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Master of the Stairs

Complete the Stairway mode on the Sorcerer's Lair table! (Single player only)

Master of the Stairs+1.1
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Achievement Guide for Master of the Stairs

  • Chunkeh MunkehChunkeh Munkeh2,033,223
    14 Aug 2014 14 Aug 2014 08 Oct 2014
    29 1 9
    There are several steps to unlocking this achievement. To begin with, you need to hit the three yellow targets in the middle/top of the table. Each time you hit one, the purple circle will spin.

    Once you have hit all three targets the circle will raise up and show a ramp on the left with the letters S T A I R W A Y and a hole on the right of it. For this achievement you will want to be hitting the ball up the ramp on the left to spell out STAIRWAY.

    Now that you have spelt STAIRWAY, aim for the CITADEL ramp and then the next ramp that is highlighted for you (I cannot quite remember which ramp it was sorry).

    Finally, you will now need to hit the STAIRWAY ramp 3 times. You get around 10 seconds or so in between successful attempts. The best way I found was to catch the ball with the right flipper and aim for the ramp from there.

    If you can hit the ramp 3 times in the time limit you will have completed the Stairway mode and your achievement will follow.

    If your ball drains or you accidentally start a mission, your progress in spelling STAIRWAY will carry over to your next ball/next time you raise the circle, but if you fail to hit the ramp 3 times after activating Stairway mode, you will have to spell out STAIRWAY again.

    One side note, when I unlocked this achievement, the mode was started by Whisper giving a random reward for sinking the ball in the Whisper hole 4 times.

    Hope this helps

    EDIT: this seems to be an alternative way to get this to unlock, with credit to Capta1n0bvious3

    'Once I spelled Stairway. before I could proceed I needed to hit the Whisper hole. Note that this happened when the stairway was down, not up. Once I hit the Whisper hole, the stairway popped back up, I hit it in there 3 times and got the achievement.

    BTW I never need to hit the Citadel ramp. Also Whisper can be seen in her hole.'
  • Cr4zXCr4zX1,044,463
    25 Mar 2017 28 Mar 2017
    1 0 0
    -Hit the 3 yellow targets
    -Spell stairway. What you don't want is to hit the cellar, this will force you to hit the 3 targets again. So be careful with the left flipper, only use it very early or very late. Try to catch the ball with the right flipper to hit the stairs.
    -Hit the whisper hole.
    -Hit the stairway ramp 3 more times, very quickly. Good luck!
  • DDROverKillDDROverKill200,052
    22 Aug 2014 17 Aug 2014
    5 4 0
    This is taken from the in-game text:

    "Whenever the Staircase is accessible, shoot the Stairs Ramp to initiate the Tower Crawler Combo. That lights the Right Tower Ramp for the combo's next shot, which lights the left Tower Ramp for a consecutive shot. After crawling up the Left Tower, shoot the Stairs Ramp again to achieve the Tower Runner status and earn an obsidian as well. Now all three combo ramps are lit, and further shots grant a great deal of score."

    Chunkeh Munkeh gives great advice on capturing the ball on the right flipper to get a good shot on the stairs.
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