Ingenuity achievement in Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers (Xbox 360)


Win a duel without an opponent losing life

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How to unlock the Ingenuity achievement

  • REJECt444REJECt444833,821
    18 Jul 2014 17 Jul 2014 20 Jul 2014
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    Super easy way to get this achievement! This takes almost no effort at all!!! build two decks and play them against each other in a practice duel.

    Deck #1: make a mono blue deck with hedron crabs, tome scours, and honestly it does not even matter what else is in the deck. Just make sure you have the crabs and plenty of islands and whatever else you want just to fill the deck.

    Deck #2: make a deck with 30 islands and 30 cards OTHER than blue cards. The object is to sabotage this deck by making every spell 100% uncastable.

    After both decks are created just to go single player - practice. Equip the blue deck for yourself and set the AI deck to the sabotaged deck. The AI will play land and discard cards it can not cast and that is IT. Just keep keep casting cards and not attacking with anything. Before too long you will get your hedron crabs out and they will start to deplete your opponents library fast. As soon as your opponents library is empty and they try to draw a card its game over and the achievement is yours!

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    griffey95Great idea.
    Posted by griffey95 on 20 Jul 14 at 18:06
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  • TermeBoxerTermeBoxer448,576
    17 Jul 2014 18 Jul 2014
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    Hey Guys!
    You will want to create a blue only deck. However, only include cards with lower power and defenders. The idea is that you will fight against an opponent with the same deck by dueling Cruel Reflection in Shandalar. Try to get Hedron Crab in your starting hand. Make sure you do not attack your opponent. Just build up a defense to buy you time for Hedron Crab to do its work. Doing will allow you get Hedron Crab out without much interruption. Keep playing lands when Hedron Crab is on the field and 3 cards will be discarded per Hedron Crab you have on the field. Continue to do this to earn the 'Pincer Movement' achievement. Keep doing this to reduce your opponent's library to 0. When your opponent draws with no cards in the library you will also net the ' Ingenuity' achievement.

    Deck Listing:
    Quicken x 1
    Hedron Crab x 1
    Kraken Hatchling x 3
    Void Snare x 2
    Military Intelligence x 2
    Marititme Guard x 2
    Doorkeeper x 2
    Ior Ruin Expedition x 3
    Voyage's End x 2
    Negate x 3
    Guard Gomazoa x 1
    Dissolve x 3
    Hysterical Blindness x 1
    Archaeomancer x 3
    Inspiration x 3
    Thassa's Bounty x 3
    Darksteel Ingot x 1

    The rest are land cards (Islands)
    I included a video on my duel.
  • SiRFaPaLoT420SiRFaPaLoT420632,524
    21 Jul 2014 21 Jul 2014
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    I found a really, really easy way to do this achievement. I just want to add to what The Trumpet88 is saying. Basically, make a neutered deck for the computer to use in a practice match. BUT if you leave some blue mana and let him use card draw spells, the computer will cast those spells, lowering its library count. ie if you let the computer use fleeting distraction and inspiration, all you need to do is press Y until you win.
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