End of the Road achievement in Kane & Lynch: Dead Men (PC)

End of the Road

Complete the game in co-op.

End of the Road0
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How to unlock the End of the Road achievement

  • LeedethLeedeth177,092
    24 Nov 2010 24 Nov 2010 21 Sep 2012
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    Just like the "Iron Flower" achievement, you have to choose to go down to the village at the end of "Choice" and complete the last chapter, "Consequence", except this time you can complete the whole game on any difficulty setting.


    Guide to making Co-op work with a non-authentic Xbox 360 Controller

    OK, so there's a trick to co-op in Kane & Lynch. It would be nice if you could play co-op over the Internet or over LAN, but this must be done on one computer. It asks for you to plug in an Xbox 360 Controller to start co-op. I assume this means you can't plug in two sets of keyboard and mice and still be able to play, but I haven't tried that.

    If you have an authentic Xbox 360 Controller I think it should work with some software and/or drivers from Microsoft.

    The problem is getting co-op to work with a controller that isn't from the Xbox 360.


    Here is the solution from pablocoo: (http://www.gamefaqs.com/boards/934404-kane-and-lynch-dead-me...)

    "I managed to run co-op with generic standard controller.
    If anyone is intereste, here's instruction:

    1. First you need XBOX 360 Controller emulator by Racer_S
    You can get it HERE
    You probably need 3 files: xinput1_3.dll xinput1_2.dll and xinput1_1.dll
    Just copy xinput1_3.dll from the archive 3 times and change the names.
    Copy those files to C:Windowssystem32

    After that the game still tells you to connect Xbox360 controller.

    2. Open registry editor (Start button -> Run -> type "regedit")
    WARNING: Messing with your registry may crash your system so watch out or give it a rest if you have no ide what you're doing.

    Press CTRL+F and search for your gamepad name (name that shows in Contrll Panel -> Controllers window) - "PSX to USB adapter" in my case - at "OEMName" and change it's value to "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows" (export the whole key before).

    That's all, co-op works :)
    Few more things:
    - if you get this working game will use controller as a default for first player in solo mode
    - if you DO have Xbox360 controller, I wouldn't reccomend this operation cause it coul mess up your controller settings or whatever.
    - if you have X360 controller and it douesn't work with game make sure it is recognised as "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows". If it's not you may try doing step 2 to correct that.

    Have fun!

    You can copy this instructions wherever you want, just give credits me and Racer_S for his wonderfull emulator."


    Unfortunately, it still didn't work for me. So, here's what I did: In addition to following those instructions above, I took the emulator and its .dll files and put it into the Kane & Lynch root folder where "kaneandlynch.exe" is.

    I then went back to the registry editor and changed EVERY instance of the gamepad name to "XBOX 360 Controller for Windows", not just one.

    Then run the emulator from the root folder, set up your controller buttons, and you're good to go!

    By the way, I did this on a PC with Windows XP Home SP3...it could be different on Vista and 7 or what not.
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  • JakeythedudeJakeythedude721,036
    23 Jan 2014 12 Jan 2014 12 Jan 2014
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    I had trouble getting this to work and wanted to share how I managed to get it working. It took several other websites and solutions to get my controller working.

    I figured I'd make a step by step guide of how to get your controllers working if they are not "official" Xbox 360 Controllers.

    1. Download the following link:


    2. Inside this you will find a file named: xinput1_3.dll

    3. Drag that file to your desktop, right click and hit copy.

    4. Click on your desktop and choose paste twice.

    5. You should now have the xinput1_3.dll, xinput1_3 - Copy.dll and xinput1_3 - Copy (2).dll

    5. Rename the copies to xinput1_1.dll & xinput1_2.dll

    6. Open a folder and put C:\Windows\System32 in the address bar.

    7. Drag the 3 files you renamed into this folder and choose replace when prompted. (You will need administrator privileges for this).

    At this point it could potentially be working for you, but likely not.

    8. Hit the Windows key + R and then type in regedit.

    If you know the name of your controllers great, if not you can find them in Control Panel < Devices and Printers. (Using mine as example: HORI Pad Ex2 Turbo and MadCatz Call of Duty GamePad).

    9. In regedit choose: edit < find and type in controller.

    It should come up with something that looks similar to the picture I took of mine.

    External image

    10. Find a folder under joystick that contains a file named: OEMName. (I had two folders that had these as I have 2 controllers.)

    11. Right click on OEMName and select Modify...

    12. If you have found the right file it will contain the name of your controller in the box that's labelled: Value Data.

    13. Replace the Value Data box with: XBOX 360 Controller for Windows.

    Once this is done run Kane and Lynch and test if the controllers are working. They should be at this point. If they aren't post a comment and I will do my best to assist.
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