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Explode 30 enemies.

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Achievement Guide for Ka-Boom!

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    Load the chapter dark star and wait until the defending sequence in the tunnel.

    Use all your grenades and sticky grenades on the enemies that emerge. Space each throw out as one grenade can kill multiple enemies. When getting near the end of the sequence reload checkpoint and repeat.

    Also keep the achievement app snapped so you can keep track.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,233,498
    22 Apr 2015 22 Apr 2015
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    This achievement, along with 13 others, can be knocked out easily at the first encounter with human enemies in the Lost Tunnel mission. Simply keep reloading the checkpoint if you wish to get this plethora of achievements out of the way. I realize that a lot of them, the weapon kills ones specifically, will come easily when doing your Spartan mode playthrough, but I like to get easy stuff like this out of the way so that I can focus on collectibles and achievements that require a full playthrough or specific areas to obtain. The video below shows this checkpoint farming in action, unlocking most of these achievements. Although I accidentally popped Slice & Dice and Tank before filming them for the video, Tank will come without trying and Slice & Dice is no different than the others. Hope you enjoy!

  • FlashedBubbleFlashedBubble258,483
    26 Jan 2017 25 Jan 2017
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    If you want to equip your knife or different type of grenades, Hold cn_Y and with cn_dpad choose one of the suggestions.
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