Terrapin Elite achievement in TMNT Training Lair

Terrapin Elite

Destroy every object, hit no bombs, untouched by shuriken

Terrapin Elite+3.0
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How to unlock the Terrapin Elite achievement

  • DaOverUnderDaOverUnder1,725,599
    22 Jul 2014 22 Jul 2014 22 Jul 2014
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    Here's what you need to know.

    First of all, you DON'T need to eat the pizza's. This unlocked for me without eating them. You do however, have to hit the pizza boxes. Unless you care about your leaderboard position I suggest ignoring them. You will most likely get 15,000 just by not being hit and by hitting every object. It is imporant to note that in the 3rd, 4th and 5th level there are shurikens and/or bombs in the pizza stages. In the first two there is not.

    Second of all: I have listed many of the trouble spots in this game, but the big thing in this comes down to memorization. Shurikens, always come up at the same pre-determined spots. They vary VERY slightly in speed, and angle but for the most part come out just around the same way each time. Bombs also come out at a predetermined time. They always come out of the same spot, but the direction and speed of each one varies slightly. Pizzas and boxes come up in the same amount and numbers each time, but the angle and speed wildly changes from playthrough to playthrough (With the exception of the pizzas towards the end second level which always come in fours towards the screen). Pillars and wooden poles always come up in the same spot each time.

    Also, you will get extra points for hitting dual pillars, or dual wooden poles at the same time. This is not neccessary, I got the achievement and accidentally hit a pair seperately.

    Shurikens: You will hear a noise, and see a red blur, that lets you know these are coming. These will only hurt you if you get your body hit by them, your weapon can touch them. With the exception of early on in the second level (donatello) they always go diagonal. They mostly come from the top, but will occasionally come diagonally from the bottom. You'll need to duck out of the way. Be careful on the third level, on the first section with the two pillars, there will be a diagonal shuriken which will come down before you can even start taking them out. (comes from upper right) What I did was duck in the right corner and hit the pillar the second I saw them appear.

    Bombs: A green blur will warn you about these. They look like green vials. These are tricky, you can't have your weapon touch them, but your body can. So feel free to move your legs around out of the way. If it's coming straight towards your weapons, you are allowed to stand still and as long as you don't see the color radiating out of your weapon it won't set off the bomb. Being a kinect game, the game might move your weapon slightly even when you aren't actually moving. Because of that I suggest moving out of the way the second you see a green blur. After it starts coming I don't suggest moving though. Unless you're playing the third level (Nun-chucks) in that case I highly suggest moving out of the way even if it is coming straight at you. Standing still will not help you as they jiggle around without your input. Also, the game WILL put you in unwinnable situations. Sometimes a bomb will come up, with a box going the same speed. In this case you can try to maneuver your way over to it, but more likely than not you're screwed.

    The fourth level: I don't think any of the other levels really have anything tricky that I didn't explain in my bomb and shuriken paragraphs. However, when it comes to hitting every object, this one is a pain. There is three sections where boxes come down the left and right and you're supposed to hit them by throwing your Sai. The problem is, they start falling in horrible times. The first time is easy, at the start. The second time is during the exact time the first set of pillars come up. The final time is towards the end. After the second set of falling boxes you will have two wooden poles come out. After that two more wooden poles. The exact time the second set of wooden poles come out the boxes start falling. You can hit these by either throwing them or hitting them with your weapon. I personally choose to throw them as going from one end of the screen to the other can be tiresome or hard. It's your choice.
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    SubatomicCamd97ill test it
    Posted by SubatomicCamd97 On 23 Jul 14 at 12:29
    SubatomicCamd97i cant get the destroy all objects idk why but it might be cause i hit bombs and it blows up an object or i get hit by a shuriken and lose time but if someone can tell me how to do it ill try it again
    Posted by SubatomicCamd97 On 23 Jul 14 at 13:58
    DaOverUnderA friend of mine stiflerfotlife just did each requirement separately... No achievement. Has to be in one go.
    Posted by DaOverUnder On 23 Jul 14 at 18:10
    Jay Insomniakthis is a perfect solution, I have no idea why anyone would neg vote
    Posted by Jay Insomniak On 23 Jul 14 at 22:33
    TheTrollinNooBIt has so many negative votes because some people just like to be a dick to Best ln Philly.
    Posted by TheTrollinNooB On 24 Jul 14 at 23:11
    Big EllAlso because there's a random apostrophe in "pizzas". It's a fucking plural word. Nothing belongs to the fucking pizza! Negative vote just for that.
    Posted by Big Ell On 25 Jul 14 at 11:39
    Jay InsomniakI think the toppings may belong to a pizza :P
    Posted by Jay Insomniak On 25 Jul 14 at 16:49
    REJECt444flavor... flavor belongs to the pizza. upvote.
    Posted by REJECt444 On 10 Aug 14 at 21:02
    Funeral3773Thank you, got it 2nd try after reading. Hardest was the Donatello level, but after that smooth. Thumbs up.
    Posted by Funeral3773 On 16 Aug 14 at 02:27
    KinectKid333Just want to add that on the 5th level, around 15-20 seconds left, after a slue of boards comes at you from all directions, a board will pop up at the bottom that travels in a very similar path that a bomb is travelling in. However, the board will pop up a 1/2 second before the bomb, so get that board ASAP when you see it coming. This screwed me over at least 3 times, probably more though.

    What's even more frustrating is that FB support got killed before this game was even a year old. I mean, come on devs, if you're gonna put FB achievements in your game, support them for a reasonable amount of time, especially if 1/4 of the achievements are FB related.

    OT: Pizza is good with pepperoni and mushrooms.
    Posted by KinectKid333 On 19 Jul 15 at 07:47
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