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Warriors Orochi 3 Ultimate

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Obtain all of the Mystic Weapons.

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  • EmporerDragonEmporerDragon309,520
    26 Jun 2016 09 Sep 2014 22 Jun 2016
    59 1 29
    This is it, one of the big grinds for this game.

    Among the weapons you can obtain are the 5-star or Mystic weapons. To get these however, isn't as simple as buying them in the shop. You need to complete an objective on specific maps using a specific character, namely the one the weapons is for. This means that there are 145 weapons in all, one for each character, making for a doozy of a grind.

    Also, besides completing the objectives, you must also be playing on hard or chaos difficulty, and the character involved must be the one completing the objectives. This means that if you want say, Guan Yu's weapon and the objective is kill 1,000 enemies in 5 minutes, Guan Yu's gotta do all the dirty work, you can't just bring in a level 100 nonuple-promoted Himiko to clear house. This of course means that you'll be needing to level up everybody (and their weapons) as needed.

    Finally, some weapons have multiple eligible stages. However, you only need to complete the objective on one of them to get the weapon, not all of them (A small mercy). When you complete the objective, you will get a notice that a treasure has appeared. If you check the battle log, it will show you exactly where the treasure spawned. Go there and you will find a stereotypical treasure chest. Smack that sucker open, then collect the weapon box. Finish the stage, then collect your weapon. A word of warning here though, the game will not count the weapon until you add it to your character's inventory, so don't accidentally throw it out on the rewards screen as you'd have to do the whole thing over again.

    Also, two hints to make things easier, especially for time:
    1) Get Red Hare for the sweet speed boost. To get him, play chapter 3's Battle of Fan Castle (Regular, not Redux) on Hard or Chaos with Joan of Arc, Kojiro Sasaki, Wang Yi, or Xu Huang in the party (just need one), and get 1,500 KOs. The entire party can contribute to this unlike with the weapons.
    2) If you are missing time requirements due to the fact that people just won't shut up and advance the level, use the pause button. The voice clip will finish up, but not run the clock down.

    And of course what you're waiting for, the big-ass list (Credit to the Koei wiki for the data):

    One big note here: This list is the requirements for the Chaos Difficulty. If you are doing it on hard the requirements are a little easier. The KOs required for hard are reduced by 25%. I am unsure if there is any time bonus given for Hard.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Samurai 1
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Samurai 2
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Samurai 3
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Other 1
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Other 2
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    If you notice any errors or omissions, please say so in the comments or via message and I will correct it as soon as I am able.
    15 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014 18 Nov 2014
    32 1 20
    EmporerDragon posted an excellent guide on how to get this achievement. However, there is a much faster and easier way to get this, although it requires a small monetary investment, as you will need to get the "Dungeon pack" DLC.

    Just to get this out of the way, if you enjoy playing this game the DLC is well worth the money. It adds ten new story themed stages to the gauntlet mode that are a lot of fun to play through and gives you a great opportunity to pick up this achievement in roughly 1/10th the time it would normally take, as well as offering you a chance to quickly pick up many characters for "The Ties that Bind" achievement and fight many enemy types to help along with the "Charitable Contributions" achievement.

    Now, if you do have the above mentioned DLC, the stage you want to play is the "Heavenly Emperor's Palace" Here ultimately your goal is to defeat Hundun, who, when he falls is guaranteed to drop a weapon box containing a mystic weapon. But the best part is, this weapon box will give the mystic weapon to every character in your party. So you can easily get four mystic weapons per run, assuming that you keep one strong character in the party to do the fighting and a single run will only take about two to three minutes.

    Now, on to how you actually want to approach the mission. As I've said before you ultimately need to defeat Hundun in order to open the escape point. The game wants you to run around the map destroying orbs in order to weaken Hundun. However, it's completely unnecessary, because if you have a good character, at a high level, with a good weapon and item setup, even at full power Hundun will not be a threat.

    Once you start, you can either take the left or the right path. I recommend taking the left, as it's a much shorter path. Here, you will quickly run into a closed gate guarded by Tadakatsu Honda who needs to be defeated in order to proceed, which should prove easy considering the fact that miasma will be very low at this point. Once the gate opens, proceed further and take the long stairs up, that you will eventually see to your right. Once you're up to the actual palace area, circle around it until you run into Hundun. Now all you have to do is beat him and exit through the escape point. Throughout the fight Hundun will heal himself many times and buff with double defense and damage every time he does so. He will also keep increasing miasma the more times you force him to heal. It may sound rough, but as I've said before, with a strong character he will not be able to do much to you and will eventually fall all the same.

    Once you’re out, you will receive your mystic weapons on the post-game screen and will be ready for another run. Like I've said before, a single run should not take you more than three minutes once you know what to do, so you'll have your achievement in no time. Another thing I should mention is that it really helps to disable the cinematics/events in the options, as there are a lot of scenes throughout the mission showing you a whole bunch of pointless stuff.

    hope this proves useful to you, good luck.
  • SinabroSinabro396,129
    18 Dec 2014 18 Dec 2014 04 Aug 2016
    10 0 2
    If you have two controllers, you can obtain mystic weapons much easier.

    First, select your favorite mission with a character who ever have obtained the Mystic Weapon yet. I recommend playing with Zhou Tai of Wu and stage Chapter 1: Counterattack at Nagashino. This mission is the fastest mission to obtain mystic weapon I found. You MUST be playing on hard or chaos difficulty for obtaining the Mystic Weapons.

    Join 2P with the second controller and select characters you want before mission start.
    (Important: Any characters which you want to get a mystic weapon should be same column of 2P characters with Zhou Tai at this time
    ex. 1P Any Character - Zhou Tai - Any Charater
    2P Any Character - mystic weapon need character - Any Character )

    Collect the weapon with 2P after meet the requirements for the Mystic Weapon and finish the mission.
    (refer to clip below
    kill gatekeeper - Sun Wukong1 - Sun Wukong2 - Yukimura Sanada - Get Mystic Weapon in the map center - Sun Wukong3 - clear stage)
    The weapon will be added to your 2P character's inventory.

    Clip would be more helpful.
  • TenkizunaTenkizuna615,674
    18 Nov 2016 17 Nov 2016 21 Nov 2016
    1 0 0
    Hi, a other way for mystic weapons farming. I think it's the fastest way.
    Same method with 2 controllers, but in a other stage.

    Here is a resume :

    First, I take Sima Zhao as principal character and his stage (battle of Shouchun on Hard)
    Requirement for Mystic Weapon : kill 400 ennemies and Shuten Dodji under 5 min.
    When you are in the battle selection menu, add 2nd player, and switch Sima Zhao with a character which you want to get a mystic weapon.

    Now, Start battle.

    Quickly switch your P2 character with a stronger one (I choose Lu Bu in my video)

    Do the requirements for the Mystic Weapon with Sima Zhao (as P1), until 'treasure has been discovered'.
    After this, rush with your 2nd controller (Lubu for me) where the treasure is located, broke the treasure chest and take the weapon.
    Now, with Sima Zhao (P1) kill Shuten Doji.

    At the end : +1 mystic weapon.

    Repeat for all characters (150 times lol).

    I hope it help :)

    tips : Equip speed item on your character (my Lu bu have 390 speed)
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