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Kill 30 enemies with a flamethrower.

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Achievement Guide for Pyro

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    Load up dark star until you reach the tunnel defending sequence.

    Kill as many enemies as you can with the 200 flamethrower ammo you receive. When you run out reload your checkpoint and repeat until you reach 30.
  • Ace PhoenyxAce Phoenyx349,169
    08 Dec 2014 08 Dec 2014
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    On the level Dark Star you will reach a point where you have to defend the rail cart and you will automatically pick up a flamethrower.

    You will see Atryom pump the flame thrower a couple times, however once you get control over your character again, pump the flame thrower until the gauge is full and you should have enough power to use the flamethrower for the entire defense sequence.

    Once you hear your teammates say "last wire" make sure you reload the checkpoint as this is the end of the defending sequence.

    Do this 2-3 times and the achievement is yours.
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,232,442
    12 May 2015 18 May 2015
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    On the Dark Star mission, you'll pass out and have a vision of the Dark One. When you wake up, your middle weapon will have been swapped out for a flame thrower. This is as good a time as any to knock out your 30 flame thrower kills. Just get between 5 and 10 kills, then reload the checkpoint. When the enemies start slowing down/thinning out reload as you may finish the section before you realize it.

    I've created a full Enlightened playthrough video showing almost every Moral Point in the game as well as pointing out items of interest, such as this achievement.

    You can see the checkpoint I'm referring to in the Dark Star mission for the flame thrower kills on the railcar at the 1:48:04 mark in the video.

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