Rampant Growth achievement in Magic 2015

Rampant Growth

Have seven lands on the battlefield before the end of your fourth turn

Rampant Growth0
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How to unlock the Rampant Growth achievement

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    Okay, this one's going to be a bit tricky, since there aren't too many land-generating cards in the game, and you have to have 36 spells (so you can't cherry-pick the ones you want). It also may take a while since you'll need to unlock the cards.

    The main ones are in green and white. The trick is getting them into your hand first so you can get them out.

    Cultivate (2G) - Search your library for two land, put one on the battlefield and one in your hand
    Elvish Pioneer (G) - Put a basic land from your hand onto the battlefield tapped
    Satyr Wayfinder (1G) - Reveal the top four cards of library, put a land from them in your hand and the rest in your graveyard
    Traveler's Amulet (1) - Pay 1 and sacrifice: search for a land and put it in your hand. (Good for getting a color)
    Kor Cartographer (3W) - Search your library for a Plains and put it in play tapped (Great, but expensive. Nice as a 4th turn card.)

    I filled the rest with Scry cards, since I could look at the next card and tell if it would help, or mill it.

    After you're finished, go to Practice Duel and run through 4 turns. It took me quite a few tries, but the main problem is that there just aren't many good cards for grabbing land.

    Good luck! toast

    Edit: It may also help (a lot) by playing with someone who can bounce your creatures back into your hand. That way you can recast one of the creatures to move a land to the board, especially the Pioneer.
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    MemoriesOfFinalso essentially you really just want to stock up on Elvish Pioneer (Zendikar) and Cultivate (Theros) since Cultivate is the best turn 3 and turn 4 option and Elvish Pioneer is really the only other way to get land on the level. (not counting premium cards)
    Posted by MemoriesOfFinal on 17 Jul 14 at 09:06
    Posted by Sashamorning on 17 Jul 14 at 10:20
    Evilshadow23I would highly recommend just making the deck the relevant cards and land. Nothing else. That way you can tell as soon as you draw your hand if it's going to work or if you need to mulligan/restart duel. It'll save you from many games where irrelevant cards trick you into thinking the hand is good.
    Posted by Evilshadow23 on 18 Jul 14 at 12:42
    LAFTAElvish Pioneer turn 1, Kor Cartographer turn 3, Kor Cartographer turn 4.

    Thanks for this, I was trying to do it with a blue/green deck.
    Posted by LAFTA on 29 Jul 14 at 01:54
    ForbiddenJobuThank you for the solution, especially regarding Traveler's Amulet. I was only searching through green cards, and didn't think to check outside those.

    @Evilshadow - I tried what you suggested, but we have to have at least 30 creature/spell cards, because we can't use a deck with more land than spells.
    Posted by ForbiddenJobu on 11 Aug 14 at 05:46
    MaliiciousMight be worth including the Elvish Visionary card in there as well since it allows you to draw one. If you get them, save them for your 4th turn in case you need maybe one or two lands to cast still and no cards that can help you play land, they might draw one that can help.

    It's pretty lucky though, I just managed to get my achievement on my 4th turn by playing an Elvish Visionary to draw an Elvish Pioneer and play my last land.
    Posted by Maliicious on 28 Sep 14 at 23:14
    MilitantAntwonecloudshift from the battle boosters is another way to bounce one of your creatures and it will immediately come back onto the battlefield and activate its affect
    Posted by MilitantAntwone on 09 Dec 14 at 06:13
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