World Champ achievement in Wordament Snap Attack (iOS)

World Champ

Achieved "Sore Fingers" and "Addict" and placed in the top 250 of the “Top Player” leaderboards

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How to unlock the World Champ achievement

  • GroudonGoGroudonGo476,515
    11 Feb 2015 26 Dec 2014 20 Mar 2015
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    This achievement will be a doozy. Not particularly difficult, just VERY time consuming. I'll divide this guide into steps based on the three parts of the achievement:

    Step 1: Sore Fingers- Play 100 games
    You'll get this part of the achievement done first. This requirement is also another achievement. If you want to get this achievement quickly, you can go to settings>general>auto-lock>never on your apple device (this ensures that it doesn't shut off from disuse) and find one word per round for 100 rounds. You must find at least one word per round, or that round will not count as a round toward the Sore Fingers Achievement.

    Step 2: Addict- Score 2,500,000 career points
    This will be by far the longest step. Since this step is pretty self-explanatory, here are some tips for getting this step behind you faster.

    -Always focus on the highest word multiplier tile. Whether it is x2 or x3, focus on this tile. Build all of your words around that tile. If you can, get another multiplier tile in there as well. The more multipliers, the more points

    -Many words can be made by adding one letter to one of the base words. Adding an "S" to the end of a word is the most common example of this, but another example would be having the base word of "AID" and adding an "L" to the beginning to make the word "LAID."

    -Sometimes you will come across a tile that has two letters on it. If possible utilize this tile as it will normally have a high point value.

    -If possible, use all of the above steps in combination. This will lead to maximum points and minimum time stuck on this step of the achievement :).

    Step 3
    : Place in the top 250 of the player leaderboards.
    This step must be done last, as WPB FeaR has clarified. You can view the leaderboards at the leaderboards tab on the main menu of the game. Be sure you are on the "top players" tab and not the "best of" tab that the game defaults you to. There are 5 ways of attaining this third of the achievement. Place in the top 250 of one of these leaderboards:

    -Total Score (All Time)
    -Total Score (Today)
    -Total Score (This Week)
    -Total Score (This Month)
    -Total Score (This Year)

    Obviously the easiest leaderboard to shoot for top 250 on is Total Score (Today). Depending on the day you will need to have around 60,000 points in a day as of the end of Dec. 2014. This may change as more players get the game and/or players get better at the game. Once this last step is completed, the achievement is yours...

    Maybe. The achievement is glitchy, and may or may not unlock at the exact time the achievement requirements are met. In order to get the achievement to pop, try the following methods:

    -Play a few more rounds.
    -Restart the app (double click the home button and swipe up on the app) then re-open the app.
    -Restart your device (Hold down the power button until you get the prompt to shut down.)

    Well, this is the end of my guide. If you need anything else, message me and maybe I can help. Happy Hunting! compute

    **EDIT** The reason more people have this achievement than the Addict achievement is there was a glitch early when the game was released that unlocked the achievement without needing to score 2,500,000 points. This glitch has been patched now, so you'll have to do it the legit way :(

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    FreshAspekHow do more people have this than "Addict"?
    Posted by FreshAspek on 29 Jan 15 at 21:54
    GroudonGoWhen the game first came out, there was a glitch where you did not need to have addict to get this achievement, but the glitch has been patched now.
    Posted by GroudonGo on 31 Jan 15 at 14:47
    UncouthTruthI had all prerequisites complete and I was #174 on the top player leaderboard for 'score for today' and it didn't pop. Exited for 15 or 20 minutes, went back in to play and it popped as soon as the game loaded.
    Posted by UncouthTruth on 07 Jul 15 at 17:34
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  • WPB FeaRWPB FeaR9,590
    07 Jul 2014
    5 3 4
    This one is a little wrong per say on here. The actual achievement requires you to first achieve the 'Sore Fingers' and 'Addict' achievements first. Then it requires you to also get a score in the top 250 of any leaderboard. Which for now seems very easy because of the few people that play it so far.
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    CheneyHeadshotIt seems like a glitchy POS anyway as I got Addict & Sore Fingers. Placed in the top 250 of a leaderboard and nothing. Bah!
    Posted by CheneyHeadshot on 01 Sep 14 at 07:57
    xRaw CarnageYeah it's definitely buggy! I did all requirements and no achievement but I read if to keep playing and this will pop
    Posted by xRaw Carnage on 21 Sep 14 at 13:29
    Impdaddyzer0The author is, indeed, correct. The devs say the same thing in one of their blogs on their site. I also have an explanation as to how it's possible for people to have World Champ without having Addicted (Sore Fingers will come long before getting anywhere near 2.5 million points). I got Addicted and then World Champ playing the android version earlier today, exactly as described in the solutions for both versions. Later today, I went to play it on the iPad, and World Champ unlocked as soon as I logged in, but not Addicted. I closed and reopened the game to see if it would refresh like in the android version, but it never did. I had to go and play a full round afterwards, at which point Addicted popped. The only reason I noticed that Addicted didn't pop was because I was watching, expecting it to pop before World Champ, and it never did. When WC popped first, I thought I missed the onscreen notification for Addicted, so I went and checked, and lo and behold, it hadn't popped yet. If I hadn't noticed and checked, and then played that extra game, it would've never popped, and people would be wondering how I got World Champ and not Addicted. And there are numerous scenarios where people, for whatever reason, didn't notice that Addicted didn't pop when they though it did, and didn't go back to play anymore because they thought the game was completed.

    One other thing...When I passed 2.5 million earlier today, Addicted didn't pop until I exited and restarted the game. After Addicted popped, I had to score an additional 10k points, at which point World Champ popped at the end of the round in which I surpassed the additional 10k point requirement, without having to restart. Strange for sure, but the devs confirm this in the previously mentioned blog, as well...
    Posted by Impdaddyzer0 on 11 Jan 15 at 02:46
  • seloh77seloh7748,951
    24 Aug 2016 24 Aug 2016
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    Addition to GunshipStrikers solution:
    This achievement is buggy because there isn't a continuous check for the requirements to get it. I don't know if the app checks every couple of rounds or minutes or something else.
    I had the requirements but the achievement didn't pop, I checked a couple of hours later, even played a couple of rounds again but it still didn't pop.
    A forced restart worked, right after the app opened the achievement popped.
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