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How to unlock the Battle Mastery achievement

  • SashamorningSashamorning2,122,553
    18 Jul 2014 17 Jul 2014 11 Aug 2014
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    EDIT: According to several players (including Brandon oh no and Tuscani Terror), this MUST be completed using player matches and not ranked matches. In addition, if your opponent quits, this apparently does not make a difference. I boosted all of my wins against an alt that did not quit, so I'm relying on their experience. Thanks!

    In order to play multiplayer, you have to go through the tutorial "campaign" which consists of 5 parts and a final exam (a practice duel).

    After you finish that, you must then play the four duels in Innistrad. Finally, you'll be able to play the multiplayer portion of the game.

    There is no local play, so you'll have to find someone online. However, it is boostable.

    The good parts:
    1) It can be done in a player match, and you can invite your friend so you can boost. (Your friend therefore does not have to have finished the tutorial.)
    2) When you finish a duel, you'll go right back to the lobby so you can re-up without having to find each other again.

    The bad parts:
    1) You CANNOT quit-to-win. If one person concedes, the AI takes over, and you MUST STILL WIN. Yep, you have to play these out.
    2) Did I mention you had to play the games?

    The most efficient way to do this would be to build direct damage decks. Red/green is probably the best option, but your mileage may vary. I threw every direct spell I could find in, plus some creatures with haste and ones that would pump up others just by being there (like haste and +1/+0 if another red creature is cast, etc.).

    I timed my games at around 4 minutes start-to-start. Boosting 100 wins/person would then be roughly 14 hours for both players (with some time built in).

    Have fun!

    Edit: If your boosting partner has direct damage spells as well, they can hurt themselves as well, speeding this up. Obviously this goes both ways. wink

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    SicklyPlagueI can also confirm that games you win against the AI after your opponent leaves, i just unlocked the achievement a few minutes ago and i would say 40-50% of the games i won was against AI.
    Posted by SicklyPlague on 03 Jul 15 at 00:56
    DominusTenebraeI can confirm that no, you cannot stay in the same room. But I have found something very interesting. I completed the 100 multiplayer games before completing the campaign. It appears that I was given a booster pack after the multiplayer games and I was able to unlock all the campaign cards without having to play all the campaign. This is amazing! If you have a boosting partner you can shave off hours of time doing all the card unlocks via multiplayer. This should be added to this solution since it is a major advantage to not complete the campaign and unlock everything in multiplayer instead!
    Posted by DominusTenebrae on 23 Jan 16 at 00:16
    el tebyYou do need to play and defeat the first boss (4 campaign missions) you cannot skip this by getting an invite.
    Posted by el teby on 02 Dec 17 at 21:45
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  • KriSpy CharMZKriSpy CharMZ681,791
    19 Jul 2014 19 Jul 2014 21 Jul 2014
    13 2 10
    If you are actually trying to do this without boosting here are is one of my favorite decks. It plays very well. This is also a fast playing deck and you can finish games if you get a decent hand by the seventh/eight turn. And I suggests getting every card if you haven't yet. My deck is a white deck only which consists of,

    4) Swift Justice
    2) Gods Willing
    2) Hero of Iroas
    1) Wall of Omens
    3) Ordeal of Heilod
    2) Lone Missionary
    1) Leonin Snarecaster ( Which really isn't required but it's really your choice)
    4) Nimbus Wings
    2) Raise the Alarm ( If you take out Leonin replace that card with this, your choice
    2) Mentor of the Meek
    3) Banisher Priest
    2) Attended Knight
    1) Safe Passage
    1) Rhox Faithmender
    1) Mausoleum Gaurd
    3) Phantom General
    3) Armored Ascension
    1) Angelic Accord
    1) Baneslayer Angel
    4) Triplicate Spirits
    2) Seraph of the Masses

    Play a few games with the deck. Trust me you should enjoy it once you know how to use it. I will be updating this solution every time I find another deck that works good and i'm currently working on a white/green deck.

    White/Green deck

    White part

    4) Raise the Alarm
    1) Brimaz, Ling of Oreskos
    2) Mentor of the Meek
    2) Banisher Priest
    3) Phantom General
    1) Baneslayer Angel
    3) Triplicate Spirits
    3) Seraph of the Masses

    Green part

    1) Jade Mage
    4) Elvish Visionary
    2) Elder of Laurels
    2) Scion of the Wild
    2) Beastmaster Ascension ( This deck Revolves around this card so well since theirs alot of tokens, These two cards need to stay in)
    3) Cultivates
    1) Selesnya Evangel (This card is a green and white card and you need one)

    I will always be updating this guide when I find a new deck that works well. Leave any suggestions in the comments and i'll try to make one for you.

    Just made a Mano blue deck. This deck is about drawing a lot of cards then with all those cards you should be able to get the creatures you are looking for. The deck recipe consists of

    2) Triton Shorestalker
    2) Fleeting Distraction
    3) Void Snare
    1) Artful Dodge ( Can be takin out but, I like to keep 1 since it has flashback.)
    2) Military Intelligence
    4) Ior Ruin Expedition ( Can't tell if that's supposed too be a I or a L. Please correct me if i'm wrong.)
    4) Voyage's End
    2) Think Twice (Premium Card, If you don't have this then switch this with other draw cards.)
    2) Negate
    2) Chasm Skulker
    3) Guard Gomazoa
    2) Niblis of the Breath
    2) Dissolve
    1) Jalira, Naster Polymorphist
    2) Bident of Thassa
    2) Archaeomancer
    4) Inspiration
    1) Time Warp (Everyone's favorite card in 2013)
    2) Mercurial Pretender
    1) Roil Elemental
    1) Thassa's Bounty
    3) Kraken of the Straits
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    KriSpy CharMZI left the game to pick the colors for me. Although, when I have a chance I will go on the 360 and check the amount of mana that is needed.
    Posted by KriSpy CharMZ on 07 Apr 15 at 18:36
    BobWingsThanks for posting this deck build! I used the white deck build with a few tweaks to play mp. The only problem I had was not being able to pul a land card to save my life. That can happen with any deck build, though. Thumbs up, great post!
    Posted by BobWings on 15 Aug 15 at 21:27
    KriSpy CharMZThank you and I hope you get your achievement soon.clap
    Posted by KriSpy CharMZ on 17 Aug 15 at 12:23
  • XtowersXtowers615,788
    19 Sep 2014 19 Sep 2014 19 Sep 2014
    4 2 0
    I hope you don't mind me listing the deck I used to get this achievement legitimately. I used only 4 premium cards, but I'll list alternatives that can easily replace them. Overall it took me 67 hours to complete the game legitimately (no boosting), and this was obviously the last achievement I needed. I tried many decks, but this one worked best for me. It has an answer for pretty much everything you will encounter online. I estimate a 75-80% win-rate. Please remember to play "Player" matches only; ranked will not count.

    This is my own version of the 'Natural Order' deck you can get from the tutorial. I'll list the cards and then how to play it below:

    Deck List:
    //Creature (24)
    2 Arbor Colossus
    2 Bloodghast
    1 Griselbrand
    4 Necromancer's Assistant
    3 Nemesis of Mortals
    2 Pelakka Wurm
    2 Reclamation Sage
    2 Rune-Scarred Demon
    4 Satyr Wayfinder
    1 Shadowborn Demon
    1 Vengevine

    //Instant (3)
    3 Rescue from the Underworld

    //Sorcery (11)
    4 Cultivate
    4 Dead Reckoning (the only premiums! Replace with Elvish Visionary if you don't buy premiums)
    3 Spider Spawning

    //Land (22)
    9 Forest
    4 Golgari Guildgate
    9 Swamp

    How to play:
    In your starting hand you'll need at least 1 Satyr Wayfinder (preferred) or Necromancer's Assistant to get some goodies in your graveyard early. Ideally you'll have a Golgari Guildgate another 2 lands in your opening hand.

    Turn 1-2: Play your lands and hopefully on turn 2 you can play a Satyr Wayfinder
    Turn 3: Play Necromancer's Assistant, or if the board looks manageable, you can play a Cultivate. Don't be afraid to block with your creatures even if they might die. A large graveyard is a happy graveyard, especially if it send your opponent's creatures to the grave, too. Just keep in mind you might need one creature out for Rescue from the Underworld.
    Turn 4-5: You should be able to get a large creature out in one of several ways. Either you played a cultivate previously and can drop an Arbor Colossus/(reduced cost) Nemesis of Mortals/Shadowborn Demon or use Rescue from the Underworld to grab a fatty from your graveyard.
    Turn 6+: Just keep pounding your opponent with your big creatures. Likely at this point he or she will be forced in to a defensive strategy. If your opponent has decent removal you should be able to cast a Spider Spawning to overwhelm your opponent with tokens. To keep your deck from running out of steam (rarely happens) you can use Rune-Scarred Demon to find a specific card you need (I usually go for Rescue from the Underworld) or use Griselbrand to draw more cards (if you have enough life).

    Notes on specific cards:
    Rescue from the Underworld is an instant, and the creatures will not come back from the graveyard until the start of your next turn. You can save this to play during your opponents turn. I like to do one of three things: a) Use it on a blocking creature to save yourself some damage. b) Use it to sacrifice a creature that would have otherwise been removed by your opponent's spell or c) just use it at the end of your opponent's turn to avoid any surprises.
    Monstrosity (Arbor Colossus and Nemesis of Mortals) can be used at any time (like an instant). I like to attack with my creatures first, see how my opponent is blocking, and then decide if I want them to go monstrous or not. If they're going to block it with a smaller creature, you might just want to save your mana for another spell. Alternatively, you can make a creature go monstrous at the end of your opponent's turn, before your start your own turn.
    I will usually use Rune-Scarred Demon to get a Rescue from the Underworld, unless another card is needed. Rescue from the Underworld is such an excellent card to have in your hand as a safety net. Plus you can use it to sacrifice the Rune-Scarred Demon you just played and search out another card you might need.
    Have you got Shadowborn Demon out with fewer than 6 creatures in your graveyard? A fun creature to sacrifice is Bloodghast! Likely he'll come right back that turn anyways when you play a land. ^_^

    If you have any other questions regarding the deck, please let me know in the comments below. Good luck! toast
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