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Into The Nether

Construct a Nether Portal.

Into The Nether0
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  • Deranged AsylumDeranged Asylum485,770
    05 Sep 2014 05 Sep 2014 05 Sep 2014
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    In order to construct a Nether Portal you'll need Obsidian and you need 14 Blocks of it. You can create Obsidian by releasing Water into Lava or you can sometimes find it underground in a similar scenario. Once you have it you'll want to construct your Portal 4x5 so 4 along 5 up.
    Then get flint which is made by destroying Gravel and combine that with an Iron Ingot and you have the tool to light up the Portal so walk up and use the flint and the Nether Portal will light up allowing you to cross into the Nether.

    This is a video I made for my channel. It shows you what to do as well as the On A Rail Achievement.
  • WestsideSxEWestsideSxE470,984
    05 Sep 2014 05 Sep 2014
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    Like many other achievements so far, if you have an existing 360 save with [required item], in this case a Nether portal, you can cheap out and get the achievement easily.

    You'll need your existing portal, a diamond pickaxe, and flint and steel. Use your pickaxe to take out one of the obsidian blocks bordering the purple field. When it breaks, pick it up and replace in the same spot. Use the flint & steel on the open portal "window" and the purple haze returns, your achievement pops, and you feel slightly more guilty than when you built the thing with the 'bucket trick' on the 360 originally...
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