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Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor

Release 1400 African Bush Elephants.

01 Aug 2014 until 01 Sep 2014

Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor
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Challenge Guide for Mount Kenya Elephant Corridor

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    Update: If you have released at least one African Bush Elephant in the past you are awarded the challenge right away. Simply start the game and from the main menu go to the community section to see the challenge pop. [This game may actually be awarding the community challenge to everyone regardless, but I need someone else to confirm this as I have released an African Bush elephant in the past]

    This challenge is for releasing 1,400 African Bush Elephants as a community. At the time of posting this solution it appears the community has achieved this goal. What this means for you: you just have to release one African Bush Elephant. Level the African Bush elephant to 15, select it from the exhibit, and push the "Release to Wild" button.

    The challenge achievement may not pop right away after you release the animal; you may have to view the challenge from the main menu. Simple enough.

    Extra tips if you need them:
    You should be able to get this from any mode, but if you're starting from scratch and only going for this challenge you might as well start up a FreeForm Zoo so you don't have to worry about money.

    To level an animal all you have to do is keep it happy for an extended period of time. They level up automatically if all their needs are kept satisfied.

    When you adopt a new animal you can choose from 6 available animals. The ones on the right side of the adoption list are the highest level, and will take the least amount of time to level to 15.

    If you think anything else needs to be included in this solution, please let me know below in the comments. toast
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