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I Feel So Enchanting

Enchant all your equipment slots.

I Feel So Enchanting0
15 November 2019 - 3 guides

Achievement Guide for I Feel So Enchanting

  • samsaBEARsamsaBEAR323,190
    21 Aug 2014 21 Aug 2014 24 Aug 2014
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    Early on in Act V you'll meet Myriam. After a boss battle, she'll come back to town with you and with then offer her enchanting services. Enchanting allows you to take one (you can't do more than one per item) aspect of an item, such as +100 Strength, and re-roll it in the hopes of getting something better. From my testing, it looks like the item must be Rare (Yellow) or higher for it to be able to be enchanted.

    This achievement is acquired after re-rolling one property on each item that you have equipped.

    Simple enough, but you will need a lot of crafting resources and a lot of money, some pieces were ~13,000 Gold to enchant but my most expensive was ~25,000 Gold. It is possible that the rarer the item, the more expensive it is, with Legendaries costing the most but I can't confirm for sure if that's the case. If someone else can, leave a comment and I will update the guide!

    I believe the resources drop more frequently on higher difficulties, I'm playing through on Expert and they drop quite a lot, but I also had a large amount that I carried over from my 360 save, so it's hard to say how much I got just from this game. Gold drops in larger amounts on higher difficulties as well, so unless you brought in a lot from a previous save, you'll probably want to leave this achievement for when you're mostly done with the game to allow Gold to accumulate.


    Drizzle 084 confirmed that Legendaries do cost a lot more, so bare that in mind.
    Also, BaronVonBrannan has said that he had problems with enchanting rings that he imported from an Xbox 360 save, so also make sure you've equipped items that you've found since playing the Ultimate Evil Edition.

    shinyshirthero has confirmed that items brought over from the 360 version will not be able to be enchanted, so once again please make sure that you're using items that you've bought or found in the UEE.
  • teknomusikteknomusik439,240
    31 Dec 2014 01 Jan 2015
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    I'd say the easiest/cheapest way to do this is to start a fresh character (once you've finished the story with at least one character) and level up to about 23 (I believe 23 is the minimum level to be able to craft a yellow item at the blacksmith for every slot - possibly with the exception of rings and amulets). Get at least a yellow item in each slot (off hand slot not necessary if you use a two handed weapon), then add an enchantment to every item. Since you're working with low level items and yellow rarity, they enchanting costs will be a lot lower. As mentioned above, legendary items and set items cost more to enchant, so keep that in mind.
  • MytJAKEMytJAKE190,338
    07 Jul 2015 07 Jul 2015
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    Go to blacksmith and make the lowest level yellow item you can for each slot: main hand, hands, shoulders, chest, head, neck, wrists, off hand, ring 1, ring 2, feet, legs, and belt. Enchant each one and make sure to equip them. Achievement won't unlock unless items are all equipped. Also using a two handed weapon and not having a off hand equipped did not work. Make sure to use main and off hand items.
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