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Saviour of Sedna

Kill the boss in the Sedna region and get to extraction.

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How to unlock the Saviour of Sedna achievement

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    In order to fight Kela, you need to work up 25 Judgment Points in Rathuum. Stick to Nakki, as it's only the non-points rewards that change as the level rises. My preference is Ash with the Teleport augment and a dagger with Covert Lethality; failing that, a solid tank with a burst damage weapon, like a Rhino with an Arca Plasmor or Tigris variant, should also work fine.

    Onto Merrow, the first obstacle is a platform with pressure pads, one for each member of your group. Stand on a pad facing out and there will be a rotating target; shoot the green section. Sounds easy? Standing on the pad deploys Rollers who can stagger you off the pads. There's a few ways to deal with this.
    - Status protection, such as Rhino's Iron Skin, Nezha's Warding Halo, or Wyrm's Negate precept.
    - Area protection, such as Frost's Snow Globe or Gara's Mass Vitrify, but not Limbo's Cataclysm, as you can't shoot out of it.
    - Crowd control, such as Rhino's Stomp or Nova's Molecular Prime.

    Once you're in the arena itself, Kela will drop in momentarily. She has two phases that she switches between. The first phase has her out on the field. She jumps around, fires rockets, and sics Rollers on you. This is a straightforward damage section.

    Once you drop her health enough, Kela retreats and the orbital strikes begin with the second phase. Unless you're Limbo, get to the outer edges of the arena and keep moving until the strikes stop. You'll have about 15 seconds to get on the pressure pads that show up on the center platform and redo the target shooting from earlier. When the strikes start again, the targets temporarily disable. If you're Limbo, you can use Cataclysm in the center to provide a bubble of immunity to your team, but when it comes to shoot the targets, use it again to remove the bubble so your team can actually hit the targets. Once all targets are done, Kela jumps in and the first phase continues.

    If someone goes down, use your newfound Operator power to revive them. Pop out into Operator form and crouch to go into the void, which also means you can revive without taking damage.

    Last thing to note is that Grineer bosses use Alloy Armor as opposed to Ferrite Armor; Puncture damage is less effective (15% extra damage compared to 50%), but the ideal elemental attacks are Radiation (Heat + Electricity) for 75% extra damage and Cold for 25% instead of Blast and Corrosive.
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    HybridchldYou may want to update this solution. Kela has been completely redesigned. To even access her you need to get 100 Judgement Points in the various Rathuum Arena's around around Sedna.

    Once you have 100 you can challange her but she is much much more difficult that she was before. It's a very complex and difficult muti-stage boss fight which is nigh on impossible solo because of the mechanics involved in triggering the next stage. She also has attacks that can OHK a maxed out Rhino Prime with Iron Skin up and then of course there's the orbital strikes.

    Another thing to note is that fighting her uses 50 judgement point so if you fail you'll have to earn more
    Posted by Hybridchld on 19 Jul 16 at 00:40
    UltimateHero128That's ridiculously tedious just for a boss fight.
    Posted by UltimateHero128 on 22 Sep 17 at 09:21
    RayvunousCurrent Sortie 12/2/2017 makes this one pop. Bypassing the boss fight completely!!!
    Posted by Rayvunous on 02 Dec 17 at 17:50
    EYEHUNTER 42Most of this guide is now inaccurate due to game update. I'll downvote until fixed.
    Posted by EYEHUNTER 42 on 14 Feb 18 at 13:18
    Dacius DeciumEYEHUNTER 42:
    Instead of downvoting the solution until it get's fixed due to game update, provide an update yourself or delete your comments. Bring something positive to the table.
    Posted by Dacius Decium on 21 Feb 18 at 19:55
    Dacius DeciumWe recently two-manned Kela De Thaym utilizing Harrow and Oberon.

    Using Harrow's (non-prime or prime) 4th ability (Covenent) during Kela De Thaym's missle blitz attack, we were invincible for a few seconds.

    Meanwhile using Oberon's 1st ability (Smite) will poison De Thaym's health over time making it easier to eventually killing her since she likes to jump around alot. Additionally, after initial contact with a target enemy, Smite will spread and hit additional targets. If there are no additional targets when using Smite against an original target, that said target will get hit again by the spread (thereby dealing even more damage to the original target).

    Of course there are other combination of warframes to use, but these two that I mentioned really impressed me and worked for us.

    For us, sniper headshots against the boss really help (especially if you have a real strong sniper configuration).

    The important things to note:
    * First thing's first:
    * If you don't have (enough) Judgement Points:
    You can farm Judgement Points at Nakki, Yam and Vodyanoi.
    * Kela De Thaym is a three-stage Boss preceded by a stand-on-ring/shoot-wall-switch puzzle while you're being attacked/tripped/staggered by Rollers. Everytime a Roller staggers you, you'll be pushed off the ring that you need to stand on in order to keep the wall switch active so you can shoot it.
    * Obviously a full team of four warframes will be beneficial but you can at a minimum two-man the mission as long as everyone knows what to do.
    * Every time when you defeat her you have a chance of getting new mods (general and weapon specific) and farm Saryn blueprint components.
    * You have a relatively high possibility of getting the Twin Kohmak blueprint drop (the same weapon she's been using against you).
    Posted by Dacius Decium on 02 Apr 18 at 11:22
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