Sacred Savior achievement in Sacred 3

Sacred Savior

Complete all main missions on Deity difficulty

Sacred Savior0
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How to unlock the Sacred Savior achievement

  • Onyx GrimoireOnyx Grimoire217,456
    07 Oct 2016 08 Oct 2016 08 Oct 2016
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    This is the highest difficulty in the game. Enemies scale up with you (Can't bulldoze your way through them), hit hard and can take tons of damage before dying. Watch out for the grimmocs with spinning attacks, the shamans and the ones with the crossbows in particular. They are fierce with their attacks and almost always appear in groups. Small enemies should not be underestimated, either, as they can eat away your health if you're not careful, so be ready to dodge as many attacks as possible by rolling.

    Make sure you do the side missions for the item upgrades before playing on deity difficulty, cause you'll definitely need lots of potions and totems, with some smart bombs for good measure. If possible, save them for boss battles. (This is why playing solo isn't recommended)

    Certain bosses are easier than others. Like in my case, the Ice Elemental and Sundrax didn't pose too much of a challenge, nor did the 'battle' with Gloria (The ship). But others like Zane and the Tallicus beast were rather difficult due to their multiple phases. If enemies appear during the battle, at least one person should kill them before they become troublesome, if there's 3/4 players in the lobby. If not, juggle the duties while whaling on the boss.

    I highly recommend you play with at least one other person so they can revive you in a pinch, but more is always better. (More chances for survival in the tough boss battles, plus sometimes randoms can drag you to victory clap) The missions can be done in any order, and as long as they are 'colored in' (They start off with a grey color), you should unlock the achievement. I joined some missions halfway or late a few times, and it appears to count that, but try joining during the beginning to be safe.

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    CELLDWELLERIt can be done solo and very easy too!
    If you equip the block skill and take the 200% reflect dmg upgrade,
    All you have to do is keep blocking and ALL enemies including bosses will kill themselves by beating your shield bubble.
    Posted by CELLDWELLER#9013 on 07 Jun 19 at 11:21
    Big EllAny more info on this? We’ve tried this and die quickly using the block on deity.
    Posted by Big Ell on 23 May 20 at 14:22
    BahaumautTips for Blocking:
    Hold "B" to enable blocking; tapping it isn't the way. There's also a short delay before blocking actually starts, so you need to hold "B" a short bit before an attack for it to work.

    Upgrade the Block skills as much as you can. Up to Spikewall at least, although the 'stun' upgrades are additional sweeteners.

    Upgrade your Armor equipment. Not sure if it is character-specific, but some skills should give boosts to defense. The armor's level (determined by beating specific levels/bosses) also help.

    Upgrade and equip the Vampire shard spirit. The higher the level, the better. Reflected damage counts as damage, regardless of how much is reflected. That means Vampire will heal some of the chip damage you still take from blocking. In some cases, you might even heal more than you take, restoring health up to your max.

    The synergy between block lowering the damage you take, Spikewall causing damage to enemies, and Vampire healing on every instance of damage reflected makes for a lot of staying power and decent damage. It's not as good as using a skill or a chain of attacks, but you'll last longer.

    Finally, certain enemy attacks still cause reflection and trigger Spikewall (and Vampire healing), despite looking like an AOE or hazard. Things like the fires that are left behind by some enemies will do damage each moment you are on them, and that can be blocked. Blocking will reverse that damage to the enemy, and is one of the ways to actually quickly heal up.

    Even more fun: Bosses like Sundrax and even Demigod Zane have kill-zone attacks that inflict a lot of damage over a short period of time if not in the safe zone (for Zane, if you leave the 3 clones alone, rather than risking an instant-death by picking the wrong clone). You can block that, and you can watch as their health chips down quickly over the span of their attack.

    Hopefully that helps folks still playing this game. Remember - Upgrade Armor, Upgrade Block, use Vampire, hold B to block, and there's a delay before block begins.
    Posted by Bahaumaut on 28 Mar at 04:12
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  • d3str0y3r619d3str0y3r619675,071
    23 Feb 2021 23 Feb 2021 23 Feb 2021
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    I could not get the blocking/reflect from a comment to work for me, so I ended up going for a character with as much critical damage as possible.

    In addition to Onyx Grimoire's solution, here is a character setup that I used to solo Deity mode without much difficulty.

    Character: Vajra (lvl 50)
    Combat Arts: Light - Piercing Shot (skills in Fleshdrill and Bloodletting)
    Combat Arts: Heavy - Flash Freeze (skills in Cool as Ice and Ice Age)
    Dodge: Maxed Out
    Block, Execution, Revive - Didn't use
    Armor: Maxed Out
    Weapon: Heaven's Reach (skills in Heartseeker and Inhuman Aim)
    Weapon Spirits: Battlemage (as high of a level as you can get)

    Items: I didn't use too many potions besides the health potions when I get down and energy totems to charge the objective. I would recommend getting max Health Potions (6), max Healing Totem (5), Energy Totem (2).

    Essentially with this character, you can pick off the enemies from afar and can defeat enemies with ease. If the enemies start rushing, you can backtrack a bit and the enemies should stop chasing you allowing you to pick them off safely. None of the bosses gave too much trouble since the critical damage should defeat them decently quickly.

    Also, there are points in the campaign where you can destroy the objective before the mission updates. If that is the case, you will have to die and restart that section. That destroyed objective won't count for the mission and you'll be stuck at that section.
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