Dream Master achievement in Abyss Odyssey

Dream Master

Capture a level 40 enemy.

Dream Master0
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How to unlock the Dream Master achievement

  • sirbradenwalkersirbradenwalker625,034
    17 Jul 2014 17 Jul 2014 23 Sep 2018
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    MASSIVE UPDATE: Just discovered this can be unlocked by purchasing the soul from the 3rd entrance store of a player who has captured the Living Creature.

    Once purchased the achievement will unlock however the soul will not not be available for purchase in the store of the person who didn't capture it. It's semi-viral. So you're going to need someone who has captured the living creature to host a lobby for each person needing it *switches to appear offline*

    The store is going to appear somewhat glitchy for the person needing the achievement. The selections may appear blank with 0's next to them. For the person with the souls captured you will have to direct your partner to the correct purchase (ex: 3 choices from the bottom)

    The Living Creature costs 16k and while it may appear with a 0 next to it you will indeed need the gold on hand to purchase it.

    Figured this out while taking a victory lap with K4rnage, some (a very small amount) of credit belongs to him.


    2nd UPDATE: I've been told the Warlock is possible to capture and get the achievement. You have to be really quick to pick up the soul in time though....some (myself included) have had trouble pulling it off. I haven't verified this so I don't know all that much about it, but it appears to be possible. *Thanks to Kain Hellblade*



    Original Solution:

    This achievement is somewhat buggy.
    It's unlockable but does not unlock when it should.

    Currently there are 3 enemies who are level 40 or above in the game.

    Verbum Dei (level 40)
    The Living Creature (level 60)
    The Warlock (level 70)

    The most obvious enemy to attempt this on would be Verburn Dei but the achievement does not unlock after capturing him.

    You will need to attempt this on the Living Creature. However the Living Creature randomly appears at the start of a game and to capture him you're going to need full mana.

    So you're have to beat the game with full mana to even have a shot at capturing the Living Creature and getting the achievement. And if you don't have full health you'll be hard pressed to beat him.

    So how the heck do I expect to you beat the game with full health and mana?
    Purchase the Verbum Dei soul.
    He has 6k health and can destroy mini-bosses in just a few hits.
    His forward+basic attack can be spammed to stop just about everything.

    Every enemy you have previously captured will be available to purchase from a priest at the 3rd entrance.
    The Verbum Dei costs 14k.
    So you should be able to afford that pretty much every run through the game if you don't buy anything else. (and you won't need to with this guy)
    Short list:

    1. Capture Verbum Dei soul after you reach level 40
    2. Purchase Verum Dei soul from 3rd entrance priest.
    3. Beat game with full health and mana.
    4. Hope the Living Creature appears (after you reach level 60).
    5. Capture him.


    Other notes and info:

    You can only capture souls equal to or lesser than your level.

    Verbum Dei soul could/should be purchased on just about every run as you grind from level 40 to 60....not just while attempting the achievement. I've never died with him as my back-up....and it makes a run of the game take less than 30 minutes.

    As far as I know the Living Creature is random. There is nothing you can do...no path you take that will make him appear after beating the game. You're looking at about a 1 in 4 chance

    You cannot take a soul with you into the capture attempt of the the Living Creature (you lose all your equipment after beating the game...but retain your health and mana)

    You CAN use your soldier to pick up the Living Creature's soul and get the achievement.

    I know this is all pretty confusing and a mess of a guide so leave a comment if you have any questions or need any help :D

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    Plaguewielder87My sincere thanks for the soul. Saved me a ton of work.
    Posted by Plaguewielder87 on 19 Sep 14 at 02:27
    Zombie4EvilDeadFantastic! Thanks for the help.
    Posted by Zombie4EvilDead on 23 Apr 15 at 01:06
    Kon993can someone help me with the achievement?
    Posted by Kon993 on 26 May at 20:06
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  • Eddy KempEddy Kemp330,261
    25 Jul 2014 26 Jul 2014 26 Jul 2014
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    Credit to Phenix Nocturne for posting his strategy for this achievement in the comments of the previous solution. It seemed worthwhile to pull out that info and create a standalone solution.

    Step 1: reach level 60 with the Monk
    There is a bug(?) where you cannot unlock this achievement by capturing the only lvl 40 monster in the game. Instead, you must capture The Living Creature, which is lvl 60. Level 60 requires just under 99K total experience, so prepare to grind for XP.

    A few tips to help with leveling up:

    - Find a Lexicon ring, the earlier in a run, the better. This ring provides a 30% boost to experience gained and every bit helps.

    - Kill those shopkeepers! These guys are worth 300xp and can be found in a level more often than not. He can show up at white alters and inside hidden rooms.

    - Kill the Warlock! He's worth a whopping 2000xp.

    - Talk to guitar-playing skeleton. For 100g, you get a random amount of XP. I've gotten anywhere from 1 to 300xp.

    Step 2: assign the Mana attribute to all three upgrade slots of the Monk's fireball special move.
    This will enable you to completely fill your mana bar and execute the soul capture attack on The Living Creature.

    Step 3: die (or finish the game by defeating the Warlock).
    This will put you in the black and white area, where you will then choose to enter the third area (Sacramentinos Cathedral). The Living Creature has a chance to appear each time a new abyss is generated and you enter this area. If he appears, proceed to Step 4, otherwise, repeat Step 3.

    Step 4: capture The Living Creature
    This technique is quite simple, and very cheap. As soon as you enter the cathedral, quickly jump up the scaffolding at the start of the area. Once at the top, proceed right until you are in line with the first candelabra in the background. Now, facing to the left, start unleashing the Monk's fireball special attack. The fireballs should bounce down to The Living Creature, who will try dodging wildly. Adjust your position as necessary to make sure the fireballs are reaching the lower level and have a chance of hitting The Living Creature.

    Keep throwing fireballs until your mana is full. Now it's time to jump down, unleash the soul capture special move (X + Y) on The Living Creature, and then finish him off through attacks of your choosing.

    Pick up his soul and the achievement is yours!
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    du IkanaDid this with Pincoya in the second area, much easier to pull off than going through the abyss to get full mana. Great solution!
    Posted by du Ikana on 30 Jul 14 at 00:38
    Eddy KempExcellent, thanks. Glad it was helpful.
    Posted by Eddy Kemp on 30 Jul 14 at 04:25
    Rowdawg88Work great, thanks! It felt cheap shooting fireballs from above but after grinding to level 60 for 5-6 hours, I really didnt care how i finished this achievement.

    Just a side note, I don't think i was that great at the game so my advice to others is that I was generally getting 10-15,000xp per hour.
    Posted by Rowdawg88 on 31 Jan 16 at 05:57
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