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The Devil wears Revenge! in Guacamelee! Super Turbo Championship Edition

The Devil wears Revenge!73 (30)

Defeat Calaca with full health in Diablo's Suit

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Achievement Guide for The Devil wears Revenge!

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When I began my battle with Calaca the first time around, I found myself discouraged by his two hit kills. It wasn't until later that I discovered that his move-set is extremely methodical, and with that, easy to beat.

This guide is intended to be extremely thorough, do not let it's length dissuade you from attempting this achievement on your own! The fight is easier than you think!

If anything listed in the guide confuses you and needs clarification, please leave a comment and I will do my best to adapt my solution to the better needs of everyone. Feedback is always appreciated.


~ Important Notes: ~

- Once you beat the final boss, continuing your game will put you back in room right before the fight, allowing you to freely travel back to other portions of the game.
- Guacamelee's secret achievement requires you to collect all seven Orbs, one of which is awarded when you beat the final boss. If you do not have all six orbs prior to this fight, you will have to beat Calaca again to unlock your secret achievement.
- You can replay the boss as many times as you'd like, this achievement is not missable.
- You can finish the first phase with any amount of health, but you must finish the second phase with full a health bar for the achievement to unlock.


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~ Pre-Fight Preparation ~

Once you have bravely battled your way through the Great Temple, you will be greeted by an upgrade station and an Olmec head (fast travel location) at the summit. This is the last save location before you go up against the final boss.

Head to the upgrade station, go to your costumes and select/purchase the Diablo Suit for $40 in silver (Juan or Tostada it does not matter). The Diablo suit cuts your health in half, gives you one extra square of stamina, and lets you regenerate health with every attack that you land on your foes.

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It is also wise to spend your hard earned Pesos on a few ability upgrades prior to going into battle. I strongly recommend the following upgrades (starting with the most important):

- Intenso Health Regen | If you come close to defeating Calaca, but are not at full health, Intenso will regenerate a large portion when activated and continue to heal you over time.
- Intenso Shield Breaker | Throughout the fight (both phases), Calaca will have different colored shields to protect himself. The shield breaker ability allows you to break any colored shield while in Intenso with a normal punch.
- Intenso Charge Boost | This allows your Intenso to charge more rapidly, and primarily helps during the second phase of your fight against Calaca, where you will be inflicting a large number of hits and combos. Combining this upgrade with the previous two allows you to use Intenso more frequently.
- Stamina Regen Boost | This boost will allow your drained stamina to recharge more quickly. Between your attacks you will be dodging Calaca, giving you ample time for the recharge to begin and this upgrade will help fill your stamina faster.
- Health Chunks and/or Stamina Chunks | These are not necessary by any means as you should have earned enough health and stamina to take on Calaca successfully by now; but if you already have two chunks, purchasing one more will give you a slight bump. You can see how many chunks you have towards an upgrade by pressing the 'View' button (formerly select/back).

Once you have donned your Diablo Suit and purchased your abilities, you are finally ready to tackle Calaca. Head through the opening to your right and proceed through the Great Altar until you reach the top and begin phase one of your final boss fight.


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~ Phase 1 ~

Simply concern yourself with getting through this part of the battle, do not worry about having full health (only the second part matters). During the battle, Calaca will continuously vanish and reappear (sometimes in the other dimension) for an attack protected by a shield. Your goal is to dodge the attack and then counter him with the color of his shield before he vanishes. This can be particularly difficult at first until you get the timing down.

There are two attacks in this phases, only one of which can be avoided by rolling:
- Calaca appears on the floor and will sweep in one direction. You can dodge roll to avoid this attack.
- Calaca appears from above and will slam straight down, creating an unavoidable shock-wave cloud to the left and right.

Once Calaca has vanished, he will reappear in around one and a half seconds for the next attack. If timed properly, running in one direction and double jumping will avoid both types of attacks and give you time to counter. Be weary of times when he will swap dimensions, forcing you to press RT to follow him in order to land your blows. It takes 14 successful hits to finish this portion of the fight, and don't forget that Intenso can be used to bring back a substantial amount of health and allow you to break shields in one hit.

Bullet Based Strategy and Tips
- Run in one direction and double jump to avoid both types of attacks.
- Switch dimensions appropriately and land a special attack related to the color of the shield.
- Use Intenso regenerate health if needed or to help deal damage.
- Do not take risks. If Calaca has nearly vanished, trying to land an attack too late will set him up to devastate you. If you can master the double jump, it is much better to play it safe and just wait for the next opportunity.
- There are no check points for this fight, dying at any point during this first phase will bring him back to full health.
- Feel free to consult the video below for reference.


External image

~ Phase 2 ~

Once you have completed the first section of the battle, you will be greeted with a cutscene before the second phase begins. Dying on this scene will not put you back at phase one and you may die as many times as needed to learn and defeat Calaca for the second time. The boss will be permanently rooted on the right side of the screen with a shield around him and will use four attacks to try and defeat you. The biggest difficulty to this fight is knowing when to stop your assault and prepare to dodge an attack. Keep in mind that taking damage is okay, so long as you health is at max when you deal the final blow.

Calaca has a bolstered move-set for this second phase, but many are easily avoided:
- Calaca will growl and raise his arms before slamming the ground that cannot be avoided by a roll. The attack will cover the entire floor and immediately in front of him for a second.
- Calaca will make a sigh before lowering his hands and creating two beams of light that cannot be avoided by rolling. There are two variations of this move, one that has two beams that cover the left and right sides, and the other that creates an X.
- Calaca will tilt his head back, gather blue particles around his mouth before launching three sets of six fireballs at you. These can be dodged with a roll.
- Calaca will move back, growl as if in pain, and cross his arms before unleashing a beam across the entire screen, except the floor. This attack seems to come up the least and can be seen at 2:18 in the video found below.

Each of his four attacks both look and sound distinct, giving you enough time to adjust accordingly to avoid damage.
- For the ground slam, simply move to the middle of the arena and double jump (you can use your Rooster Uppercut Up+B to gain more airtime).
- For the two vertical beams of light, simply move to the middle of the screen and do nothing (both variations can be avoided this way).
- For the three sets of fireballs, either dodge roll towards Calaca at the right time or run to the left and double jump over them. You must time both well to dodge him.
- For the large horizontal beam, move left towards the center and stay crouched for the duration of the attack.
Once you have dodged his attack, break his shield with the proper move and begin using special moves to inflict damage (regular punches seems insufficient). On average, I could land two special moves before retreating and always have ample time to dodge the next attack. Sometimes you will be given an opportunity to land more, but do not take the risk if you are not prepared. The best combo of special moves I used was the uppercut, followed by a headbutt, then the DerpDerp punch, follow by a frog slam (Up+B, B, Forward+B, Down+B). This dealt the most damage in the shortest time, but only when I was confident that window of time was open long enough to land all four before setting up to dodge.

Bullet Based Strategy and Tips
- Patience. Do not take risks, especially when you are close to the end.
- The meteors that rain down do not harm you and are practically useless.
- Useless meteors can be used to stop Calaca's shield from reappearing during his two beam attack, but generally aren't helpful otherwise.
- Spend a few minutes at the beginning just learning how to anticipate and dodge each of Calaca's attacks. Doing this without the pressure of trying to beat him helps you prepare for the real deal.
- Landing only two special attacks may be slower, but is less risky.
- Intenso can be your saving grace, but dodging attacks should take precedence over landing one more attack before your Intenso depletes.
- If you are close to death, you can toggle Intenso on and off to regain some health, but not burn your whole meter.
- Intenso can also be used to destroy those pesky shields and inflict considerable damage quickly.
- While Intenso is great, always be watching for the next attack and back off when needed.
- Again, there are no checkpoints for this fight, dying will put you at the beginning of the second phase.
- Consult the video below for visual/oral clues for each attack and further prepare you.


~ Video Reference ~

Attached is a walkthrough of both phases using the tips described above on hard mode.
Phase 1 begins at 0:00
Phase 2 begins at 0:51
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