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Reach level 70 with 6 different classes.

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18 November 2019 - 6 guides

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  • NirumanoNirumano294,517
    17 Aug 2014 18 Aug 2014 21 May 2015
    52 29 49
    WARNING: This solution is outdated, and since the game keeps getting updated and I don't play anymore, I wont update it.

    Put shortly; For the current fastest way to level solo imo, you should follow o0ArA0o's solution - and you should also look for matriarch's bones in cemetery of the forsaken in act 1. Eventhough you do not get the bounty done, the event itself gives a decent amount of xp considering how quickly you can do it with most classes.

    Note that any XP bonus from gear (including %xp bonuses from gems, sets and multiplayer) only applies to kills, the only thing that affects bounty and event xp is difficulty level and pool of reflections.

    One added note to make the searching faster, is that on the list of bounties in your marked act on the world map, The Miser's Will and A miner's gold will always be on top, so you only need to check that one.

    I do not recommend looking for miser's will only, while it can be faster, it is way too unreliable imo. However, if you have some friends that are also leveling up, you can get in a party and search separately and join whoever finds it, then it is definitely the quickest way.

    They have removed The Miser's Will, A miner's gold, The Matriarch's Bones and Jar of Souls from the PC version, so I assume they will remove them from xbox one too sooner or later. However, the method in the video should still work fine.

    I counted 100 resets, and got 3 miser's will, so I am fairly confident that the chance of getting miser's will bounty is about 5%. Seeing as I am unlucky, that is definitely not a good method for me, but your mileage may vary, but it is unreliable at best.

    Alternative methods:

    Note that this solution mostly applies to "softcore", and requires you to have unlocked adventure mode (done the campaign once!). For your hardcore character you should never go above normal difficulty before level 70 in my opinion, to avoid uncomfortable surprises! :p The bounties listed a little further down are still the most effective on hardcore aswell, but you have to go through the campaign there seperately to unlock hardcore adventure mode.

    Edit: Just noticed that you cannot change difficulty mid-game on hardcore anyway, so just keep it on normal there.

    One tip I have to help speed up the leveling somewhat, is that you can switch your difficulty anytime in-game (only 1 difficulty level up or down from what you started the game on, but on the torment levels it still helps alot).

    For example: If you start up a game on torment 5, you can switch it down to torment 4 in town, start on a bounty and then right before you finish the bounty (last mob low on hp/before clicking stuff to end it), you pause and put it up to torment 6 for a big boost in bonus xp and gold!

    METHOD 1 (Actually killing stuff and doing bounties):

    Just find the highest difficulty you can handle comfortably, and start the games one difficulty above that - then lower it to your level.

    The bounties that give by far the most xp/minute are:

    Act 1: Clear Khazra Den - Fields of Misery
    Act 3: Clear Cryder's Outpost - The Battlefields
    Act 3: Clear The Forward Barracks - The Battlefields
    Act 4: Clear The Hell Rift - Hell Rift
    Act 5: The Miser's Will - Westmarch Commons

    NB!! For Act 3 there are a few more "clear" bounties, like clear the barracks and clear the fortified bunker etc, but those are level 2 of enormous maps, and should be avoided! :p

    All bonus xp from gear (%xp, +xp per kill, red gem in helm, cain set bonus) only applies to kills, not bounty or event rewards.

    METHOD 2 (Faster, but might be more boring for some):

    The quickest method for me was to start game on torment 5 and go down to 4, go full defensive and movement gear/spec and go to the Cemetery of the Forsaken in act 1 (ignore the bounties here, as they require killing, but the event itself doesn't). There is ALWAYS one event inside one of the defiled crypts (jar of souls or matriarch's bones), and they don't require any killing.

    But to be fair I had already done it on the PC, so I recognize the layouts without going through the entire thing. I also checked for "The Miser's Will" bounty in westmarch commons in act 5 each time I reset, but it is extremely rare.

    The small circling I do outside in the graveyard is to get a speed bonus and also to look for pool of reflection.

    A few tips if you want to try out the cemetery farming:

    1. You will die, A LOT!
    2. If you are unfamiliar with the area/events, you should keep resetting games until they show up as bounties and take note of how the map layout is + get a feel for how the events work.
    3. If you see a cursed chest, just run back out, because then there are never any events inside.
    4. If you get the bounty to kill Digger O'Dell, you know that the event is in one of the crypts without the yellow marker (it is never in the same one as him).
    5. If you get the bounty to kill the Dataminer, you should follow the yellow marker, because the event is usually in the same crypt as him.
    6. For the jar of souls, just run in and click the jar, then set difficulty up to torment 6 and let them kill you a bit away from the center. Wait until there are about 8 seconds or less on the timer before ressing and running in to click again. If you have a pool of reflection you don't want to lose, you can try to teleport to town and the timer will still run (but won't show). Also, with wizard teleport, monk dashing strike and crusader steed charge you can go through the gates without opening them, and mobs cant get through.
    7. For the matriarch's bones I always switched to torment 6 right before clicking the body or dress or whatever it is that finishes it.

    As a last note I found it better to just switch the difficulty back down to torment 5 right before quitting the game (you don't have to teleport to town or anything), so I could just hit continue right away and start over.

    Just for reference, I leveled crusader from 1-70 in about 3-4 hours using this method, and I have no experience whatsover with playing crusader. I haven't tried it with wizard or barbarian, think they might struggle more than the other classes.
  • TrojanOdysseyTrojanOdyssey243,374
    28 Oct 2014 04 Sep 2014 04 Sep 2014
    12 0 1
    Quick and easy way for level 70 with 6 different classes.
    Have an already level 70 friend load up Adventure mode, Act 4,
    Hell Rift Level 1, Torment 6.

    All you need to do, is go through level 1, into level 2.
    You will then have three different options. Kill Hammermash. Kill Sledge.
    Or kill all enemies in level 2. Really quick and easy. Takes about 30-60 seconds.

    50% of the time, you will also get a cursed chest inside, to give you an even better boost. Currently sitting at 5/6 classes complete. Each class it takes about 1 hour and 6 minutes of actual play time.

    Also really great if you are going for the complete 500 Bounty achievement, as each class adds to the Achievement.
  • o0ArA0oo0ArA0o390,440
    10 Sep 2014 04 Sep 2014 22 Oct 2014
    16 5 9
    Update 22.10.14 : Seems like these two quests have been changed with the last patch for the Xbone like they have been patched earlier for the PC Version. They provide less xp / less gold and appear almost never.

    A fast and easy method of doing this:

    Step 1:
    Have one character kill Malthael that you have access to the Adventure Mode.

    Step 2:
    Start a Game in Adventure Mode on Torment 6, put on everything that increases your movement speed. Be it skills or equipment. Your level does not matter.
    +%xp does not affect the outcome of your bounty XP, thanks for pointing that out Nirumano!

    Step 3:
    Look for 2 Bounties
    - Act 2 - Howling Plateau - A Miners Gold
    - Act 5 - Westmarch Commons - The Misers Will (like already mentioned from SkilfulJordan)

    For all bounties, you don´t need to kill any enemies. Open a game and look if one of those 2 bounties is available.
    The Miner in Act 2 will always be in the same spot north of your starting position, speed up to him, start the quest and circle around the small plateau till the quest is done (or get lucky and find a save spot where no enemy can find you).
    For Act 5, this requires a little luck to find it quickly, but when you are there just open all 3 chests for your reward.

    This method is not save for Hardcore obviously because you will die ... almost every time ^^

    Edit 05.09.14: Added some infos, updates and corrections from Nirumano ;). Matriarchs Bones in Act1 has now a kill minimum of 50, so its only these two.
  • dudeskis01dudeskis0197,456
    07 Mar 2015 09 Mar 2015
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    this guide is for people who plan on spending a significant amount of time in the end game doing greater rifts and leveling paragon. overall it will be slower, but if you plan on doing lots of greater rifts and leveling to high paragon then the extra time you spend on this method will go towards that.

    so get your character you want to play all the way up and geared and doing greater rifts. get a gem of ease. level it to 25 so that you have level requirements set to 0. during this process you should have no problem finding a high damage 2 hand weapon with high primary stat, high vitality, high life per hit, and a socket. 3000+ dps, 800+ stats, and 18,000+ life per hit should all be easy to find. stick your gem of ease in it.

    load up torment 1 adventure mode on your level 1 and look for a cursed chest bounty. one or two of these bounties will get you to level 40. from there i did rifts. each rift got me 4 to 8 levels.

    you want the cursed chest because it spawns new mobs every round to match your level. if you just run around killing stuff you will notice you suddenly get like no exp. its because you out leveled those mobs.

    it appears you can also level a 2nd and 3rd gem of ease. to use in a chest and pants. i havent tried this as its already incredibly easy and fast with just a weapon.
  • SkilfulJordanSkilfulJordan304,960
    30 Aug 2014 31 Aug 2014 04 Sep 2014
    23 14 22
    I do not recommend looking for matriarch's bones in the cemetery as its the most boring way and you don't get a lot of xp for all the work and you will die more I tried it for 2 days and you don't level fast at all using my one I leveled 4 classes to 70 solo faster than you can the cemetery way

    For easy level 70 in hours just go to adventure mode Act 5 Misers Will on torment six all you have to do is find a door and open the right chest there are three in the room so just hit A on all them and you're done if you don't get the correct one mobs will spawn but it doesn't matter just quit and repeat you will have to spawn the mission by quitting and entering game till it shows up I used demon hunter with all the stat/paragon set up for speed sometimes you will spawn close and others you will have to find it. Every time you level up you get more Xp I was getting 12 million in 30 second you will get the hang of it eventually and you will die a lot don't try kill them!

  • GSC femontanhaGSC femontanha287,861
    24 Oct 2014 24 Oct 2014
    10 10 2
    Para usuários brasileiros, fiz um vídeo comentado com um boost para pegar level 1 ao 70, em aproximadamente 40 minutos!

    For english users, you can see the image of video to understand what I'doing.
    Can you get level 1 to 70 in 40~50 minutes.


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