you move on.

    You should be very good at rolling to avoid hits and know tactics of each enemy. I maybe picked up 3 full heart and stamina chests just going through the story. I never went out of my way to pick up heart or stamina chests. You can easily just buy them also from the altar with all the coins you will be earning. The upgrades I purchased were the Health Regen, Shield Breaker, and Gain Intenso Quicker for Intenso mode along with Stamina Regen Max and Stamina Delay Max.

    All in all, I am average at the game and was able to beat it in 4 hours and 21 minutes on Hard. There are maybe 4 enemy rooms you might struggle with but for the most part it is smooth sailing if you use the Alebrije costume.
  • New ParalyzerNew Paralyzer919,255
    04 Jul 2014 05 Jul 2014 26 Aug 2014
    23 4 9
    I personally didn't want to endure El Inferno on Hard Mode so I did a Normal Playthrough on 100% then went on to do a Hard Run as quick as I could.

    If you do not want to do Normal First you can use FailedSeppuku's Solution

    Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Y, Y, View (which would be the Back Button on 360) Seems the patch now made it Left, Right, Left, Right, X, Y, X, X then View.

    I saw somewhere (I forget which site) to use the Pollo Suit as it provides Health Regeneration... I'm not so sure it really helped but I used it anyways.

    I just ran through and grabbed all the easiest to grab Collectibles on my way to the end. I recorded my run through if you guys would like to see what to expect.

    Mostly a few areas have added Buzz Saws. The game doesn't get too difficult. Use INTENSO often and upgrade it as soon as you can.

    Good or Bad ending will pop the achievement. I didn't grab any Orbs and just ran straight to the ending. A Good ending is all collectible 6 orbs collected and then the final 7th from the Final Boss collected.

    A playlist of every video can be found here
  • Mike the OwlMike the Owl393,579
    25 Aug 2015 29 Aug 2015
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    I searched all over for the best character to beat the final boss after an hour trying and getting nowhere fast. I couldn't find anything so thought this tip will be useful as you can easily beat him if you use the right costume.

    I used Alebrije but kept dying constantly because of the huge health lost each time you get hit on hard. I then tried Jaguar and found that I kept my health but the Intenso was horrendous.

    Ok so to beat him easily use the Pollo suit. I think he hit me 20-30 times and I still beat him easily with this. Each time you do a combo it quickly fills intenso. When you turn on intenso it quickly fills your health. So you can run in and do a quick combo if your low on health, turn on intenso for a bit to recharge your health and it doesn't matter if you get hit a bunch of times. Hope this helps!
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