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Not Again

Cast the same spell five times in a single duel

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How to unlock the Not Again achievement

  • SrfsmurfSrfsmurf389,950
    16 Jul 2014 16 Jul 2014 17 Jul 2014
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    You need to cast the same spell 5 times in the same game. This is a little tricky since you can only have 4 of the same spell in a deck.

    You will need a way to get the at least one of those cards up again from the graveyard (more if you're unlucky and doesn't draw all four from the deck).

    There may be several ways to do this in this game, but here is how I did it :

    I had a Charmbreaker Devils (4/4 Red creature with casting cost 1 Red and 5 colourless) in play. The card text is:

    At the beginning of your upkeep, return an instant or sorcery card at random from your graveyeard to your hand. Whenever you cast an instant or sorcery spell, Charmbreaker Devil gets +4/+0 until end of turn.

    As you can see, it will not take long until you can cast the same spell 5 times.

    Another option is to have the creature Species Gorger in play. With it you will return a creature you control to its owner's hand (preferably, that should be you of course). Then you can recast the same creature again.

    Species Gorger (6/6 Multicolour creature with casting cost 1 Blue, 1 Green and 3 colourless). The card text is:

    At the beginning of your upkeep, return a creature you control to its owner's hand.

    A third option is to activily use the black creature Gravedigger. It is specially useful if you have another Gravedigger (but can be used on another creature if you really want to) in your graveyard.

    Gravedigger (2/2 Black creature with casting cost 1 Black and 3 colourless). The card text is:

    When Gravedigger enters the battlefield, you may return target creature card from your graveyard to your hand.

    A forth option is to use Dinrova Horror, where you can return a permanent to its owner's hand when the creature enters the battlefield. However I don't recommend using it since you will have to discard a card afterwards. The cards main purpose is to use it on a opponent. But this is still an option if you get lucky by not discarding the same card, or another card that you really need. So be aware if you try.

    Dinrova Horror (4/4 Multicolour creature with casting cost 1 Black, 1 Blue and 4 colourless). The card text is:

    When Dinrova Horror enters the battlefield, return target permanent to its owner's hand, then that player discards a card.

    As mentioned in the comments you can also use spells to return creatures (or other permanents) to your hand. One of these is the blue Instant Voyage's End.

    Voyage's End (Blue Instant with casting cotst 1 Blue and 1 colourless). The card text is:

    Return target creature to its owners hand. Scry 1

    Another one is Void Snar:

    Void Snare (Blue Sorcery with casting cost 1 Blue). The card text is:

    Return target nonland permanent to its owner's hand.

    See comments for other tips. Thanks guys :)

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    Danny Dubs 86Another option is flashback. I was able to cast Spider Spawning 6 times while going for the Grateful Dead achievement, and it popped this one as well.
    Posted by Danny Dubs 86 on 17 Jul 14 at 10:28
    LAFTAI have the in-game title for this but not the achievement. Just noticed, didn't aim for it, hopefully it's not glitched, I guess it's time to try and get it and find out.
    Posted by LAFTA on 20 Jul 14 at 18:31
    liviaroI got this while going for another achievement where i spammed Think Twice, 4 in the deck and the flashback effect makes this achievement a piece of cake!
    Posted by liviaro on 06 Aug 14 at 10:16
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  • MattiasAndersonMattiasAnderson680,652
    17 Jul 2014 17 Jul 2014
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    My friend Srfsmurf has a solution up here but there is a very easy way but its only if you have a couple (preferable 4) of Squadron Hawk from the premium packs. (They cost real money which sux).

    Squadron Hawk reads: "Flying - When squadron Hawk enters the battlefield, you may search your library for up to three cards named squadron Hawk, reveal them, put them into your hand, then shuffle your library".

    Casting cost for this card is: W+1 (1 white mana + any mana).

    So your chances are pretty big that you get atleast one in your hand and then you play it when you can and search for the remaining ones.

    Now you play them all and you have then played this card 4 out of the 5 times needed to get this achivement.

    To make things easy you add blue bounce cards and put Squadron Hawk back to your hand.

    Add as many of these cards to your deck to make it easy to achieve!

    Vapor Snag: Return target creature to its owners hand. Its controller loses 1 life.(Unfortunately also a premium card, blue card that return a creature).

    Void Snare: Return target nonland permanent to its owners hand.

    Voyages End : Return target creature to its owners hand. Scry 1.
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    XtowersI'd also add the Elixir of Immortality. Cast 3 Hawks, get them in the graveyard. Pop Elixir. Cast your 4th hawk and grab the others from your deck again.
    Posted by Xtowers on 24 Jul 14 at 16:52
    MattiasAndersonSure, that could work as well! :)
    Posted by MattiasAnderson on 24 Jul 14 at 17:38
  • ShadowFoxN7ShadowFoxN7279,304
    18 Jul 2014 21 Jul 2014
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    I found a very simple solution for most of these achievements and I have confirmed it works for two so far. Simply create a deck that has lands of one color and spells of a completely different color. Then go to Single Player, Practice Duel and just choose Two Player. Give your opponent the useless deck you just made and start the match! They will just draw lands and not be able to play anything and you can complete whatever achievement you're going for, so easy!

    NOTE: You cannot create a deck of just lands, must be a mix of lands and spells and must be at least a 60 card deck per MTG rules.
  • TermeBoxerTermeBoxer444,150
    19 Jul 2014 19 Jul 2014
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    Hey Guys!
    First off, turn off Simplified Targeting the settings. We will be making a completely defensive blue deck using only defenders and low power creatures. Go to Shandalar and duel the Cruel Reflection enemy. Make your you include at least 3 of the same instant or sorcery spell (other spells work too, but for this guide we will just be using instants and sorcery spells). Ensure you have a few copies of Archaeomancer. When they enter the field they can retrieve a instant or sorcery spell from the graveyard. In my guide I cast Inspiration spell 5 times. You can also use cards like Void Snare on your own Archaeomancer to cast him again and use his ability again to retrieve the same instant or sorcery card. I included a video of my duel.

    Deck Listing:
    Quicken x 1
    Hedron Crab x 1
    Kraken Hatchling x 3
    Void Snare x 2
    Military Intelligence x 2
    Marititme Guard x 2
    Doorkeeper x 2
    Ior Ruin Expedition x 3
    Voyage's End x 2
    Negate x 3
    Guard Gomazoa x 1
    Dissolve x 3
    Hysterical Blindness x 1
    Archaeomancer x 3
    Inspiration x 3
    Thassa's Bounty x 3
    Darksteel Ingot x 1

    The rest are land cards (Islands)
  • Kaiser679Kaiser679139,320
    25 Jul 2014 26 Jul 2014
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    The best way I've found to do this is in a red deck filled with instant/sorcery spells (Shock, Bolt of Keranos, Volcanic Geiser, Act of Treason, etc.) and Charmbreaker Devils. What you put in the rest of the deck is up to you, but once you get one Charmbreaker Devils going you can just keep recycling the same spell back over and over and over again. I did this with act of treason and kept attacking his own creatures into him and making him kill them off to defend his life total. I did this 7 or 8 times until I hit a Fling, which I then used to get the achievement for sacrificing a creature you don't own.

    Of course, there are other ways to do this and I won't bother with a full deck list as the rest of it's up to you.
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