Who You Gonna Call? achievement in Sacred 3

Who You Gonna Call?

Break the shields of all ghostly orbs and destroy them in a single phase

Who You Gonna Call?-4.8
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How to unlock the Who You Gonna Call? achievement

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    This is possible to do solo and I will share how I did it. I would still recommend doing this with other people.

    My setup:

    Character - Claire level 50 with level 5 weapon and armor
    Combat Art Light - Judgment with [Inquisition] and [Vengeful Trial]
    Combat Art Heavy - Divine Aura with [Whirl of Punishment] and [Exalted Soul]
    Defensive Move - Dodge (for mobility)

    Weapon and Spirit choice isn't important.

    I highly recommend doing this on Deity difficulty as I did, I could NOT get this to work on lower difficulties as I kept killing the boss by accident. Playing on Deity also allows you to retry by dying if you fail the requirements. For those curious, this took me roughly 15 attempts once I worked out a strategy.


    This is done on the level Zhurag on the boss The Unspeakable Evil.

    **Make sure you have full energy before engaging the boss**

    The strategy is to apply [Judgment] to all the orbs and have any damage trigger it (this removes the shield and deals damage). [Divine Aura] is used because it has a huge radius and was able to trigger [Judgment] and kill the orbs in one hit.

    Position yourself and the boss in the middle of the room, and bring his health down to roughly 70% so that he spawns the orbs.

    Immediately after spawning the orbs, activate [Divine Aura] and apply [Judgment] to all visible orbs in all directions (you should be able to reach most of them from the middle).

    Once you think you have applied [Judgment] to everything, roll around the room to kill the orbs.

    The achievement will unlock as soon as the boss returns after the orb phase, if you didn't get it you need to die and try again.

    I have tried to make this as clear as possible, good luck!
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    Aura of HeroismGood solution and tips +1, but I do have a small thing to add.
    Since it isn't a new strategy I wont post it as a solution, but if you find yourself with a group of two or three (as I just had) and all of you are Seraphim, just hit em twice with Judgment. If everyone is lvl 50, it seems two hits destroy the orbs. If you are having problems with this and aren't lvl 50, just wait until you get there. It made a HUGE difference in my attempts.
    Posted by Aura of Heroism on 03 Jan 16 at 01:37
    Lazy with StyleI gave up after 5 tries. The orbs are usually too far away and the time is not enough to get them all. One must be lucky that they spawn very close to each other. I'll try it in a group. The described skill set is perfect for this occasion.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 10 Aug 16 at 18:43
    ZkerfDoing it by yourself does require luck, but I just wanted to share that it was possible, I don't actually recommend it. You should have no trouble at all with the help of one other person though.
    Posted by Zkerf on 11 Aug 16 at 11:52
    Lazy with StyleI just did it with 3 other guys. Everyone was playing with a lv. 50 Seraphim and and the mentioned skills. We did it on warrior difficulty though. We only used the counter attack (x button) to bring him down to 70% slowly. It deals considerably less damage than the normal attack which kills the boss in 1-2 hits. We still needed some tries to make it pop ;). Even with 4 people it can be hard. Amazing that you got it alone ;).
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 21 Aug 16 at 16:30
    JDuke705Thanks for this. I was able to solo it this way. It was hard and took many attempts and honestly was just about to give up when I got it.
    Posted by JDuke705 on 08 Oct 16 at 23:49
    RedJonin1Awesome solution. I make it alone too. Your setings with lv 46. Just have a luck with near spawn orbs. 23 tries. Thumbs uplaugh
    Posted by RedJonin1 on 08 Nov 16 at 11:35
    KBop a dooAwesome thanks! Friend and I got this just a little bit ago using your recommended setup toast Was pleasantly surprised it only took 4-5 tries
    Posted by KBop a doo on 23 Dec 16 at 00:50
    LoveMuffin1410Works Great but luck is an important Part (zero room for error). Beeing patient helps :-). Took me around 10 tries to solo it.
    Posted by LoveMuffin1410 on 04 Jan 17 at 01:19
    SiRFaPaLoT420Method is good, but with 1 other competent person it's ten times easier.
    Posted by SiRFaPaLoT420 on 13 May 17 at 09:12
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