Obsidian Obsession achievement in Pinball FX2

Obsidian Obsession

Collect all 13 obsidians on the Sorcerer's Lair table! (Single player only)

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How to unlock the Obsidian Obsession achievement

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    This achievement is a doozy. You must complete 13 objectives in one game. Once you complete Midnight mode, the obsidians are available to obtain again. You do not need to obtain 13 unique obsidians for this achievement, just 13 total.

    1) GATES TO THE VOID: Shoot the three drop targets in the middle of the playfield to reveal the cellar entrance. Drop down to activate a random game mode. In this mode, 4 blue glowing gates will appear on the table. You must first sink the ball in the "whisper" target to make your ball glow blue. Then shoot the 4 gates before time expires.

    2) BONES: Shoot the three drop targets in the middle of the playfield to reveal the cellar entrance. Drop down to activate a random game mode. The 3 bumpers on the left side of the table and the spinners are active to score points. Shoot the ball into the far right spinner which then travels to the bumpers. Hit the targets fast enough to escape the skeletons and win the game mode.

    3) ARACHNID ATTACK: Shoot the three drop targets in the middle of the playfield to reveal the cellar entrance. Drop down to activate a random game mode. 5 spiders hang from the ceiling. Keep hitting the spiders without draining the ball until the Escape is lit. Shoot the escape to win.

    4) BEHIND THE WALLS: Shoot the three drop targets in the middle of the playfield to reveal the cellar entrance. Drop down to activate a random game mode. This time there are multiple gears and levers. Use the flipper buttons to change direction of the gears and levers to make your way to the exit.

    5) CRAZY GHOSTS: In this mode, 6 ghosts appear at the entrances to the ramps and lanes. You must hit all 6 ghosts quickly to clear the mode. If you take too long, the ghosts begin to respawn.

    6: CREEPY CELLAR: Shoot the three drop targets in the middle of the playfield to reveal the cellar entrance. Drop down to activate a random game mode. Shoot the flashing lanes until the escape route lights up. Shoot the escape to complete the mode. This mode is very similar to Arachnid Attack.

    7: FREAKY FOREST: Shoot the far right or far left lanes 6 times to activate this mode. The tree will lean over and block the Citadel ramp. Shoot the ramp, thus hitting the tree, 3 times before time expires to complete this mode.

    8: TOWER CRAWLER COMBO: Shoot the three drop targets in the middle of the playfield to reveal the cellar entrance. Instead of dropping into the cellar, shoot the stairway to 8 times to spell "Stairway". The next shot into the Whisper hole will start the mode. You must complete 3 shots up the stairway before time runs out. This also unlocks an achievement.

    9: ELUSION MASTERY COMBO: Shoot the ball between the left bumper targets around to the upper right flipper. Make the shot with that upper flipper onto the Ghost ramp for an Elusion Mastery shot. Do this 5 times to obtain the obsidian.

    10: MULTIBALL: Shoot the center spinner and immediately use the upper right flipper to shoot the ball into the open Gargoyle gate to lock the ball. On the third lock, multiball begins. During the multiball, all 7 main shots are available to collect Jackpot. Shoot all 7 then make the Super Jackpot shot on the upper left hand playing area to score the obsidian.

    11: SORCERER MULTIBALL: Every 3rd shot to the Left Tower Ramp takes the ball to the sorcerer's pedestal, which locks the ball. The third lock starts multiball. There are three flashing targets, far left lane, far right lane, and the staircase. Once you hit all three, then shoot all 3 balls up the Left Tower ramp to complete this mode. You MUST maintain all 3 balls to complete successfully. This also unlocks an achievement.

    12: Whispers random drop. Thanks to SOLO NO1.

    13: Hit whisper in the first a stage of midnight madness. Thanks to SOLO NO1
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    L Davies7Anyone know if changing the tables options affects the achievements? You can set balls to 9 for example
    Posted by L Davies7 on 28 Aug 14 at 13:37
    Campo@L Davies7, changing table options in the operators menu disables achievements.
    Posted by Campo on 28 Aug 14 at 17:03
    DDROverKillNightStalker: Thank you for the comment! For "Tower Crawler Combo", I will give this some playtime tonight to confirm and edit the solution to reflect that. Thank you!

    For Whisper's random drop, Solo NO1 was correct here. I start my games by grinding Whisper's rewards, as I believe it to be one of the most risky shots on the table. I'll get 5 or 6 rewards before moving on. The one that I'm really looking for is to light the Extra Ball up top, but Whisper does give Obsidians that don't exclude obtaining any others on the board before midnight, so it must be unique to her.
    Posted by DDROverKill on 28 Aug 14 at 17:37
    BLYASTOk, you should nail it fairly easily, especially in comparison to some of the more difficult main modes. I used the tower crawler combo stone twice for my achievement run as you can pull it off quickly if you are accurate, and you will have multiple chances on your way to Midnight.. The stairway mode on the other hand which you described is extremely difficuly imo....That and Bones mode are stopped me from getting perfection.

    That's crazy about the whisper thing, I must be one unlucky player in regards to that stone drop, as I felt the same about the whisper entry and always knocked it out early for a 2nd extra ball to go with the X6 Super Combo extra ball.

    So that means there are potentially 14 total stones you can get.
    Posted by BLYAST on 28 Aug 14 at 19:39
    BLYASTAnother thing I noticed to add to the guide that would potentially bring the stone count to 15.

    Pinball FX2Tower ConquerorThe Tower Conqueror achievement in Pinball FX2 worth 110 pointsScore a jackpot in the Citadel multiball on the Sorcerer's Lair table! (Single player only)

    There is an Obsidian Stone for "Citadel Multiball" mode, the one awarded for unlocking the above achievement, Tower Conqueror, as well. It requires you to hit whisper a number of times with the two-ball multiball after successfully spelling out CITADEL on the right ramp.
    Posted by BLYAST on 28 Aug 14 at 19:48
    FullMoonBeaverNightstalker, thanks. Great help. Managed a long run last night and got 6 Obsidian. Reckon with some more practice I can do this.
    Posted by FullMoonBeaver on 05 Jan 15 at 12:49
    AgentZachMorganYour guide for Bones is slightly wrong. At no point does the middle ramp light up and you have to end the mission this way, you simply have to keep hitting the bumpers and passing through both spinners until you escape the skeletons on the dot matrix. If you don't consistently hit them the skeletons will slowly catch up. You will need a good solid 6 or 7 hits through the spinners.
    Posted by AgentZachMorgan on 11 Aug 15 at 08:59
    DDROverKillThank you Zach, I'll update the solution.
    Posted by DDROverKill on 12 Aug 15 at 18:08
    HiddenPrecisionAnyone know what exactly causes whispers random drop?
    Posted by HiddenPrecision on 13 Aug 15 at 08:30
    Shadykilla420Lol. It's random gamer it. Keep hitting the hole and it'll award you something different each time, including points, an obsidian stone, extra ball lit, etc.
    Posted by Shadykilla420 on 14 Feb 18 at 01:19
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