Spellstorm achievement in Magic 2015 - Duels of the Planeswalkers (Xbox 360)


Cast five spells in a single turn

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How to unlock the Spellstorm achievement

  • REJECt444REJECt444841,640
    17 Jul 2014 17 Jul 2014 21 Jul 2014
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    Quite a simple achievement. All you have to do is cast 5 cards in a single turn. Any 5 cards will do except lands as you dont "cast" lands. If you have good board position and can hold off the enemy with your creatures you can simply save up cards in your hand until you have enough mana to cast at least 5. A good strategy is any game where you have almost won and only need one more attack to finish off your opponent, just stop attacking. if your opponent plays a creature, only attack with a creature bigger than his. the AI will block to keep himself alive leaving you another turn to hoard more cards. set the difficulty to easy to make this easier if you are having trouble.

    Very easy with a boosting partner. just keep dropping lands with nobody casting a card until you both have enough for the achievement.

    Blue is probably the easiest of the 5 colors to get this with because it has many 1 mana drops like kraken hatchling, cloudfin raptor, triton shorestalker, vapor snag, fleeting distraction, and more. multiple copies of the same card will count towards the 5 so you can bounce 4 enemy creatures if you have 4 copies of vapor snag and then cast a cloudfin raptor for the 5th. if you dont like playing blue red has a lot of single mana drops as well and green has a lot of cards to boost your land count making you able to cast more expensive cards but any color will work. just play with what color you prefer.

    Alternatively, build two decks. 1 with only cheap casting cards. The 2nd deck will be 30 plains and 30 black cards. Go to practice duel and set the cheap deck for yourself and the sabotaged deck for the AI. Your opponent can not cast anything the entire game. Just keep playing lands until you have enough mana to cast 5 at once.
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  • TermeBoxerTermeBoxer448,637
    19 Jul 2014 19 Jul 2014
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    Hey Guys!
    We will be making a completely defensive blue deck using only defenders and low power creatures. Go to Shandalar and duel the Cruel Reflection enemy. Just build up your defense, but try to hold on casting every card you can and just building up mana until you can cast five spells (these do not include land cards). I included a video of my duel.
    Deck Listing:
    Quicken x 1
    Hedron Crab x 1
    Kraken Hatchling x 3
    Void Snare x 2
    Military Intelligence x 2
    Marititme Guard x 2
    Doorkeeper x 2
    Ior Ruin Expedition x 3
    Voyage's End x 2
    Negate x 3
    Guard Gomazoa x 1
    Dissolve x 3
    Hysterical Blindness x 1
    Archaeomancer x 3
    Inspiration x 3
    Thassa's Bounty x 3
    Darksteel Ingot x 1

    The rest are land cards (Islands)
  • ShadowFoxN7ShadowFoxN7357,217
    21 Jul 2014 21 Jul 2014
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    I found a very simple solution for most of these achievements and I have confirmed it works for two so far. Simply create a deck that has lands of one color and spells of a completely different color. Then go to Single Player, Practice Duel and just choose Two Player. Give your opponent the useless deck you just made and start the match! They will just draw lands and not be able to play anything and you can complete whatever achievement you're going for, so easy!

    NOTE: You cannot create a deck of just lands, must be a mix of lands and spells and must be at least a 60 card deck per MTG rules.
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