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Dragon's Teeth

Street Fighter achievement in Battlefield 4

Street Fighter

Complete all Dragon's Teeth Assignments

Street Fighter+0.4
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How to unlock the Street Fighter achievement

  • Mikhail KrauserMikhail Krauser1,718,887
    12 Jul 2016 08 Jul 2016 10 Jul 2016
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    Battlefield 4 Achievement Boosting

    Hey everybody! So if you're looking at this you're probably just looking for tips on specific challenges/the online achievements, or you're starting fresh. (And if you're starting pretty much fresh if not from scratch you're gonna love me here.) That being said me and a team just finished boosting the online to this game and it took us under a week to do so minus time spent on maps. I had to make comprehensive notes throughout so I figured i'd do a bit more work and make a guide on how to boost the online.

    That being said, im not offering any tips on how to play better online, or how to unlock things legitimately. This is going to be a explanation on how to effectively BOOST this game.

    Please do not downvote if you're going to complain "Just do it legitimately" or if you are having difficulties. Feel free to ask me if you have any questions. This is a website with guides on how to get the achievements. This is an effective way to do so, and if you don't wish to boost then by all means, but there are some of us that want to complete the game in little time or have no real interest in the title and wish to move on to our next projects. That being said, I appreciate any support anyone has for this.


    - We Rented a Server for this. If you have a group dedicated to doing 5-8 hours a night, you can easily accomplish everything this way. Go to Multiplayer > My Rented Servers > Rent a Server (7 Days) and it'll cost you roughly $6.99 (Price was Canadian Amount)

    - Before you start, you WILL want to play legitimately a bit. Don't forget before you spawn you can hit X to trigger your boosts for extra XP that you get awarded for being Premium or getting battlepacks. You want to be at least Level 10 when you start as everything with the DLC Assignments are at least Level 10. You WILL need to be Level 20 by the time you get around to some of the later ones. But that's where some of the boosts you have while it's your turn to kill will come in handy, as well as running objectives, staying in points, etc. By the time we were essentially done boosting all of this with almost no leveling (Starting at Level 13 from Legitimate Play) I was level 24, and all that was left was the 10 wins on each map for the Final Assault DLC and the 10 hours which I had quite a bit of time in.
    - A slight tip to those who need to level who might not be all that good at the game or dont want to do it boosting with people levels to 10 or 20. Play TDM as a Recon and get the MAV. Just hide in the map somewhere, use the MAV and go high up and start spamming RB to tag all the enemies. You'll get crazy assist points for helping your teammates. If you get a Double XP weekend plus your boosts? Even better. Shoulden't take you long at all to get to 10.

    - Check the Pre-Requisites of every challenge to ensure no wasted time.

    - Any special weapons on the map (IE the Rorsch and EOD Bot etc) show up on the map as briefcases with a star on them.

    - I am more than happy if you choose to Copy & Paste this into a notepad and use it as a boosting tool. If you wish to share to other sites feel free but please put a "Thanks to Mikhail Krauser for the Guide" somewhere in the post.

    - Each Assignment I have included notes for. Be VERY AWARE of the VANGUARD Assignment in Dragon's Teeth as it has 20 Suppresion Assists as a Reward Requirement. We had issues with this and we figured it out so READ CAREFULLY.

    - You can go to: and log in to check your Assignments between games. It updates after a match finishes (you cannot just simply quit matches, or if you guys get disconnected all progress in that round is lost.)

    - We did this with 4 people. I will often reference how 4 people will boost it, but of course you can adapt with more. YOU REQUIRE AT LEAST 4 PEOPLE TO START A MATCH. If someone drops out you can continue to the end with 3 people, but will be stuck waiting after. Nothing counts in the "Waiting" portion of the beginning of a match.

    - And keep in mind, you can switch teams by being dead, going to Team Management (Y) and clicking in your thumbstick. This allows for quicker kills for kill boosting, as well as only 4 people being necessary for the Bomb Ribbons later.

    - The one downfall of my guide is that I don't remember certain unlocks for certain weapons and gadgets that you might need. That being said i'll try and look through and figure out how to unlock it all, but if I don't, keep in mind that you CAN kill someone and take their pack if they have it unlocked and equipped and get them that way.

    - Also, I recommend everyone find a place to meet up on the map like a specific point (IE [C]) and have both teams plant radio beacons inside of buildings there (eliminates the parachuting and spawns you on ground) so you guys can meet immediately again after death.

    Battlefield 4New SuperpowerThe New Superpower achievement in Battlefield 4 worth 117 pointsComplete all China Rising Assignments

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    Battlefield 4Street FighterThe Street Fighter achievement in Battlefield 4 worth 149 pointsComplete all Dragon's Teeth Assignments

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    Mikhail KrauserIm not really sure why im getting almost even positive and negative votes on these. Feedback please?
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 26 Jul 17 at 06:29
    I Ebon Hawk IIs it possible to boost BF4 with 2 players on a rented server? Unfortunately no one on TA boosts the game any more. In BF1 it is possible to start a match with only 2 players. I am unsure if this is the case with BF4.
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 22 Mar 18 at 11:42
    Mikhail KrauserNo, you need 4 to start the match, after that you can have one guy drop and only have 3 left, but once you're down to 2 players it resets and you lose all your progress.
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 22 Mar 18 at 19:09
    justintime44444Want to boost message me i need some help :)
    Posted by justintime44444 on 22 May 18 at 22:53
    Im kind of HighI say screw the guys who downvoted because this guide is excellent, thanks for the hard work you put into it man.
    Posted by Im kind of High on 28 Aug 18 at 15:25
    Mikhail KrauserThanks man! :)

    Some of them are upvoted nicely, others downvoted to hell. A couple years over I skimmed through them and I didn't explain certain things (how to get specific weapons/items for example in detail) and because I didn't just focus on the one list and covered all 3 DLC's I think it got poor reception.

    Eitherway, its helping people out, and im glad.
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 28 Aug 18 at 17:34
    Im kind of HighYeah I know it helped me out a lot! And the thing is, who cares if you missed a detail or two seriously. I think people are soo quick to downvote and completely forget just how much work goes into making these guides that are 100% FREE, the person posting them isn’t getting paid a penny to do them, and they took their time out of their day to help out the community. Which isn’t required of the person to do even the slightest bit. So that’s why I will very rarely downvote a solution. Unless the person clearly didn’t put a ounce of effort into making it and the method doesn’t work at all. Otherwise you have my absolute appreciation.
    Posted by Im kind of High on 28 Aug 18 at 17:39
    Mikhail KrauserAppreciate it, now that ive been staff a long time on TA, ive seen many ups and downs and turnarounds and whatnot so I try to keep more aware.

    I wasen't at the time of writing this but I basically was boosting it and just organising the notes, did a bit of updating and threw it up. I've been burned in fighting games for example. LOTS of downvotes usually just because it isn't easy or with marvel vs capcom infinite for example, had a Beat Arcade with all Characters achievement. So I put up how many fights there were, the fastest way to do it, that multiple characters counted, and how to beat the last boss and a fully detailed sheet to copy into Notepad of each characters name.

    2 positive 11 negative.

    Eh, even if its negative, im sure itll help someone. I know I often forget to "+1" a guide if I just look at it quick. I like having a high solution ratio, but in all honesty, I try not to worry about it if I feel the information im providing is genuinely helpful.

    But people like you make me glad :) So thank you so much and glad it worked out for you!
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 28 Aug 18 at 23:09
    I Ebon Hawk IHey Mikhail. I didn't see this mentioned, but a minimum of 4 players is needed to start a match where the assignments are tracked. You can change the server settings to allow a match to start with 2 players, but I tried that and none of the kills counted for assignments. I ran over my second account a bunch of times with the snowmobile, for example, and none of those kills counted. For the kills and assignments to track, you need to have the server settings set to Ranked or Official. Both those modes require 4 players to start a match. I rented a server hoping I could boost assignments by myself with a dummy account, but that doesn't seem to be possible.
    Posted by I Ebon Hawk I on 03 Apr at 07:15
    Smoki300Anyone who wants to boost the assignment achievements on xbox one?
    Posted by Smoki300 on 05 Oct at 13:59
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