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Shuriken Mastery

Reach Rank 30 with any three Boomerang, Throwing Discs or Throwing Daggers weapon.

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  • FailedSeppukuFailedSeppuku1,011,719
    Yesterday 14 May 2016 21 Jun 2018
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    Update 19.5 Thrown Weapons List

    Weapons in brackets are Variations on that Rifle, so there is a Kunai and a Kunai Mk-1

    Thrown Dagger
    • Hikou (Prime)
    • Kunai (MK1)

    • Despair
    The Despair's blueprint cannot be purchased on market, but it is included in the What Stalker? bundle (for 800 Platinum).

    • Cerata
    • Glaive (Prime)
    • Halikar
    • Kestrel

    Unlocking Weapons

    Mk.1 Weapons you can buy for Credits from the Marketplace and provide quick replacements.

    Lot's of weapons require a Mastery Rank, but by leveling weapons you increase your Rank so this shouldn't be a problem, just make sure to Rank up regularly.

    Prime Weapons require Void completion, often high level Survival/Defense 'Rotation C' drops. These are endgame. I use Primarch Prime Part Guide

    Despair can only be bought for real money and Cerata maybe a Dojo weapon (?).

    If you're just starting and want to finish off Thrown weapons, then just stick with the vanilla versions, most take 12 hours and very basic Materials. Use the Mk-1 Kunai and check the Marketplace for Hikou, Spira and the regular Kunai or Kestrel and Halikar glaives.

    There are also Castanas which are Thrown electric traps and Talons, Thrown bombs, these may not count but are classed as thrown.

    Check here for required Mastery Ranks or the Marketplace.

    Leveling weapons to Rank 30

    The best way to level weapons is to play Survival or Defense missions and kill lots of enemies, then extract for the bonus exp, you'll get lots of weapon mastery whilst unlocking all worlds, doing alerts, unlocking other achievements and just playing the game. Remember to always swap for you next weapon and have one ready to swap.

    Lots of Dark Sectors have Affinity bonus (+Shotgun), use a Warframe that supports you but doesn't really kill enemies so you rely on your weapons, being in a group spawns more enemies for more exp.

    Elara on Jupiter is a great mission for Affinity, as the anti-moas spawn early and often, and they give a fair amount of affinity around 7-9x the exp of grunts.
  • VisioN AchievesVisioN Achieves266,466
    21 Sep 2014 22 Sep 2014 26 Sep 2014
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    Shurikens are somewhat confusing as it doesn't state what the weapon types are in the description.

    For Shurikens, I used the Kunai, Hikou, and the Kestrel. All blueprints are available on the marketplace for credit purchases.
  • DemianDemian605,791
    06 Jul 2017 06 Jul 2017
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    I just used the MK1-KUNAI from the store, you can buy it with credits, and what i did, and it's working with all the mastery achievements, is when you are close to level 30 with any weapon go to any mission and immediately when you hit level 30 close game. Repeat that process 2 times and you will earn the achievement.

    You can check the progress on the achievement tab to see if it works :).
  • a Fi1thy Casuala Fi1thy Casual257,006
    01 Apr 2015 05 Feb 2015
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    Prodigee VisionN's solution is correct, however I just wanted to add that you can make this easier by not bothering with the Kestral (melee boomerang) and instead get yourself the following:

    75k credits
    Kunai Blueprint
    Hikou Blueprint

    First off, get 15k credits. Easiest method is to farm Dark Sector defense nodes. You can find one on earth and one on Mars that are easy enough to unlock. Make sure they say "Dark Sector Defense" and not "Dark Sector Conflict" as the latter will take you to a PvP game.

    After you get your 15k, you can buy the MK1-Kunai straight from the marketplace, or you can purchase from your arsenal screen. Keep it as your secondary, and continue playing the game.

    Second, you are going to need materials, as well as credits, for the blueprints. Once again, the Dark Sector defense missions are the best for this. you can earn anywhere between 12k and 20k depending on how many waves you go through. Most people (for whatever reason) won't go beyond 15, but once in a while you will get a few people that will want to go further, and that is just cake considering the higher level the enemies, the faster you will level your gear.

    Mars will a ton of salvage, and a good amount of morphics, which you will need for both the Hikou and the Kunai. Earth will give you the rubido (for the Hikou) and the ferrite (for the Kunai). The last bit is plastids (for the Hikou) and nano spores (for the Kunai), which can both be farmed anywhere on Saturn. If you like the defense missions, go do more of them there.

    Once you have the credits you need (60k total) and the material (above) you can go to the marketplace and under Secondary Weapon Blueprints you can buy both the Kunai and the Hikou. At this point your MK1-Kunai's should be fairly close to maxed (level 30).

    After you purchase the blueprints (and assuming you have all the material) you can then build them in your foundry. Constructing both weapons will cost 15k each (why you need 60k total - 15k for each blueprint + 15k for each weapon construction). They will then take 12 hours to build. You can rush this for platinum, but I am cheap, so I didn't buy any (they cost real money wink).

    Once both weapons are constructed they can be collected and, if you have the inventory space, they will be available for you to use. Then it is just rinsing and repeating the exp farms you are comfortable with (whether they are Dark Sector defenses or something else).

    PLEASE NOTE: If, for whatever reason, you sell a maxed Kunai or Hikou before you have this achievement, you will lose progress towards this achievement! I can not stress that enough. I maxed the Kunai, and was working on the MK1-Kunai when I needed space for my Hikou. I though "I already maxed that one, I don't need it anymore". I WAS WRONG. I watched my achievement percentage for shuriken mastery go from 33% to 0%. All 3 maxed throwing weapons need to be in your possession, whether in your inventory or in your hands, in order for the achievement to pop.

    I can confirm that now I have the MK1-Kunai, and the Kunai maxed (again) and my achievement percentage is at 66%. Don't make the same mistake as me - do not sell any maxed weps until the mastery achievements unlock.

    Questions, corrections and neg vote justifications below.
  • LSK ArchAbyssLSK ArchAbyss532,031
    18 Apr 2015 30 Mar 2015 18 Sep 2015
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    ***This has been fixed in update 17****

    There is apparently a glitch that happens in the game where if you click last mission results you can potentially get all the master achievements for that specific slot (ex. Primary, secondary or melee).

    In order to get this glitch to work you have to finish a mission and ONLY when the weapon levels up from 29 to 30 in the end mission screen will this glitch work.

    When this happens usually you should get the proficiency achievement if you have not gotten it and the mastery achievement for that specific weapon.

    So when you return to your ship go to the back and equip a new weapon in the same slot that you just leveled up to 30 with the previous weapon. Now click the menu button and navigate to the last mission results option. When the screen pops up both achievements should pop for that weapon you just equipped. Rinse and repeat for the others you are missing in that category.

    If you level up the weapon during the mission instead of at the end of the results screen this glitch will not work.

    PS. If your weapons is a 29 and really close to leveling up or about half way. Go to a void mission and do one of those because it usually gives you a good amount of experience to be able to hit that 30 when the match ends.

    Leave any comments on how this helps you and please if voted negative let me know. Good luck

    Thanks LSK ArchDeific for proving this works
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