A Worthy Legend achievement in Might and Magic: Duel of Champions - Forgotten Wars

A Worthy Legend

Reach the Champion class

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How to unlock the A Worthy Legend achievement

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    This can only be obtained in online ranked matches. Your multiplayer class is NOT tied into your character level in any way. There are 6 multiplayer classes you can obtain. You start out as a Recruit and then can move up into Squire, Knight, Commander, Lord Commander, and then finally Champion. The online scene in this game is totally dead so you will have to boost this. Since there is absolutely NOBODY playing this game anymore, this achievement, which at one time was INSANELY hard is now INSANELY easy though quite time consuming. You will need a total of 3 players/accounts for anybody to reach this, and 2 of the accounts will get this achievement leaving the 3rd high and dry.

    The way this games multiplayer works is only online ranked wins against somebody of your own class or higher count towards ranking yourself up. Wining against somebody a lower class than you does NOT progress you towards the next rank but loosing to anybody, above or below, will drop your progress. You start each rank at 0% and the more consecutive wins you have against same or higher ranked players will raise your % up to 100% in which you will gain a level to the next rank. You can NOT loose a rank once you have gained it, you can only loose progress towards the next one. Furthermore, recruits will ONLY be matched up with other recruits when matchmaking but any other class can be matched up with any other class. This is why you will need a 3rd account.

    The method you will have to use to boost this is as follows...

    Find a boosting partner and one of you have to have a dummy account, it does not matter who.

    1: Player 1 wins enough matches against player 2 consecutively to rank up to Squire.
    2: Player 2 wins enough matches against player 1's dummy account to rank up to Squire.
    (both players are now Squire and can be matched up together regardless of class)
    3: Player 1 wins enough matches against player 2 to rank up to Knight.
    4: Player 2 wins enough matches against player 1 to rank up to knight.
    Repeat steps 3 and 4 to rank up for Commander, Lord Commander, and finally Champion.

    A win against somebody of your own rank seems to give about 15% progress towards the next class so you are looking at roughly 7 consecutive wins each rank to progress to the next one. Both players will need 42 wins each at this pace meaning you are looking at a total of 84 matches played. This will take a while to achieve. The fastest way to boost matches is both players pass priority and play no cards for the first 4 turns of a game and the loosing player quits out during the 5th turn. The game does not count the win if the game ends before round 5.
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    Next step is to do it ;-)
    Posted by acedawg4 On 10 Mar 15 at 02:08
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