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Summer Showdown Felt

Be the points winner in the Summer Showdown.

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    This achievement actually unlocks after being the points leader in the 5 "Tournament of Winners" events. The events take place during weeks 6, 8, 10, 11, and 12. It unlocks after you finish the last event. (Thanks Canadabug)


    Skill Points: Skill points can be obtained by winning side games like your home game. I play in super tuber mode so most of these do not help me. The only one that does is lucky charm, which only works for hold-em games.

    If you have 1 skill point assigned and use your lucky charm you won’t be drawn out on if you are ahead in the hand at the time the charm is used. If you have 2 skill points assigned you will make your draw as long as you have at least 5 outs in the deck at the time the charm is used and if your charm is powered up with the full 3 skill points you will win the hand as long as you are not already drawing dead at the time the charm is used.

    Use your lucky charm early to midway through a tournament, where you feel that you will be called by multiple opponents so that you maximize your winnings.

    Memory Card Trick: This was the key trick that I figured out to make this game a lot easier. Honestly, normally I would not condone cheating to get our way through a game but because of the difficulty, ridiculous AI and the fact that this game freezes so much I considered it “calling it even”.

    Okay here it goes. You need a memory card and a hard drive for this trick. I am also assuming that your main save is on your hard drive. Start a tournament. Once you feel you are doing well, press start and quit the tournament. Once it asks you to save, save over top of your hard drive save. It will go to the menu. Select career again and then it will tell you that you need to save the game again. Here is the trick, save this save on your memory card and then continue. You can do this as often as you want, and you should do this whenever you make a decent amount. This way, if you get knocked out of the tournament, do not save the game at all and go to the very start menu. Select Load, and load up the save from your hard drive and continue the tournament from where you last saved there. Just make sure to save overtop of your memory card each time you enter a tournament.

    Freezing in the Loading Screen: If you encounter this problem, there is a way to work around it without losing your progress. Load your save, select player, go into options and make a change and apply it with the A button, save your game, go back to main menu and load your save and voila. Rinse and repeat if this does not work.

    Win NL Hold-em Tournaments: Play a decent hand, if you flop a nice hand then go all in and hope you do not get drawn out on. Players will call if they hit middle or bottom pairs, have draws or have a pocket pair. If you do get draw out on then reload the save. This works better earlier on in the tournaments.
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