The Complete Package achievement in Dance Central: Spotlight

The Complete Package

Collect every move in every routine in the game.

The Complete Package+13.4
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How to unlock the The Complete Package achievement

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    09 Sep 2014 03 Sep 2014 09 Sep 2014
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    The listed description of "Completed all 80 routines in the game" is what it says after you unlock it.

    To unlock The Complete Package you need to "Collect every move for every routine in the game."

    You collect a move buy getting a Flawless rating on it. Every song has 8 routines with a variety of moves to collect in each one. You only need to collect a certain move for that song once and it will stay collected across the different routines. However, you must collect a move at least once for all the songs that it appears even if you've collected that move on a previous song.

    There are 80 routines in the game with 65-159 moves to collect per song for a total of 987 moves.

    Edit: ChrisD0811 and others have confirmed that only playing all 80 routines WILL NOT unlock this achievement.

    Edit 2: Kulaguy has shared some tips on how to collect moves you are having trouble with:

    1. Religiously say "Hey DJ, Practice That!" if you miss a move you needed to collect. The game will rewind to the last four moves in practice mode and let you repeatedly practice it until you say "Hey DJ, Got That!" This is a godsend if you are trying to collect one move in a song and it doesn't show up till way later and you don't wanna repeat the song when missing its one instance. It'll let you rewind the song a bit AND practice. Very helpful.
    2. You CAN quit out of a song, and any Collected Moves up to that point stay as collected! For example, if the last move you needed is in the beginning of the song and you don't wanna wait till the song finishes, just Collect the move and then quit the song. The game still saves it as collected. This will save you a lot of time for those last bit of complicated moves that you just can't get quite right! However, the achievement will unlock AFTER the last song so don't quit out once you reach 987, finish out that song.

    *NOTE: Some people have asked if DLC helps towards this achievement, IT DOES NOT. I have confirmed this myself. The achievement will only unlock after you have gold boomboxes for all 10 original songs in the game. Getting a gold boombox (collecting all moves for an entire song) on DLC will not work toward this achievement.

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    WhyattThrashTo expand on @Kulaguy 's #5, check the nuances of a move if you're not nailing it. I kept failing "Rolling switch" in Chandelier until I noticed that at the very end of the move you make a small, quick backstep with one foot. And although there's a lot of movement in that move, that last tiny back step seemed to account for maybe 20% of the total move progress. So some moves register very tiny nuances as a big part of the completion percentage, and sometimes it's all about finding those nuances.
    Posted by WhyattThrash on 22 Mar 15 at 12:22
    KinectKid333Dang whoever unlocked this, cost me like 30 TA in GTASC, which wouldn't be a big deal normally, but I only earned 300 TA in the 4 hours that I had at home before going on vacation this week. I really don't want to use my bonus...
    Posted by KinectKid333 on 18 Jun 15 at 23:04
    RidiculousBoxCan I do that on any difficulty?
    Posted by RidiculousBox on 09 Jan 19 at 22:00
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  • WhyattThrashWhyattThrash374,161
    22 Mar 2015 22 Mar 2015
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    Just as an addendum to the above solution; In case you've bought DLC, the 10 original songs which you need to 100% for this achievement are:

    - #thatPOWER
    - Counting Stars
    - Diamonds
    - Happy
    - I Wish
    - Royals
    - Show Me
    - Talk Dirty
    - Titanium
    - Wake Me Up!
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    GhostJohn325Thanks for the list. It's very silly that they don't have a way to mark out the default songs.
    Posted by GhostJohn325 on 03 Jul 16 at 04:44
  • Piyi PiyiPiyi Piyi259,373
    11 May 2016 11 May 2016 12 May 2016
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    EDIT: You DON'T need to collect the final move on every routine. This move turns gold when you get every move in that routine.


    If you played any previous Dance Central, this is not so difficult. If you played every Dance Central and get every achievement, better.

    I have every DC complete, I'm not a expert dancer, so only with patience and practice I collected every move.

    First, play in the same language that you played others DC (I speak spanish, but my 360 is in english, so I know moves' names in english). Knowing the name of a movement can give you a better idea of how is it.

    For practice mode, you don't need to say "Hey DJ, Practice That" (or this command in other languages), just press Y in the controller. This help because Kinect doesn't always hear you if you have loud music

    DCS is almost 80-85% previous DC moves.

    Remember that you can slow a movement in practice mode. Sometimes in slow mode I get flawless, and when I speed it up, I failed to get flawless, and vice versa. So I used Slow mode when I didn't understand a movement, to see if start with right or leg arm/leg or something like that.

    Kinect sensor is more accurate, so if you played others DC, you maybe don't get flawless in movements that you do flawless, you need to "know" the feeling of this new kinect. Even so, I practice a move like 30 times, I get flawless in practice and in the song, and while I was waiting for the next not completed move, I just do a "lazy" version of the move that I practice 30 times, and get flawless. So if you can't get flawless on a move, try a more lazy or exagerate version. (This is random, I only post it like a little "glitch", maybe you can get 10 moves "lazy" or exagerated, or 3, or 0 )

    If you can't get flawless on a move, and you are tired, or you HATE that move, take a break. If you still don't get it, search in Youtube for videos, look carefully the "shadow", and if you really can't do it, call a friend/family that can see you dance and can compare your moves with the character. Sometimes is leaning forward, backwards, some extra step that you can't see, etc.

    If you want to try it, go for the most easy songs (and play first the normal routine, and when you get every move, go for alternate). DCS don't have sort by difficulty, so I sorted from easy to hard (IMO)


    - Diamonds
    - Happy
    - Royals


    I Wish
    Show Me
    Talk Dirty
    Wake Me Up


    Counting Stars

    Counting Stars took me almost 3 weeks. I remember that I have problem with Piano (both sides) and Triple Pump (right side) and more moves, but I don't remember. Maybe you don't have problem with this song, maybe you get stuck, or maybe you find that Wake Me Up or Titanium are more difficult.

    Good luck with this ;) and don't hate the song if you can't get a move. If you don't like a song, leave it for last.
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