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Acquire Hardware

Smelt an iron ingot.

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  • Ditto51Ditto51117,603
    07 Sep 2014 08 Sep 2014 13 Feb 2016
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    Firstly you need wood for a pickaxe. Next you'll need to mine down at an angle until you get to stone, Use this stone to create a furnace (8 Cobblestone. Found in the crafting table menu). Now you want to mine into your mine until you find a version of stone with pink pixel on it. This is Iron which can only be mined with a stone pickaxe

    Now to smelt the Iron you need either Coal, Charcoal or logs. If you found coal while looking for Iron put it on the bottom section of the furnace, if not then Charcoal can be made by smelting wooden logs with wooden logs or to completely bypass that section just smelt the iron with the logs.

    And now you have the achievementclap

    What you'll need
    * Wood (To be used to create a Crafting table and sticks for tools)
    * Stone (To create the furnace and stone pickaxe)
    * Crafting Table
    * Funerce
    * Wooden and Stone Pickaxe
    * Sticks
    * Iron Ore
    * Coal/Charcoal/Logs

    EDIT: Some people are reporting this achievement to not be unlocking when it is supposed to. The To get around this Soundgoodizer suggested creating a new world and do everything from scratch by yourself, and repeat it until you get the achievement,
    A patch has been released that reportedly fixes the bugged achievements, making this achievement obtainable again.
  • AtomicTBagger69AtomicTBagger6938,227
    13 Nov 2016 11 Dec 2016
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    For this you will need some coal and at least 1 iron ore.

    These both can be found anywhere underground. Coal looks like a stone block with black spots in it, iron ore looks like a stone block with brown spots in it.

    Dig around until you find some of each, then return to your furnace. Place the iron in the top square and the coal in the bottom square and then wait for it to do the work.

    Note: you may want to take multiple stone pickaxes with you as they break fairly easily. It is also worth taking some sticks, that way you can create some torches as soon as you find some coal.
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