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Challenger: 25 Stars

Accumulate 25 Stars in the Challenges.

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How to unlock the Challenger: 25 Stars achievement

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    Challenger: 25 Stars

    1st Trial:
    Use your left and right analog stick to fire and destroy the enemies, to get 3 stars you need high accuracy, I started with the bottom left one and made my way around

    2nd Trial: You need to quickly destroy the 4 enemies, I started with the upper left corner one, then the one below that one, then the one to the left, then the one up

    3rd Trial: You need to pick the vehicles up with the A button then drop them off at the designated spots. Hold A to pick up both at the same time

    4th Trial: Take the helecoptor and place the stationary units in the sockets with the A button. I started from the top and did a clockwise circle placing them in.

    5th Trial: Pick all 4 infantry running in a row by holding A then manually tap A at each side of the grey building.

    6th Trial: Build units by pushing up on the D-pad and quickly picking up the units with the A button and placing them on each block.

    7th Trial: You must build units to capture the enemy building, what I did was build the fast running units and place them next to my building, then flew over to the enemy one and went into ground mode(RT), use the analog sticks to quickly destroy the enemy units garisoned in the building and the fast guys will run in and capture it.

    8th Trial: Defend your base! This one is easy, build alot of things it doesnt matter, pick them up and throw them on the ground around your base.

    9th Trial: Another Defend your base! Go into ground mode with your mech with RT and use your analog stick to Melee the enemies!

    10th Trial: You need to capture both structures, to get the second structure in under 28 seconds I grabbed the planted turret thats next to the Greyed out base after filling my Que with the speed runners plant it in the doorway of the back of the enemy base, went into ground mode and killed 3 of the guys in the base, back into air mode grabbed the guys that were built at my base, dropping them off on the ground on the way to the enemy base and killed the last guy capturing and finishing in 26 seconds.

    11th Trial: Capturing all the bases, fill the Que with speed guys, once captured, pick them up, drop them at the grey base above, then while quing up again with fast guys go into ground mode killing all enemies in the upper base, grab the new guys and throw them on the ground capturing the upper base. Go into ground mode again and kill the final enemies at the left base, then drop the fast guys off to capture the final base.

    12th Trial: Go into ground mode and kill the enemies, this is easy as you have a mech minigun....

    13th Trial: Finish the enemy's base, capturing the base in the middle I build tanks non stop pick up 2 at a time and dropping them off closer and closer until I was at his base dropping tanks on top of it until it was destroyed, kill that enemy Mech alot, he can be annoying. (dont forget when picking up your tanks and using left on the D-pad to drop them will tell them to attack the enemy base)

    14th Trial: Same Method as the 13th trial, went from bottom base to main base

    15th Trial: Same Method as the last 2

    Video is done by Deven Howell
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    LEGENDARY2GAMER great solution smile
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    Strategy One Thanks!
    Posted by Strategy One on 16 Jul 15 at 07:13
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